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Children's electric cars are becoming more and more the absolute trend. Not only in the normal car industry is there incredible growth in terms of electric, and many innovations. The market for children is also growing enormously, and there are constant changes.
What used to be incredibly expensive and an absolute luxury is now available in all kinds of different colours, models and designs. Here, everyone really has a taste. But what exactly is a children's electric car and does it really make sense?

We have taken a closer look at this extensive and exciting topic for you and hope to be able to answer a few questions with our children's electric car test 2021.


  • There are many different types of children's electric cars, from two-seaters to openable doors and different sizes.
  • When buying a children's electric car, you should pay attention to a number of important points, such as the engine power, the safety features and, if you like, the special equipment.
  • There are also various questions to be asked on this topic. From price, alternatives, where to buy a children's electric car, whether it is dangerous and much more.

The Best Children Electric Car: Our Picks

Electric cars for children: buying and evaluation criteria

When buying a children's electric car, you should always do enough research beforehand. The subject is very extensive and should of course be perfectly adapted to the child.

In the following section, we will go into detail about the above-mentioned points and share important information with you.


The size of the vehicle is of course one of the most important points that you should think about. The size is important to ensure that your child has enough space in it. And they can stretch their legs out well.

There are always both small electric cars and somewhat larger electric cars. You can always find information about this in the manufacturer's information. Here you will often also find tips or information about the age at which the vehicle is recommended.

Engine power

There are also differences in engine power, which you should clarify in advance depending on your needs. The older the child, the more power the vehicle can have.

The speed should not be underestimated.

There are already electric cars with 6 volts, for very young children. But there are also higher-powered ones with 12 or 24 volts. These vehicles usually travel at speeds of up to 8 km/h.

Safety features

There are a few important features that your children's electric car should have in order to ensure that your child can drive safely.

Safety should always come first

Firstly, there should be a safety belt for each seat that can protect the child from falling out. Secondly, it is important that the car has a remote control so that you, as a parent, can intervene and redirect the car in case of danger.

Another useful feature is that the electric car brakes automatically as soon as you take your foot off the accelerator.

Additional features

There are countless different functions that a children's electric car can have. Some are more useful, others less so. Of course, it all depends on what you need.

Examples of useful additional functions are the shock absorbers for an improved driving experience. Or rubber tyres. Another nice feature is a radio that gives the child the opportunity to listen to music.

Electric cars for children: frequently asked questions and answers

Before you buy an electric car, you should do a lot of research to find the best vehicle for your child and to give him or her the best possible driving experience.

In the following, we have addressed the most important questions about this topic.

For whom is an electric car suitable?

There is no general answer to this question. After all, an electric car for children is purely a fun toy. Theoretically, absolutely anyone can buy such a toy.

Kinder Elektroauto

Electric cars for children are an absolute highlight for many. (Image source: unsplash / Matt Antonioli)

It depends on whether you are interested and whether your parents are ready to spend the money. Because this purchase does not offer the child any real added value.

Nevertheless, it is a great, exciting and new experience for the child. And in most cases it is also unique.

What types of children's electric cars are there?

Not all electric cars are the same. There are many different types, so there really is something for everyone. We have presented the different types in a table.

Type advantages disadvantages
Children's electric car with one seat lots of space and legroom you can't let anyone ride with you, but always have to drive alone
Children's electric car with two seats the experience can be shared by two can possibly be quite cramped
Large children's electric car faster engine power not suitable for smaller children from 1 year of age
Small children's electric car suitable for almost every child, no matter what age group usually too slow for older children

Here it is very important that you think about the age of the child who will get the electric car and if the child is an only child or not.

What does a children's electric car cost?

Children's electric cars are definitely not an inexpensive purchase. Depending on what you value, there really is almost no upper limit. We have provided you with a clear overview of the approximate price.

