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Spending hours sitting down can be even more tiring than standing up and let's be honest, there is every chair that instead of making us rest ends up killing our back. To avoid that bad experience we decided to bring you the best chair you can find.

Do you spend many hours at your desk in an uncomfortable way? Are you a professional gamer and you don't know which chair suits your needs? Or maybe you are in charge of an office and you want to make a big chair purchase? Well, worry no more because we'll bring you everything you need to know about the chair.

At ReviewBox we care that you are really informed about the products you are most interested in, so you can always count on a comprehensive review to guide your purchase. Without further ado Do you want to know what makes a chair the best chair in the world? Let's get to the review.


  • The chair is a piece of furniture that is used to rest the body and do activities that would take more time and effort to do standing up. It is an item that is used in the home, in offices and outdoors.
  • There are several types of chairs that have different purposes, among the most popular are: chairs for gamers, office chairs, outdoor chairs and traditional chairs. Each has a different form and function.
  • The most important factors you need to consider when buying a chair are the type of base, the height it provides, whether or not it has armrests, how many accessories it has and also what the backrest is like.

The Best Chair: Our Picks

Buying guide: What you need to know about chairs

We will now explain what chairs are, as well as their main characteristics and, above all, the advantages of owning one. Everything you need to guide you in your purchase. Take note of this information so that when you are choosing a model you know exactly what to look for.

The chair can be placed at work or meeting tables. (Photo: Pexels /

What is a chair and what are its advantages?

A chair is a piece of furniture that mostly has a backrest, a seat and fixed legs or legs on castors and its main function is to allow the body to rest during an activity such as eating, working, talking, etc. A chair is a basic item in any home or office so you will need to buy one or more.

The main advantage of the chair is that it allows you to be in a state called active rest. This is produced by having a piece of furniture that allows the body not to get tired, for example, standing, and at the same time positions it for productive or recreational activities, such as a meeting.

In addition to providing active rest, the chair can also be an aid to chronic back or hip ailments. There are specialised chairs so that by being in a sitting position, the body does not suffer from pain that it would have when standing or even lying down. What a relief, don't you think?

Chairs can also make outdoor activities more comfortable, nothing like being able to have an outdoor meeting or an expedition to the forest and/or mountain and being able to take a good chair to sit and watch nature in a very comfortable way. All you need to do is to accompany that moment with a good drink and that's it.

  • They provide active rest
  • They help to combat chronic back and hip pain
  • They allow rest in outdoor activities, Decorate houses or offices
  • The abuse of time in the chair causes discomfort in the back and buttocks
  • Not all are comfortable, Price, some can be very expensive, Weight, most are difficult to move

Gamer, office, outdoor and traditional - what should you look out for?

It is very important to note that there are various types of chairs and depending on the type they will have different functions and purposes. The most common types are gamer chairs, office chairs, outdoor chairs and traditional chairs. Do you want to know what each one is for? Let us explain them.

Gamer chairs. Gamer chairs have had a resounding success in the last ten years due to the popularity of e-games. E-gaming has led users to buy specialised chairs to spend hours playing video games. These are high-backed and many have lumbar and neck support.

Office. Office chairs are those used in executive settings, whether in boardrooms, cubicles or offices. These chairs are usually upholstered so that the user does not suffer from sitting for a full day. Office chairs usually have wheels to move them and slightly curved backs to rest the back.

Exterior. This type of chair, as the name suggests, is suitable for outdoor use where there is no comfortable place to sit. They are used for meetings in a garden or for an expedition to the countryside or mountains. These chairs are usually very light as they have to be transported, but also foldable for easy storage.

Traditional. When we talk about traditional chairs we are referring to those that are used in the home such as those used in dining rooms or living rooms. This type of chairs usually have designs in line with the decoration of houses and are made with materials such as wood. Unlike gamer and office chairs, these only have four legs.

Gamer Office Outdoor Traditional
Weight 13 kg - 15 kg 13 kg - 15 kg 2 kg - 5 kg 5 kg - 10 kg
Height adjustment Yes Yes No No
Leg type Castors 5 to 6 Castors 5 to 6 Four fixed legs Four fixed legs
Materials Metal, plastic, synthetic leather Metal, plastic, synthetic leather Plastic Wood, plastic

How much do chairs cost?

Chairs are an extremely popular item and as such come in a wide range of prices. As with almost all products, there are factors that cause the price to rise or fall. Among these are the materials it is made of, the shape and the size. Buying a gamer chair is not the same as buying an outdoor chair.

