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The birth of the baby is imminent and the baby-free time should be used to prepare for life with the third? In addition to all other purchases, parents-to-be will not be able to avoid the question "changing mat, yes or no? If the decision is made in favour of a changing mat, there is a wide range to choose from.

In the following, we would like to give a brief overview of changing mats and point out the most important points to consider when choosing and buying a changing mat.

The most important points

  • What are the living requirements for the changing unit? Is there much or little space available? If there is little space, a changing table is suitable for bath tubs, washing machines or baby beds. The purchase of a folding changing table with wall mounting could also be an option. A changing mat for a chest of drawers makes sustainable use of an existing piece of furniture or even a newly purchased chest of drawers and thus saves money.
  • For the baby's safety, make sure that the changing unit fits perfectly and is free of harmful substances.
  • The ergonomics of the parents should also be taken into account to avoid back problems: What height is needed to be able to change the baby in a way that is easy on the back?

The Best Changing Unit: Our Picks

Buying and rating criteria for changing units

So how do you find the right changing unit? The following points support parents-to-be in finding the right solution for them:


An important factor in choosing the right changing mat is answering the question of how much space is available in the nursery or in the home. If the children's room is already sufficiently filled with bed, cupboard and shelf, it is advisable to think about a narrow solution as a changing table.Which environment should be used for changing: The children's room, the bathroom or even the dining table?


Should the changing unit complement an existing piece of furniture so that it can still be used after the child has finished changing? Or is it important to buy the furniture as a coordinated series?


The top priority is the safety of the child. Therefore, when buying, pay attention to the GS and TÜV seals, safe assembly and sufficiently high fall protection as well as the absence of harmful substances in all materials.


Changing units are available in plastic and wood. Which material is preferred is a matter of taste. Wooden products are not recommended in damp environments such as bathrooms. To avoid endangering the child's health, all materials should be free of harmful substances. Sustainable and climate-neutral production gives a good feeling when buying, also for the future of the child.


For hygienic reasons, it is essential that the changing unit is easy to clean.


There are changing mats in all price ranges.

It doesn't have to be the most expensive product, the decisive factor is safety, including a perfect fit and simple but safe assembly and disassembly of the changing mat. (Image source: Hu Chen / unsplash)

Guide: Frequently asked questions about changing mats answered in detail

In the following, we will go into particularly frequently asked questions on the subject of changing tops.

Who is a changing mat suitable for?

For babies and toddlers up to a maximum weight of 15 kg (corresponds to an age of 3.5-4 years).

What types of changing units are there?

There are attachments for chests of drawers, beds, tables, bathtubs and washing machines. They are either made of plastic or wood.

Is a changing mat absolutely necessary?

For the safety of the child, we think so. Because the fall protection serves as a barrier as soon as the baby starts to turn and becomes mobile(er). Ultimately, it is up to the discretion and needs of the parents-to-be whether or not to use a changing unit. If you buy a changing unit with an integrated changing mat, there is no need to buy another one.

What material is used for changing units?

There are changing units made of plastic or wood. Wood is not recommended for use in humid environments.

How complicated is the assembly of a changing mat?

As a rule, changing units are easy and uncomplicated to assemble. They are fastened either with screws in the case of chests of drawers or with knobs and screws in the case of bath changing tops. In the case of the changing top, notches in the cot frame serve as the fastening. Dismantling is correspondingly simple and uncomplicated.

Where can I buy a changing mat?

All specialist shops for baby products as well as the large furniture stores stock a varying range of changing tops. The largest selection can be found online: Either directly in the online shop of the respective manufacturer, the specialist baby store, the furniture store or at online marketplaces such as Amazon, etsy and ebay.

Is a changing mat/cover needed for the changing unit?

Yes, to give babies a warm and cosy base. Because very small babies cool down very quickly and like to lie soft and warm. For hygienic reasons, the changing mat should be washable and the cover washable at 60°C.


Investing in a changing unit is a sustainable, back-friendly purchase that is safe for the child and has a place even if space is limited. Assembly and disassembly are usually easy with guaranteed safety for the child. When choosing, it doesn't have to be the premium product: safe and uncomplicated changing tops are available in a large selection in the medium and low price segments.

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