Type example price
small children's electric car convertible, sports car approx. from 150€
large children's electric car bus, off-road vehicle approx. from 200€

However, it also makes a big difference whether it is a branded electric car (e.g. Audi, Mercedes, BMW, etc.) and which additional functions you would like to have in the vehicle.

What alternatives are there to a children's electric car?

Children's electric cars are constantly evolving and new functions are being added. But of course there are also one or two alternatives to a classic children's electric car. I would now like to introduce you to these alternatives.

Alternative Description
Pedal car a well-known toy, and the forerunner of the electric car. The special feature here is that the child also has to do some sporting activity, which also trains coordination. However, the pedal car is not only suitable for children, but there are also many models that are suitable for older people
Electric motorbike the motorbike has many things in common with the electric car. However, it is a different driving experience and you have to be able to keep your balance, so it is not suitable for very young children.

Where can children drive electric cars?

There are clear rules for driving children's electric cars that should be followed in any case. Even quite slow children's electric cars can be dangerous and may cause damage if they are not careful.

To protect your own child and other people, you should follow the rules.

In the private sphere, i.e. at home, driving an electric car is of course possible without restrictions. Both in your own yard and in your own garden.

Kinder Elektroauto

Electric cars up to 6 km/h are allowed to drive on the pavement in public places. (Image source: unsplash / Trnava University)

However, if you are driving in a public area, you definitely have to abide by certain rules. So here it is: The children's electric cars up to 6 km/h are allowed on the pavement or in the pedestrian zone without any problems.

However, if a children's electric car can go faster, it is only allowed on private property.

How long does the battery of a children's electric car last?

How long a children's electric car can be driven for depends on the model. There are very big differences here.

Some vehicles can drive for about 25 minutes at a time, others for up to several hours. On average, you can say that the battery lasts about one hour.

After that, you have to charge the vehicle with the charger (usually supplied). The charging time also varies from model to model. Of course, it is a good idea to leave the car to charge overnight.

Where can I buy spare parts for children's electric cars?

Getting spare parts for children's electric cars is usually not a big problem.

But of course it depends on what exactly is defective or broken. Parts such as a wheel, steering wheel or similar can easily be bought. However, if small parts break off, it becomes quite difficult.

The usual spare parts can be purchased directly from the manufacturer, Amazon or the shop where you bought the electric car.

How do you assemble a children's electric car?

Assembling your children's electric car is usually very easy. You don't need any great manual skills.

And an instruction manual is included with each vehicle in the original box. No special tools are needed either.

In most cases, the vehicle is already pre-assembled. Only the following steps need to be carried out:

  • screw the wheels on
  • attach the seat
  • fully charge the battery once

Then the first ride can already start. The amount of work is therefore quite low.

When do children's electric cars need number plates?

No, you don't need a number plate for a children's electric car, so you don't have to register the car here. So you don't have to worry about additional costs.

The reason why children's electric cars don't need a number plate is also quite easily explained: Since, as already mentioned, only children's electric cars up to 6 km/h are allowed to drive on public pavements, and these are quite slow, a number plate is not necessary.

When can a children's electric car be dangerous?

Driving a children's electric car is generally quite safe if it is age-appropriate.

However, you should never let your child out of your sight and let them drive completely on their own. A fall can be painful in any case.

The dangers should never be underestimated.

That is why it is absolutely advisable to have a remote control included. This way, you don't have to race in case of an emergency and you might not be able to protect your child from the fall in time.

Instead, you can use the remote control to comfortably redirect the vehicle and thus avoid worse.


Electric cars for children are definitely a great experience and for most children also a super great and unique experience. Most children dream of being able to drive such an electric car or even own one.

However, one should be aware that the purchase is quite expensive and then of course the benefits must also be there. And if you do decide to buy one, you should definitely consider a few things beforehand.

One of the most important things is definitely the safety features. After all, when driving a children's electric car, the fun should be in the foreground and an accident should be avoided as much as possible.

Photo source: Onuchina / 123rf