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May time always be on your side! Today we tell you that just as there are products that we love to have for their functionality, there are others that should definitely be part of our daily lives. This is the case of the Casio watch. If you still don't have yours, stay tuned to this space.

Having a Casio watch is one of those goals that we must achieve before we die, and the best thing is that it is one of the easiest, as these models are usually very easy to find and will accompany you for many years. Here we show you the most outstanding ones that will surely match your personality.

The most important facts

  • Watches are accessories that we wear on our wrist to keep track of the time. However, Casio watches are ahead of other brands when it comes to implementing their functionalities and innovations in their products.
  • Casio watches have many aspects in their favour compared to other brands, such as the number of years a watch can last, the manufacturing process of their models, the quality controls, their functionalities and configuration, and their diverse styles and lines.
  • Before purchasing your Casio watch, take into account the type of operation it has, the style you can best adapt to, the material the strap is made of, and the newest model lines you can find today.

The Best Casio Watch: Our Picks

Buying Guide

We've shown you some wonderful models, but the time has come for us to tell you a little more about them, so that you're much clearer about what your Casio watch buying and wearing experience will be like. As well as showing you where you can go for your ideal choice.

Casio watches can adapt to sporty, casual and formal circumstances, depending on your preferences. (Photo: Freepik / Freepik)

What is the difference between Casio watches and other brands?

Casio watches are the kings of time and this is no surprise: a Casio watch has been proven to work for up to 22 years! So any other brand can fall short when it comes to endurance. Casio designs, manufactures and tests, unlike other brands whose processes are developed independently, which does not allow each of these steps to be supervised to guarantee quality. These can be adapted to every taste, as it has lines of different styles for every personality.

Casio watches Watches of other brands
Duration More than 15 years Depending on the model, up to 5 years
Manufacture They are manufacturers Not all are manufacturers
Quality control Applied by the brand Applied by third parties
Configuration Simple and intuitive It can be complicated
Style Traditional, formal, modern, vintage... They usually have only one characteristic style

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Casio watches?

The flagship of Casio watches is their resistance and durability as long as you look after them properly, so you can pass them on to future generations if you wish. Their designs are very variable, so you can choose the one that best suits your occasion and taste.

In addition, their varied price range means that people from all walks of life can afford one. Most of them can withstand splashes of water, but not full immersion, so they are suitable for activities that do not involve much humidity. Their base size may be too small for some and perfect for others.

  • High resistance and durability
  • Designs for every preference
  • Analogue and digital models
  • Diverse price ranges
  • High time accuracy
  • Most of them do not support underwater immersion
  • Some models have a very small base

What functions can I find in a Casio watch?

Casio watches have different functionalities, depending on the model you choose and the features it is credited with. Basically, these are the ones you will find most often.

Alarm. Casio watches, especially digital watches, have a built-in alarm system that allows you to set a specific time to set a reminder. It has the characteristic sound of the Casio brand in its classic lines, Baby-G, Edifice and many others.

Stopwatch. Models designed for sporting purposes may include a stopwatch and very accurate timekeeping, such as the G-Shock and Edifice lines. This will allow you not only to carry it with you in your sporting activities, but also to keep track of your records and achievements.

Dual time. Some models have an analogue design that includes a digital addition, so you can set both times and have them at your disposal. These options can be found in casual and some sporty models, such as Baby-G's G-MS line.

Light. Although it can be found on some dual models, it is common on digital watches such as the G-Shock and classic watches. These have a light (usually green) that will illuminate the corners of the base so you can keep track of the time no matter how dark it gets.

Casio watches with resin straps will be suitable for both physical activities and everyday wear. (Photo: Charlie Dang / Unsplash)

Fun facts: what you didn't know about Casio watches

We have discussed the best models, the designs preferred by most and the features that make this an exceptional product, but it's time to talk about some curiosities that you will surely be interested to know about them.

Where are Casio watches made?

Casio is a Japanese company, and it is in this country where their watches are manufactured. Earlier we mentioned that Casio handles the entire process of design, manufacture and assembly; so this quality supervision added to the high Japanese standards in terms of technology and innovation results in an impeccable product.

What is the warranty on Casio watches, and how can I claim it?

