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Along with jeans and chinos, cargo pants are among the most popular trousers for men on the fashion market today. Cargo trousers for men are wide-cut and immediately catch the eye with their patch pockets in the thigh and knee area. Thus, cargo trousers are not only eye-catchers, but also practical in everyday life or at work.

They promise a lot of freedom of movement and comfort. In addition, cargo trousers add a casual touch to any outfit. Because they were originally developed as work trousers, cargo trousers are particularly robust and suitable for everyday use due to the cut and choice of material.

We tell you what to look for when buying and how to find the right model for your body type in our buying guide for men's cargo pants.

The Best Cargo Pants For Men: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What to look for when buying cargo trousers for men

Cargo trousers are one of the basics of a man's wardrobe. They are not only perfect for casual leisure style, but are also suitable for work or outdoor activities such as hiking or trekking. When buying cargo pants for men, you should consider a few points. We have listed the most important ones for you here:

  • Fit
  • Material
  • Length
  • Colour
  • Features

In the following, we would like to explain these criteria in more detail.


Originally, the practical work and everyday trousers for men had a rather wide cut. Straight cut cargo trousers are worn above the hips. Narrow slim-fit versions are considered a modern version of the classic and are even suitable for the office.

  • Regular fit: The straight cut cargo trousers for men have a looser fit than most other regular fit trousers. This makes the all-rounder the perfect everyday companion. Such styles lend a relaxed touch to styling.
  • Slim fit: Modern cargo trousers have a narrower cut and are therefore more body-hugging. The tightly tapered leg gives a contemporary look and can even be worn in the office when properly combined.
  • Loose Fit: The classic baggy-style cargo trousers are cut wide and loose. The waistband sits on the hip. The loose fit offers men the most freedom of movement.

Regular fit cargo trousers are suitable for men with a normal build. Slim fit cargo pants suit very slim or tall men. The Loose Fit suits sturdy men and is suitable for anyone who has outdoor activities planned.


The casual look of cargo trousers is due in no small part to the material used. Since they once served as work trousers, cargo trousers are made of robust fabrics. Hard-wearing cotton or mixed fabrics are particularly popular.

However, unusual fabrics such as jeans, canvas and even linen are also used to make cargo trousers today. If the men's cargo is worn as work trousers, it is worthwhile to have a high polyester content for extra protection.

Many cargoes are made of cotton twill. This is a particular weave of cotton in which the threads run diagonally and make the fabric particularly robust. On cold days, lined cargo pants keep you warm. Straight cotton fabrics are characterised by their breathable properties.


Cargo trousers for men are available in all standard lengths. Fashionable ⅞- and ¾-length trousers are also available. Short cargo trousers for men are suitable for summer temperatures. Especially for outdoor use, cargo pants with detachable legs pay off. They can be easily removed with the help of a zip. With such multifunctional models, you are prepared for any environment and any temperature!


Timeless colours for cargos include black, khaki and beige. Such muted tones make cargo trousers an essential basic part of any man's wardrobe. They can be casually combined with many items of clothing.

Of course, a wide variety of colours and even patterns can be found on today's fashion market. Unusual colours like cream, red or navy are becoming more and more common. These colours make your trousers the eye-catcher of the outfit. Cargos for men are available in various prints and designs.

In terms of patterning, the camouflage look was particularly popular in the past. This is now also available in contemporary minimalist designs.


A prominent feature of men's cargos are the pockets. The number, placement and depth of the pockets can vary from model to model.

They are not only fashionable, but also extremely useful for storing all kinds of small items. As is usual with work trousers, many cargo trousers also have reinforced knees. Such models are particularly suitable for handicrafts or gardening.

The waistband of baggy cargo pants tends to be low, but most have a comfortable high waistband to guarantee freedom of movement.

Cargo trousers for men: The most important questions answered

Choosing a new pair of cargo pants needs to be considered. Important questions often arise before the purchase. That's why we have collected and answered the most common ones for you.

What styles of cargo trousers are available for men?