The cheapest chairs you can find are outdoor chairs or some traditional ones that are made of plastic. The most expensive chairs you will find are gamer chairs and because of how equipped they are.

The gaming chair allows you to play for long hours in a comfortable position. (Photo: Vasily Gronskiy /

Purchasing criteria

Lastly, we will look at the different factors you need to consider when choosing the chair you are most interested in. It is very important that you remember this information as it can make the difference between being happy with your purchase or ending up dissatisfied with it.


The base is a very important factor that you need to consider when purchasing your favourite buggy. It will determine how mobile your chair can be and where you can place it to decorate your home or office. There are two types of chair base, the fixed base and the castor base.

Fixed base. The fixed base of the chairs is nothing more and nothing less than the traditional four legs with which we identify this product. Chairs with this type of base are used in the home and are placed in dining rooms or kitchens. Similarly, this base is used for outdoor chairs so that they can be fixed to the grass.

Base with wheels. This type of base, as you can imagine, has wheels that allow the chair to be moved from one place to another. This helps the user to move a short distance without having to get out of the chair. These bases are generally used for gamers and office chairs.


Height is also something you need to consider, why? Because it depends on the height that the chair can be placed where it is best used. For example, there are three types of chair heights: High height, medium height and low height and believe it or not, each has a different place in the home or office.

Above 60cm. These are the famous chairs for periquets, i.e. high tables. As they have a high height, these chairs have a bar to accommodate the feet and are used for bars or tables on the terrace of a bar or restaurant. They are perfect for having a drink and chatting for hours.

From 25cm to 40cm. This is used for traditional chairs, office chairs and gamers' chairs, i.e. most of the existing chairs. This height fits very well with dining tables, meeting tables or desks, allowing the torso of the person to be above the previous ones and to carry out the activity without problems.

Below 20 cm. This height is used for absolute rest as it allows the backrest to be more inclined and the user's hips to be more level with the floor so that they can even fall asleep in them. Some outdoor chairs are made with this height and are extremely comfortable. You should use one of these one of these days.

Low chairs are perfect for lounging and chatting for a long time (Photo: Cathy Yeulet /


When you are about to buy the chair you are interested in, you need to check whether or not it has armrests. This is very simple because there are two things, either they have armrests or they don't. But what's the point of having armrests or not? Let us explain it to you.

Chairs with armrests are used more in offices, offices and outdoors to be able to adopt comfortable positions and not have to carry your arms all the time. It also depends on the user's taste, some people think that armrests make the chair look more aesthetic and vice versa.


Chairs can also have accessories and this makes them more complete and, above all, functional. Depending on the accessory is that you can use your chair for long hours of play or to go out to your backyard with the necessary supplies. The main accessories that the chair comes with are cup holders, cool box, table and stands.

Cup holder. Nothing more convenient than being able to put your glass or bottle next to you without the need to get up every 10 minutes for another drink. Cup holders are used for outdoor chairs and there can be one on each arm of the chair.

Ice chest. Yes, you read that right again, the chairs can have an ice chest. You thought the cup holder was already a convenience? Imagine now that you can go out into your garden with up to four drinks in the cooler and to continue enjoying the moment you just have to reach out and grab the next one. That, dear reader, is life.

Table. As if that wasn't enough, there are chairs with a board to hold plates of food or to lean on with a notebook. This accessory is very useful both in the garden and at school. In the garden it allows you to enjoy food without the need to juggle with it and at school it saves the need to take up space with a table.

Stands. The supports are those that come in the backrest to support parts of the back that tend to get tired easily, such as the lumbar and cervical area. These supports allow the back not to carry unnecessary weight and provide rest especially after many hours of sitting.


Finally, the backrest is another factor that we recommend you consider when purchasing your chair. This aspect is directly related to comfort. Leaning your back against the backrest definitely helps you rest, but the rest will be better depending on the shape of the backrest.

Padded backrest. This chair back has materials such as foam so that the weight of your back is distributed along the backrest. It is like putting a cushion on your back, but permanent. There are curved backrests to better adjust the position of the back correctly.

Hard backrest. Unlike the upholstered backrest, this backrest does not have any material to adjust the position of the back to the surface. Generally these backrests are made of wood, metal or plastic and are usually more uncomfortable, but more aesthetic than the upholstered ones.

So now you know, the next time you are about to buy a chair remember everything you learned in this review so that your purchase is the one you want. We hope you can soon be enjoying that chair you dream of. We say goodbye and hope to see you again on ReviewBox!

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