Casio watches are guaranteed for one year after invoicing, which covers defects in the watch's machinery and battery defects (for 6 months after purchase). To request it, you must go to the authorized Casio service in Mexico with your proof of purchase.

How do I know if a Casio watch is original?

Casio watches have a security mechanism that will allow you to know if the model you own is original: by pressing the right button for a few seconds, the word CASI0 will appear on the display. If this procedure is carried out on a model manufactured from 2004 onwards, the serial number 88:88:88 will be activated.

Buying criteria: factors that allow you to compare and rate different Casio watch models

These products have a very particular characteristic that sets them apart from many others: whichever model you choose, it is virtually certain that it will perform excellently. However, we'll give you a few tips to help you choose the one that fits you perfectly.

  • Functioning
  • Style
  • Strap material
  • Lines


Casio is as much about versatility and practicality as it is about tradition and elegance, which is why you can find both analogue and digital models in its product lines. You can choose the one that best suits your personality.

Digital. These are usually recognisable at a glance. Use this option when you want a simpler design that allows you to know the data you need quickly and easily (alarms, calendar), such as those of the G-Shock lines (sporty) or the classics (casual).

Analogue. Analogue Casio watches can be both casual and formal, depending on the style you prefer. You'll find traditional models, such as those in the Sheen line, and more contemporary ones, such as those in the Baby-G line; and even

Did you know that there are special Casio watches for adventurers? These can include GPS, maps, pedometer, altitude measurement, Bluetooth connection and much more


The versatility of these watches allows you to own one for every occasion (or even one for different contexts), so we've separated their lines into 3 main functions so you can have fun choosing the ones that best define your intentions.

Sporty. There are several models suitable for sporting activities, either for their resistance to water or dust, or for their practical and dynamic design. If you want it for this purpose, opt for the Outgear, Pro Teck, G-Squad and G-Shock lines.

Casual. If you want a watch that accompanies you in your everyday life, you can opt for resin or metal strap versions, and choose the base size you prefer depending on your wrist (protruding or tight). We suggest the Pro Teck, G-Lide, G-MS, G-Shock, Edifice and classic models.

Formal. If you want a watch that's ideal for formal situations and your most important events, you'll be spoilt for choice. They have a wide variety of formal options and, for women, they can opt for the delicate Sheen line, created especially for this purpose.

Strap material

After its base, the most important element of a watch will always be its strap, as it is in charge of holding it firmly on your wrist, giving it resistance and providing you with the necessary comfort for a whole day.

Plastic resin. Models with resin straps can be the most economical, and at the same time the best suited to sporty and casual spaces. This material allows for little or no damage and scratches, and will be ideal for wet spaces.

Stainless steel. Stainless steel is Casio's second most used material in their watches, especially in those with more formal finishes. This linking of links will ensure a model that is resistant and suitable for a variety of spaces and circumstances, as well as for people who may suffer from allergies.

Leather. When it comes to neutral colours, they will be suitable for both casual and more elegant occasions, always taking into account the style of their base. These models are not usually water-resistant and their surface can deteriorate more quickly, so it is recommended to use them in less demanding situations.


Although there are many design lines that you can find in Casio watches (as well as the functionalities they have), we will talk about the most innovative ones and how they can be adapted to your daily activities.

G-Shock. This is possibly Casio's best-known line, as it includes watches suitable for a variety of environments: they contain light, water resistance, resin straps, stopwatch, timer, calendar and alarms. In addition, their batteries can last up to 2 years. Choose this model to accompany you in your daily activities.

Baby-G. These designs are resistant to impact, dust and water, so they can accompany you in various sporting activities, especially for female users thanks to their colourful and delicate styles. They feature world time, 5 daily alarms, timer, stopwatch, databank and more.

Edifice. This line is designed to bring dynamism and distinction to today's man. Its analogue models in sober and active colours have 3 hands for measuring the hour, minute and second, as well as 3 dials for stopwatch use. Some of them are solar-powered and others have a Bluetooth connection.

Pro-Teck. Adventurers also have their own line of watches. They have a solar battery, digital compass, location, atmospheric pressure and more. It is resistant to low temperatures (down to -10°C). Some of them feature Google's Wear OS, internal memory up to 4 GB, wifi, Bluetooth, touchscreen, GPS and much more.

Image source: zhuosir / Pixabay

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