Cargo trousers for men come in numerous styles. To give you an overview of the most popular models, we have compiled an overview here:

  • Classic cargo trousers: Classic men's cargo trousers are characterised by a wide, low fit. They are available in all lengths. Classic cargo pants are black, beige or green. They are suitable for casual occasions or leisure.
  • Cargo trousers with detachable legs: Especially for outdoor activities like trekking, such all-rounders are perfect. With them, you are equipped for any circumstance and any weather.
  • Cargo jogger trousers: Cargo jogger trousers for men are often made of ultra-comfortable jersey. Visually, they look like their cotton twill relatives because of the deep pockets and comfortable cut.
  • Cargo jeans: Cargo trousers are so popular that there is of course also the denim version. These cargo jeans look particularly cool on men and are perfect as casual everyday wear.

You can find cargo trousers for men in many styles. You can choose them according to your personal taste and the occasion.

How should my cargo pants fit?

Generally, cargo pants sit rather loosely on the thigh and become slightly tighter towards the bottom. In the past, the waistband was worn at the hip, but it has moved upwards over time.

  • Regular fit: A men's cargo in regular fit should sit loosely on the thighs and be narrower at the bottom. The waistband should sit above the hips.
  • Slim Fit: The Slim Fit sits more form-fitting on the man, but not skin-tight on the leg. Here too, the waistband should sit above the hips.
  • Loose Fit: In the baggy cargo, the waistband sits low and the legs are generously flung around. The pockets should sit particularly low on the thigh.

When it comes to the cut, choose one that you really feel comfortable in. Cargos are part of casual menswear and you are allowed to see that.

How do I care for and clean my cargo pants?

Cargo trousers also belong in the washing machine every now and then. First empty all pockets and turn the trousers inside out. As always, follow the care instructions. Washing cycle and temperature depend on the fabric.

Cotton blends can usually be washed at between 40 and 60 degrees on the normal cycle. Use colour detergents, especially for dark colours. The best place to dry your trousers is on the clothesline. Most cargo trousers are suitable for the dryer, but check the label first.

What is the difference between cargo trousers for work and cargo trousers for leisure?

Cargo trousers were originally developed for the military and then quickly found their way into the everyday work of tradesmen, police officers and rescue workers. The deep pockets and robust fabric make the cargo the perfect work trousers for men.

Work cargoes for men often have a polyester content for robustness, closable pockets and reinforced knees. Work trousers for certain occupational groups such as paramedics or construction workers are additionally equipped with reflectors. In the 90s, the cargo made it into streetwear and became a fashion must-have for men. In the meantime, the cargo is available in numerous models, materials, designs and cuts.

Styling tips for men's cargo trousers: How to achieve the perfect cargo look

Cargo trousers are surprisingly versatile and can be styled for different occasions. They can be combined with almost any garment.

  • Casual look: For a comfortable everyday outfit, choose a regular or loose fit model. Your styling will look particularly casual with a hoody and sneakers. The trousers are more presentable with boots, a T-shirt and a denim jacket.
  • Office: Modern, close-fitting cargo trousers for men can even be suitable for the office when worn in the right combination. For this, choose a slim fit cargo in a muted colour. Black is always the right choice here. It is important that the top offsets the casual look of the trousers. How about a white business shirt, for example? The shoes should also be a little more elegant. Dark leather lace-up shoes look good with this.
  • Outdoor: For a functional outdoor outfit, choose men's cargo in a regular or loose fit. A muted colour gives you plenty of styling freedom. Wear with treaded shoes such as boots or hiking boots, a long-sleeved shirt and a functional jacket in a contrasting colour.
  • 90s: Wear an oversized print shirt and sneakers with the stylish 90s baggy cargo. Complete the look with a baseball cap.

Cargo trousers are extremely versatile and men's models come in many variations. No matter what you do, with cargo pants you always have a practical and stylish companion.


Cool cargo trousers are part of the basic equipment of every active man. Hardly any other pair of men's trousers is as practical and fashionable at the same time. Men's cargo pants are easy to style and make a casual fashion statement.

They are real all-rounders for everyday wear. Before buying, you should think about the desired fit and colour. Both will influence your later options. For everyday wear or the office, you can choose a rather close-fitting pair of trousers. For an ultra-comfortable casual look, opt for regular fit or loose fit cargos.

Image source: Lacey Raper / unsplash

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