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Cats are companion animals that win the affection of all people. They are so adorable that they become part of the family and we are always looking for the best for them, such as good cat toys.

Cat toys are accessories that are used to entertain and develop the skills of these little animals when they are left alone at home, we want them to live with other people or just try to distract them for a while.

There are several models, and all of them are so cute that you won't know which one to choose. That is why this article will explain all the variants that you can find on the market, so that you can take the one you think your pet will like the most.


  • Cat toys are accessories that are used to entertain and develop the skills of these little animals when they are left alone at home, we want them to live with other people or just try to distract them for a while.
  • Cat toys are divided into interactive, scratching, individual or more complex and each has a main purpose. For example, scratching toys aim to sharpen their claws, while complex toys aim to give them a full workout.
  • It is important that before you buy any toy you consider how old your cat is, what activities it does, how much time you have available to play with it and the variety of models.

The Best Cat Toys: Our Picks

Buying guide

If your kitty loves to go exploring and you don't know how to keep her indoors any longer, you can buy her some cat toys. Here are their advantages and disadvantages, as well as the places where you can buy them.

Cat toys help these little animals not to lose their basic instincts such as going out to hunt (Photo: luckybusiness /

What are cat toys and what are their advantages?

Cat toys are accessories that are used to entertain and develop the skills of these little animals when they are left alone at home, we want them to live with other people or simply try to distract them for a while.

In general, cat toys are very easy to get and have more advantages than disadvantages, so if you have a kitten at home and you are looking to entertain it with the best, you should keep reading this article.

  • They are easy to fit
  • They help develop cats' skills
  • They prevent them from going outside too much
  • There are different models
  • They improve their behaviour
  • They can wear out easily
  • Some are expensive

Interactive cat toys, scratching posts, individual or complex - what to look out for?

As mentioned above, there are different types of cat toys to choose from, depending on your pet's lifestyle and personality. Below we explain the characteristics of each one.

Interactive cat toys. These types of toys help cats develop their intelligence by interacting with moving parts. Examples include plastic balls with treats or food inside, or moving structures with different textures and elements.

Scratching toys for cats. Scratchers help cats stay active and sharpen their nails, a basic and instinctive feature for all kittens. One advantage of scratching posts is that they are individual, meaning they can be used without sharing.

Individual cat toys. This type of toy is designed for kittens to entertain themselves and is usually a soft toy in the shape of a mouse. Individual cat toys help cats develop their hunting movements.

More complex cat toys. These more complex models of toys are also known as gyms and have multiple functions. They may include moving parts, scratching texture and resting places.

Interactive Scratchers Individual More complex
Objective Develop their intelligence Sharpen their nails Develop their hunting instinct Keep them fit
Size Medium Medium-large Small Large
Cost Accessible Accessible-expensive Cheap Expensive

Are there other types of cat toys?

As we have discussed throughout the article, there are many types of designs in cat toys for you to choose one that is to the complete liking of your kitty. Below we explain the models.

Lasers. Lasers are a kind of lamp that projects a red dot. By moving it on the floor or any other surface, kittens chase this light and try to catch it. Lasers develop their hunting skills and hunting instinct.

Snack dispensers. These can be shaped like a mouse, stuffed animal, cone or ball and are toys that release snacks or treats as the kitten moves them. They help develop agility and dexterity.

How much does a cat toy cost?

Cat toys vary widely in price, mainly because of the model they are designed for. In any case, there are other designs that are more accessible.

The cuddly mice help develop their agility (Photo: MonikaDesigns / Pixabay)

Shopping criteria: factors that allow you to compare and rate different models of cat toys

There are so many beautifully designed cat toys available today that you might even want to keep one for yourself. To make sure you don't get dazzled by the variety, here are some buying criteria to consider before you buy one.

  • Age of cat
  • Cat's activity
  • Time of use
  • Variety
  • Size of cat
  • Material

Cat's age

Like humans, kittens can suffer from obesity if they are not exercised regularly, and this intensifies as they get older. Therefore, it is important to find a toy to suit their age.

Scratchers. Ideal toys for older cats because they can climb, climb into tunnels or stretch to release tension in their bodies, relax and improve their behaviour in the house.

Individual toys. These small stuffed animals in the shape of mice or those made with feathers for kittens to chase are ideal for young kittens who need to expend their energy.

Cat activity

Although cats have similar behaviour, they can have 2 different characteristics, either being too quiet or being so active that they break things and go exploring outside for days at a time. Depending on this, the use of some kind of toy may be recommended.

Active. It is advisable to have at home this type of gyms for cats that include several levels, textures, movable elements, as well as resting areas, so that they can entertain themselves and explore as much as they want.

Quiet. They can use scratching posts to sharpen their nails, as well as interactive or individual toys to keep them active without moving. Quiet pussies are stressed by having to be transported, so the toys mentioned above are ideal for them.

Gyms are great toys for cats, as they help them to maintain a healthy weight and an active lifestyle (Photo: Sophkins /

Time of use

Toys on their own are great fun for kittens, however, it is important to control and monitor the time of use in order to prevent them from developing health problems or improving their behaviour.

For kittens to avoid depression, anxiety, nervousness or even to stop being aggressive, it is enough to play with the accessory of your choice for 30 minutes, so they will stop breaking furniture or scratching anyone who wants to pet them.


There are other models of cat toys for you to consider if you want to get one. They have fun designs, so your kitty is sure to have hours of fun and entertainment.

Rods. This toy consists of a rod with an element at one end that can be feathers, yarn or something else, and that people usually move so that the kittens try to catch them.

Toys for intelligence. These designs aim to increase kittens' dexterity and are suitable for different ages. They can help stimulate their sense of smell or arouse their interest, as long as the cat understands how the toy works so they don't get frustrated.

Balls of yarn. These are the classic ball of yarn that kittens often play with because their claws get caught in it. It is important to recognise whether this toy is fun for them or just too stressful.

Tunnel or run. This toy helps your kitten exercise by running through the tunnel. He will develop agility and flexibility passively, so he won't feel like he's getting too much exercise.

Size of cat

It is important to consider the size of your kitten when choosing which type of toy to buy. A one-month-old kitten that fits everywhere is not the same as an Angora cat that will fit all the way across a single couch.

Small cats. For small cats, stuffed toys, reeds or dispenser toys are ideal, because their little paws will be able to play with feathers, mice, balls and so on, without them getting desperate to catch something that escapes them.

Big cats. Large cats can also use dispenser toys, as long as they are of medium size. However, it is advisable to install gyms so that they can exercise, move freely, but also rest when they need to.


Regardless of the design or size of the cat toys, something very important is the type of material used to make them. Mainly because the safety of your pet depends on a good material.

Natural rubber. If the cat toy you bought is made of rubber, make sure it is natural and non-toxic, so that your kitty can use it with peace of mind, as it will come into contact with his tongue and saliva.

High quality fabric. Make sure the toy is made of high quality fabric that is safe, non-toxic, easy to wash and healthy. It is important that it is soft and comfortable so that it does not damage your kitten's skin but is also easy to handle.

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