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We welcome you to a new Review. Today we want to talk about the best tool to make notes, classes and some other reminders, yes, we are referring to the blackboards and today we will talk about everything you need to know about them.

We know that chalkboards have many models and that it can be complicated to know which one is the best for us, that's why today we will give you all the necessary information so that at the time of your purchase you don't have any doubts and you can make the best choice. Because we want the best for you.

In addition, we will tell you which are the most popular and purchased blackboards on the market, so that you can have the best points of comparison. We assure you that this will be of great help when buying the ideal blackboard for you.


  • A blackboard is a rectangular surface used for reusable writing. It can be acrylic or waxed. They can also come in different sizes for all types of work.
  • Among the blackboards we can find a great number of models, but the main points of comparison are between the chalk boards and the acrylic ones, which can be differentiated from their price, the writing tool and their durability.
  • While it is important to acquire a good product that fully meets your needs, you should know that it is important to take into account aspects such as size, colour, among others, before making your purchase, as this will ensure that it is totally successful.

The Best Chalkboards: Our Picks

Buying guide: What you need to know about whiteboards

Today we not only want to show you the best whiteboards on the market, but also tell you about the features you need to know about them, so that you can have the best points of comparison when making your purchase.

Chalk boards are considered the most traditional ones. (Photo: Dusanka Visnjican/

What is a blackboard?

A chalkboard is a rectangular surface used for reusable writing. It can be acrylic or waxed, so specialised markers or chalk can be used. The most traditional blackboards are chalk boards, although nowadays the most commonly used are acrylic, as the writing is more visible.

Chalk boards are usually painted with a dark matt paint, usually dark green or black. This type of colour is used because when writing with chalk on it, the writing is much more visible.

Chalkboards can also be used in eating places, although they are usually smaller in size. (Photo: weedezign/

What are the advantages of chalkboards?

The main advantage of a blackboard is that they are a great help for making notes or for explaining a subject in more detail to a group, whether in class or during a work meeting.

Another huge advantage that blackboards offer you is that you can write whatever you want and erase it whenever you want, as your notes will not be permanent, which will allow you to use it whenever you need it.

  • They are useful to increase students' attention
  • They can be reused
  • They are comfortable to work on
  • They must be cleaned daily
  • The writing utensils must be constantly replaced
  • They should not get wet, as they could deteriorate
  • They have a space limit

Chalk or acrylic blackboards - what should you pay attention to?

Over the years, different factories have evolved the look of chalkboards, all to better meet the needs of those who use them on a regular basis. The variety of chalkboards on the market is really high, but there is no doubt that the main points of comparison are between these two.

Chalkboard: Chalkboards are the most traditional and arguably the most widely used in schools. These are made of super strong wood and painted with a specialised matt paint. It is quite practical, although sometimes the chalk finish is not as good as expected.

Acrylic chalkboard: This is a more modern type of chalkboard where the writing is much clearer and more defined. These are also made of wood although this time it has metal on the edges and has a type of finish that allows you to write on it.

Chalkboard Acrylic blackboard
Writing utensil Chalk Whiteboard marker
Price Medium High
Durability 3 to 5 years 1 to 3 years

Purchasing criteria

Acquiring a product that we know we will use constantly, requires great care, because we must be attentive to that it has an excellent quality so that when using it there is no complication, so today we will present some aspects that you should know before making your purchase.


Knowing what size we need when buying our blackboard will depend on the use we give it, because there is a great variety of sizes, which have a specific function, here we will tell you what they are:

Large blackboard: This is the type of blackboard used in school or work areas, these usually have a diameter of approximately 90 by 120 centimetres. Perfect for covering annotations or scheduled classes.

Medium chalkboard: Chalkboards of this diameter are generally used for very specific annotations. Many restaurants or fondas use them to write down the menu of the day on them as they are the perfect size. They usually have a diameter of 50 by 90 centimetres.

Small blackboard: We have all had a small blackboard to write down small phrases or reminders, even to make small drawings and decorate an area of our home or office. This type of blackboard has a diameter of about 30 by 45 centimetres.


We know that blackboards always have a standard colour, which are white and dark green, however, there are some models of blackboards that have different colours, of course, some of them do not tend to be very practical because in some of them the writing is not very visible:

Black: A perfect colour for writing with chalk of all kinds of colours, as it creates a better visualisation with contrast. This colour is widely used among chalk boards for this reason.

Pink: Usually found on acrylic chalkboards, it is not very practical but still works. They are often used on small chalkboards, which can be purchased for small children or for precise notes.

Transparent: Acrylic blackboards of this type can be used on both sides. It is not very common for people to purchase this type of blackboard, as many do not consider them practical, however, they are available on the market for those who wish to use them.

Light green: Also present in the acrylic type. Their function is quite similar to that of the pink blackboards, except that in this one the colours can be seen much better. They are usually written on with black marker.


In general, a blackboard has an average durability of 3 to 5 years, depending on the maintenance that is given to it, that is why we believe that it is important that you know some of the aspects that can deteriorate your blackboard:

Water, because when it gets wet its surface tends to lose its resistance. This applies to chalk and acrylic blackboards.

Using the wrong writing utensil, when it comes to acrylic blackboards, you should only use specialised markers for it, otherwise it could stain.

Using strong chemicals to clean it, because like water it could damage its resistance; it is recommended to clean it with a semi-damp tissue.

Additional accessories

There are many models of whiteboards that not only do their job excellently, but are also enhanced with some additional accessories that totally improve your experience when using it.

There are many models that you can buy that have a base so that you can write on your whiteboard while seated, which will make it more comfortable for you to make your notes or important reminders, and these bases can also have a small light for working at night.

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