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Being immersed in the world of animals, and specifically cats, you always think about what is best for your pet, in order to make them feel comfortable and happy. So, we're going to talk about cat doors and the impact of using them on their lifestyle.

This type of accessory comes in a wide variety of designs, shapes and materials. In order to select the right one, you have to think about your cat at all times and not limit its movements or independence, as well as making it feel safe and in a pleasant environment.

There are cat doors on the market with different accesses and each model offers important benefits to both you as the cat's owner and your own pet. Therefore, throughout this article we will explain what they are, the relevant purchasing factors, where to get them and their value. We hope you find it useful.


  • A cat door is a domestic accessory that gives your pet the freedom to enter and leave your home without any restrictions. As they are independent and autonomous animals by nature, they can be away from the family environment and return when they consider it appropriate.
  • This type of compartments, also called catteries, can be purchased with free or restricted access, thinking at all times of your comfort but above all that of your feline. In addition, you can rest assured that he will go out to do his business whenever he needs to, without having to lift a finger.
  • Before buying this accessory, you need to consider important aspects such as: the size of your cat, manufacturing materials and use. After objectively analysing these factors, you can be sure that the result will be a success and above all very functional for your home.

The Best Cat Doors: Our Picks

Buying Guide

Before making any purchase, especially when you are not familiar with this type of accessories for your home, you have to know the trends and technologies that can make your day to day life easier. With this, your pet will feel free to come and go as he/she pleases, so we will go deeper into the subject so that you can choose the ideal one.

A cat door is very functional and comfortable for pets and humans. ( Photo: Wannara Jantapoon / )
  • Autonomy for your cat to go in and out
  • Weather and water resistant
  • Can be placed on doors, walls and windows
  • They give you comfort by not having to open the door for them.
  • Its distribution is limited
  • Some models are only for small cats
  • Its installation becomes expensive and sometimes complicated.

Free or controlled access cat door - what to look out for?

When you see the benefits of this accessory and you have decided to buy a cat door, you have to know its types in order to find the right one for your feline. Therefore, we briefly explain the models that are available on the market depending on access, to help you make a successful decision.

Free access cat door. These are usually doors where the frame is made of aluminium or metal and sometimes plastic and the door can be made of acrylic or aluminium, making it light enough for your cat to move easily. These types of doors are usually hinged.

They are recommended to be installed on service doors, so your pet can go out into the garden with complete freedom and come back when it wants to. But there are occasions when other animals use them to enter your home, so think about a lock that would limit their access.

Controlled access cat door. This type of door is more sophisticated and has technology that makes it functional. Firstly, they include a microchip collar to allow the cat access, and secondly, they have a motion sensor to help you control your pet's movements.

As they have a complex system, they require specific and therefore costly maintenance. Some models are available on request and delivery times are long, and they are not easy to find in shops.

Free access Controlled access.
Cost Low High.
Benefits Freedom and autonomy Exclusive use.
Technology No Yes, with microchip and motion sensors.
Installation Simple Complex and sometimes costly.

A cat door can be made of different materials. (Photo: Eduardo Gonzalez Diaz /

Buying criteria: factors that allow you to compare and rate different cat door models

If your intention is to purchase a cat door and you already have the access of your choice, at the same time you need to analyse the different factors that are important for your purchase to be perfect. Thinking at all times about functionality for your pet, as well as giving your home security.

  • Size of your cat
  • Materials of construction
  • Usage

Size of your cat

Both the height and weight of your feline are relevant to find the right door, as it may be too small for him or so heavy that he can't open it. For this reason, we show you the 3 standard sizes.

Small. It is a small breed pet, its size does not exceed 15 cm in height and has a maximum weight of 3 kg. We recommend a controlled door so that he does not have to struggle with the door when entering or leaving your home.

Medium. Felines that are between 15 and 20 cm tall and weigh up to 4.5 kg. We recommend a free access door, as with their weight they can swing the door open without any problem.

Large. These are the biggest cats, they can reach a height of more than 25 cm and weigh up to 6 kg. For this type of feline they are free access doors as they will not struggle to enter or leave the house.

A cat door can be made of different materials. (Photo: Eduardo Gonzalez Diaz /

Manufacturing materials

Nowadays there are 3 materials that predominate in the manufacture of this type of door, each one offering unique characteristics and properties to this domestic product. For this reason, we will briefly explain each one.

Plastic. It is a very light material that at the same time offers great resistance to daily use and high durability. We recommend this material for small breed cats and mainly for indoor use.

Polycarbonate. Considered as a material of great malleability, it is used for the elaboration of door frames. If you are thinking of adapting this accessory to wooden doors or rock board walls, it is undoubtedly the right one for you.

Aluminium. It is ideal for exteriors, it is highly resistant to corrosion and temperature changes. If you need to install it on the back door or on the main door, this material is the right one for your needs.


The use you want to give it or for the space where you need it will impact the model of the door for your cat, in addition to complementing the style of your home for its variety of designs. For this reason, we show you the 2 most commonly used.

Outdoor use. If you are looking to give your cat the freedom and autonomy to roam around outside your home, we recommend a cat door with an aluminium frame and a polycarbonate folding leaf, as they will be highly durable and resistant.

Indoor use. If you are one of those who keep out of sight both the food and the area where they do their needs, what you need is a plastic door, since the only thing you are looking for is to keep that place isolated.

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