Last updated: August 9, 2021

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Welcome to the guide to the current chair cushion trends 2021! When buying a chair cushion, there is more to consider than you might think. What purpose do you want it to serve? Do you want to use it indoors or outdoors? What suits your general decorating style?

Chair cushions come in many different designs. Here we show you what to look for when buying a chair cushion, the different types of chair cushions and how to find your perfect chair cushion for your home. In this article you will find helpful tips and links to make your purchase decision easier.


  • Basically, you can distinguish between classic, decorative and ergonomic chair cushions. Their main purpose is to increase comfort, improve the sitting position in the ergonomic version, support posture and, of course, look pretty.
  • There are seat cushions for a wide variety of surfaces and seating. The most common variants include the dining area, outdoor area and, most recently, the home office.
  • You can choose between round, square and many other shapes and colours and will surely find the right chair cushion for your taste.

The Best Chair Cushion: Our Picks

Buying and evaluation criteria for chair cushions

We explain what is important when buying a chair cushion and how the individual criteria help you in your purchase decision.

You can find out more about the details of these criteria in the following section.

Intended use

Chair cushions are designed to increase the comfort of various surfaces. There are different shapes and materials to meet your specific needs. There are chair cushions in various forms that can be tied or coated so that they do not slip down. There are also many variants that can be used outdoors. They are usually easy to clean or even water-repellent. They are ideal for garden furniture. Ergonomic seat cushions should not be ignored. They are intended for all people who sit a lot and therefore want to relieve their backs.

Material and filling

The choice of material and filling depends on the intended use. Let's start with the covers. They are available in natural fibres, such as linen and cotton, but also in synthetic fabrics, such as polyester. Natural fibres are particularly easy to care for, robust, well tolerated and easy to clean. Synthetic fibres are often chosen because they are dirt-repellent and easy to clean. The choice of filling is also influenced by the use.

Many seat cushions are filled with foam to ensure comfortable sitting. However, there are big differences. Depending on how many layers the foam has, the material will yield more easily. If the layer is thin, you will notice this over time. Memory foam is mostly used for ergonomic seating. It is durable, adapts to the shape of the body and returns to its original shape after a while.

Colour and design

There are no limits to the choice here. There are countless different colours and shapes. So you are spoilt for choice. Whether you choose a colourful, plain, patterned, single-coloured, square or round chair cushion depends on your taste and preferences. If you are looking for an ergonomic seat cushion, the colour is less important, but the shape can make a big difference.


In summary, we can say that there are a few features to consider when it comes to chair cushions. They are comfortable, decorative, practical and, depending on the variant, also healthy. We recommend using chair cushions in a variety of ways. Whether in the living or dining area, indoors or outdoors. Colour-coordinated with the surroundings, they not only ensure increased seating comfort, but also comfortable sitting. If you spend a lot of time in front of the computer, in the car or when travelling, it definitely makes sense to buy an ergonomic chair cushion. Your back will thank you!

(Cover photo: Jesse Donoghoe/Unsplash)