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Cats love to find refuge in a cosy place where they can sleep, spend time alone and, if possible, play. That's why small, dark and fluffy cat dens are a great option to keep this feline animal happy.

It's a good idea to give them their privacy and make sure they rest in a warm place and don't feel cold, especially in winter. Cats are experts at sleeping, so the best gift you can give for your favourite pet is a cat den. You won't regret it!


  • Ideal for ensuring the comfort and privacy of your cat
  • Practical to transport, spacious and cosy
  • The cat cave offers everything your cat needs

The Best Cat Cave: Our Choices

Buying and review criteria for cat cave

To help you with choosing your next cat cave, we have listed the most important criteria so that you can make the best decision when looking for the best cat cave. These criteria are as follows:

After that, you will find important information depending on the criteria so that you can have a better inspiration.


Since there are many different materials, it can be difficult to decide on a cat cave. Depending on what your cat is like, you will need one made of a certain material.

If you think your cat will be happy with any cat cave, then you can focus on the design or colour. Otherwise, you can decide on other criteria such as if she loves the warmth, then by all means choose one made of wool, or if you want one for outdoors, one made of wicker.


In this case, it is very important to pay attention to the exact dimensions of the cat cave so as not to have an unpleasant surprise later. You shouldn't just go by what you see in a picture and estimate how big the cat cave is.

With this purchase criterion it is necessary to pay attention whether you want a cat cave only for one or several cats. In any case, don't forget to check the description of the product to see exactly how many cats it is suitable for.


The cat caves vary in weight, but the difference is not so great for cat caves that are "standard".

With this purchase criterion it can be useful to think about whether you often want to transport the cat cave from one place to another in order to have the cat close to you. Depending on how large and how many platforms the cat cave has, the weight will vary.


There are endless designs. Your personal taste plays a big role here. The design can vary depending on whether you want the cat cave for outdoors or indoors.

If you want to place one in your garden, then you need to look for a "waterproof" one, such as one made of wood. If you're looking for one for indoors, the choice will increase, where you can opt for one made of felt, wicker, wool, etc.

Additional features/functionality

If you don't want a normal cat den, but rather a different but ingenious one that is not only suitable for sleeping, but also for playing, then one with multi-functionality would be highly recommended. Here, your requirements play a big role, whether you want one, two or three viewing platforms, trailers etc.

Also, in the case that you have several cats, then a cat cave with additional features e.g. with materials for purring like with thick plush and scratch-resistant sisal would also be quite suitable for them and will persuade even the most demanding cats.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about cat caves answered in detail

Next, questions about the cat cave are presented that will give you more information and help you with your purchase decision:

For whom is a cat cave suitable?

Cat cave as the name suggests is perfect especially for cats because they are animals that love to seek a retreat or a shelter. They also seek more privacy than any other animal.

Cats enjoy having a place where they can sleep comfortably. (Image source: Felice Wölke / Unsplash)

However, cat burrows are also suitable for rest-seeking small animals. Puppies, small dogs (like Chihuahua or Maltese), hamsters or rabbits also fit in quite well.

What types of cat dens are there?

When it comes to types of cat dens, we can talk about it for hours. There are thousands of different types, varying in material, size, weight, design and functionality.

Whether you want a cat basket, cat bed, cuddle den or maybe one with multi-function, it always depends on what use, what type and where you are going to put it, a big part.

How much does a cat cave cost?

The price of the cat cave is mostly determined by the brand, material, size and other aspects. Therefore, there is a price range from cheap to expensive. This table should help you to get a better idea of the possible prices of a cat cave:

Price range Available products
Low-priced 10 - 25 € Quite classic design made of felt
Medium-priced 25 - 50 € More choice of different materials and design options
High-priced from 50 € Very large cat cave with multi-function

How do you clean a cat den?

Depending on the material of your cat cave, you could either wash it with detergent and wash it by hand or put it in the washing machine to clean it. In addition, it is possible to shake it up again and again for some cat caves, in case there is dust or dirt particles in it.

Since most cat burrows have a removable cushion and this is made of a felt cover with a zip, you can easily take it off to wash it.


A wonderful option to keep your cat happy is to buy a cat den for them. They love their privacy and will be very grateful if you get one for them. Your cat's personality plays an important role in the purchase decision. Therefore, you should know your cat well so that you can buy the right one for him.

The location can be chosen freely depending on the material. Thanks to the stability of the cat caves, which allows a robust retreat for your cat, you can be sure that they will be well protected and thus satisfied with their new acquisition.

(Cover photo: guvo59 / Pixabay)

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