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Welcome to ReviewBox! This time we would like to introduce you to the best cheap washing machines available on the market. These will take care of your pocket while you can easily and efficiently perform one of the most arduous household chores.

At ReviewBox we know that, deciding which cheap washing machine to buy is a difficult decision because of all the different models and brands that are available for purchase. But that's what we're here for, our aim is to help you make the best decision to suit your needs.


  • Cheap washing machines are a household appliance that will allow you, for a low cost, to make an important household task that requires time and effort more efficient.
  • One of the main advantages of cheap washing machines is that they are affordable.
  • In addition to having a low cost, they fulfil the fundamental functions of an average cost washing machine on the market with a comparable quality of work between the two.

The best cheap washing machines: Our Picks

Buying guide: What you need to know about cheap washing machines

Cheap washing machines are appliances, as the name suggests, that allow you to wash clothes at a low cost.
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What are the advantages of a cheap washing machine?

Cheap washing machines are appliances, as the name suggests, that allow washing clothes at a low cost. They have the advantage of being economical appliances, which makes them suitable for any consumer's budget without sacrificing quality and performance.

Despite the affordable price they have on the market, they are capable of fulfilling the function that higher-priced washing machines have, which is to wash and leave impeccable any garment or fabric in general.

For all those stains and dirt, whether grease, mud, food, among others. These can help you to get rid of them, without the need for a great washing effort.

  • Low purchase cost in the market
  • Accessibility to be placed anywhere inside and outside the home due to its size
  • Accessibility to be placed anywhere inside and outside the home due to its size
  • Practicality of use of the appliance as it only has simple wash cycles
  • Few wash modes/single wash system
  • Shorter lifespan than higher priced washing machines
  • They do not squeeze the clothes at the end of the wash cycle
  • They do not have a spin system, plus the hoses and additional parts are small in size

Cheap washing machines for the home?

When deciding which cheap washing machine to buy, it is important to consider first of all the consumer's own needs. We suggest asking yourself the following questions to begin the process of evaluating and purchasing a washing machine.

What is my budget to buy? What are my daily, weekly and monthly washing needs? What space do I have in my home/establishment to place a washing machine?

After answering all these questions you can more easily evaluate which washing machine you can buy to meet your needs and make your washing and cleaning tasks easier. Therefore, we suggest you take into account the following aspects to make an optimal purchase based on your requirements.

  • Initial budget for the purchase of the appliance
  • Location where the appliance will be placed for operation
  • Selling price in a physical shop vs. internet sales
  • Accessibility of additional services of the device (e.g. who can fix the device in case of breakdown, are spare parts easily accessible)

Purchasing criteria

To make the purchase of a cheap washing machine an optimal investment it is key to consider the following features:

Washing load capacity

You can find different load capacities, these start from 7kg load up to 20kg. You can also find higher load capacities but the price of washing machines increases as the load increases.

To choose the right load to buy, we suggest you take into account the following two aspects: how many people will use the washing machine and how much is your daily, weekly or monthly washing needs.

For example, in a flat where only one or two people live, a 7-10kg washing machine can cover their washing needs, however, a family of 5 members should opt for a washing machine with a higher load to cover their needs, in this case we would suggest a 20kg washing machine.

One of the main advantages of cheap washing machines is that they are affordable for the consumer.
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Top lid or side lid

A washing machine with a top lid tends to consume more water and electricity than a side lid washing machine. This is because they require more water and energy to wet all the clothes. Also, side-loading washing machines tend to have more space, therefore more load capacity.

Washing cycle

The washing cycles depend on the appliance you are buying. Some cheap washing machines only have a standard wash cycle, so some clothes may require double washing or, if they are delicate, they may need to be washed by hand.


Some low-cost washing machines do not have a spin cycle, which means that at the end of the wash cycle they will not squeeze the clothes. Therefore, it will be necessary to use a tumble dryer or drying rack to dry the clothes.

Product warranty (in shop and with the manufacturer)

When buying a household appliance, it is highly recommended that it has some kind of warranty in case of failure due to a manufacturing defect or handling of the appliance. The length of the product's guarantee depends on the shop and the manufacturer.

Normally shops give a 1-year guarantee after the sale of the equipment, and for problems that the manufacturer itself does not attend to, such as failures due to voltage variations.

However, manufacturers usually provide different time ranges. For the washing machine motor they usually provide from 1 to 3 years and for additional parts (for example the tub) they can provide up to 10 years of warranty.

For detailed information regarding the exact time that the washing machine would have, we recommend you contact the shop, if the purchase is online, before making the purchase. If the purchase is made in a physical shop, we suggest you check with your sales executive.

Cheap washing machines are an appliance that will allow you, for a low cost, to make more efficient an important household task that requires time and effort.
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Efficiency of the appliance

It is important to take into consideration the water and/or electricity consumption of the washing machine, because the investment that is made will not only carry the cost of the equipment. It is also important to consider the cost of utilities such as water and electricity needed for its operation.

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