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A children's bathrobe is an essential piece in any child's wardrobe. It can be worn both in summer and winter. Today we are bringing different models for you to choose the best one for your children.

Stay with us until the end to understand more about the different uses and types of dressing gowns, this is the surest way for you to get it right.


  • The children's bathrobe can be made in different fabrics, some being ideas for summer and others for winter.
  • They can have long sleeve, short sleeve, hood, pockets and other details. So it is important to know what you are looking for. By the end of this buying guide we will help you choose the best children's bathrobe for your child's needs.
  • There are cheaper and more expensive products. All of them provide a fair price for a garment that can last for many seasons.

The Best Children's Bathrobe: Our Picks

No matter why you are looking for a children's bathrobe, our selection will help you. Check out the different models, suitable for different occasions.

Buying and rating guide for children's Bathrobe

Dressing gowns are a key piece that everyone should have in their wardrobe. Speaking of children then, they are very useful in summer and winter. If you want to find the ideal children's bathrobe for your needs, continue with us in this Buying Guide.

Mãe e filha de roupão lavando as mãos na pia do banheiro.

The microfibre bathrobe is ideal for warming up children after their bath in winter. (Source: choreograph/

How can a child make use of a children's bathrobe?

A children's bathrobe is useful in many situations, whether in summer or winter. All you need to do is choose the right model for each need.

This is a piece that helps in dealing with the child in various occasions, and it is about the different uses of a children's dressing gown that we will talk now. Check it out:

  • Getting out of the bath: After bathing your child, a children's bathrobe is the perfect way to wrap the child up and easily carry them to their room. With the bathrobe, parents can remove excess water from the skin and protect the child from the wind on the way from the bathroom to the place where they will be dried and dressed. The advantage of having a children's bathrobe for this purpose is that it protects the whole body of the little ones, including arms.
  • After a swim in the sea or pool: Who has never taken their children for a swim in the sea or pool and after a while they come out slapping their chins out of the water? Even in the hottest days! Either to take to the beach or to enjoy the day at the club, the children's bathrobe protects the little ones after leaving the water. This way they dry more quickly. Again, the bathrobe covers the whole body of the little ones, staying on more easily than a towel, for example.
  • For children who go swimming: With a very similar proposal to the previous one, children who go swimming can count on a bathrobe for the beginning and the end of the lessons. Wrapped in the bathrobe, they can go to the edge of the pool protected, and can count on the bathrobe as soon as they get out until they reach the changing room for their bath.
  • To put on over pyjamas: Winter can be cruel in some parts of Brazil. After a warm bath, you can choose to leave your children even more protected from the cold by wrapping them in a microfiber children's bathrobe.
  • Helps parents when leaving the bath
  • Great for protecting children at the beach and pool
  • Ideal for children who swim
  • Warms the little ones in winter
  • Different models for winter and summer
  • Affordable price
  • Extra piece to take to the places and wash

Children's bathrobe with or without hood?

Among the different characteristics of a children's bathrobe, one of the biggest differences is the presence of the hood.

Although many people think that the hood is ideal for winter dressing gowns, it is actually essential, especially for bath, sea or pool robes.

It protects the child's head from the wind while their hair is still wet, preventing colds and flu.

It is especially recommended for very young children up to the age of four. But of course, it can be used by children of any age.

They may be a little more expensive, but there is no significant difference in price compared to a children's bathrobe without hood.

One highlight for this model is that many manufacturers use the hood to make the dressing gown more fun, putting ears, or animals to encourage the use.

For whom is a baby nappy changing dressing gown suitable?

Among the different types of fabric, there is the children's nappy dressing gown. Very light model and highly absorbent.

Made of Soft Premium 100% cotton, it is usually sold for children up to 4 years old. Because it is very absorbent, this bathrobe can also be used as a daily towel.

It dries the child more quickly and easily, but it may get damp, precisely because it is very absorbent. The ideal thing is to use it and dry it after use, not leaving the child wrapped in it for too long.

It is a perfect fabric for parents who want a children's bathrobe to dry their child after bathing, swimming pool or the sea.

Menina envolvida com roupão infantil de fralda sentada em cadeira após saída da piscina.

The nappy dressing gown is highly absorbent and dries the child more easily. (Source: Papi Textil / Amazon)

Purchase Criteria: Factors to compare children's dressing gowns

We are almost coming to the end of this guide, but before we conclude, we want to bring you practical tips to make the best choice for your children.

Read carefully each of the topics mentioned.


The fabric is a criterion that counts especially according to the season in which the bathrobe will be used. Some models are specific for some situations.

The most versatile are towels.

Diapered models are great for drying children, for example. The microfiber ones, on the other hand, are perfect to keep them warm after their bath in winter. The most versatile are towels, which can be useful in all other situations.


Keep an eye out, because some bathrobes are only sold in one size. It can be good because it will accompany your child for longer, but always check the measurements to ensure it will fit.

It is common that they are sold in S, M and L. Always check the ideal size for the age of the child you are going to use, this can change according to the manufacturer.


Although it is a detail, it is important to keep an eye on it. The sleeve can be short, three quarters or long.

The children's bathrobe with short sleeves is good for the summer and also for swimming, swimming pool or sea. The long sleeve model is the perfect choice for colder days.

Tip: The three-quarter sleeve is a great choice to protect without disturbing the child, who can often get in the way of long sleeves during some basic activities, such as eating


Take advantage of the different prints to captivate the little ones with the themes they like the most.

Children don't always like wearing a bathrobe, so choosing a favourite character is a great strategy to keep them protected in their bathrobe.

There are neutral dressing gowns, plain, printed, characters or random animals.

Bebê usando roupão em cima da cama sorrindo.

The bathrobe can attract the child according to the design, making it easier to use. (Source: famveldman/


The hood can be a useful accessory, especially to protect the child in places where it is often windy, such as when going to the sea or pool. This can save your child from catching a cold.

Another interesting aspect is the presence of pockets, especially for older children, who can already make use of this accessory.

Check also the closure system, some of them have straps and others may have buttons to ensure they are securely fastened.

(Source of the highlighted image: famveldman/