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Children's bicycle trailers are popular means of transport for parents whose children cannot yet ride a bicycle themselves. Unlike bicycle seats, children's bicycle trailers offer more comfort and safety for both children and parents. Manufacturers offer bicycle trailers with jogger and buggy functions, so the trailers can be easily converted and used as desired in everyday life.

We have carried out a children's bike trailer test 2022 to make your purchase decision easier. We have divided the product into bicycle trailers, joggers and buggies and listed the advantages and disadvantages of each product type. Our test will help you make the right choice.


  • Children's bicycle trailers serve as a safe means of transport for children in everyday life as well as during sporting activities. The children are not only protected in traffic, but also from any weather conditions.
  • When buying, you can choose between simple bike trailers, joggers and buggies. For all three types, prices can vary depending on functionality and features.
  • Children's bicycle trailers are available as one-seaters and two-seaters. They also offer storage space for luggage, provisions and shopping.

The Best Children's Bike Trailer: Our Picks

Buying and evaluation criteria for children's bike trailers

Below we list the features that will help you decide on the right children's bike trailer. The criteria that you can use to compare the children's bike trailers with each other include:

In the following passages we explain which things are decisive for the criteria.

Maximum load

The maximum load of children's bike trailers should be taken into account, especially if you want to take several children with you at the same time.

The maximum load capacity of a child bike trailer can be roughly divided into four categories. Accordingly, trailers can be loaded with up to 30 kilograms, with 30 to 40 kilograms, with 40 to 50 kilograms and finally also with over 50 kilograms.

Since the children's bicycle trailer is a means of transport for small children, the maximum load capacity for most trailers is between 30 and 50 kilograms.

Weight of the trailer

The weight of the trailer is important. It is highly recommended to choose a child bike trailer that has a low weight, as you have to expect that children will also bring their own weight. This can be a bit tiring to push, especially when jogging. Most children's bike trailers have a weight of 10 to 20 kilograms and therefore often have a total weight of 40 to 50 kilograms, depending on how much load capacity is allowed.

Number of seats

Children's bicycle trailers are available with one or two seats. The number of children is often the deciding factor when buying. However, even if you only have one child to transport, you should consider using the second seat for shopping, luggage or provisions.

Especially for longer trips by bike, it is often advantageous to have this extra storage space available.

Single-seaters, on the other hand, are much narrower and more suitable for narrow cycle paths. They are also easier to handle and ride. It is important that you not only focus on the number of children before buying, but also consider other possible uses.


Children's bicycle trailers are sold in different models and with different functions. In general, you can choose between simple bike trailers, joggers and buggies. Many trailers can be folded and collapsed, which simplifies transport or significantly reduces the amount of space needed for storage.

If you use your children's bike trailer every day, you don't have to worry about a foldable model.

Simple children's bicycle trailers are simply attached to the bicycle and can be used for transport. Some also have conversion functions for which accessories can be purchased separately. If the child bike trailer is used for a variety of everyday activities, you should consider buying a jogger or buggy. Child bike trailers with a jogger function are particularly suitable for active parents who want to take their children with them on their daily route.

Joggers are particularly suitable for routes that are not easily accessible with pushchairs. A buggy is often a good option if you want to have a pram and bicycle trailer in one. It also has enough storage space for shopping and luggage and can be used individually in everyday life.


Depending on the brand, model and function, children's bike trailers have different features. Almost all children's bike trailers, including the bestsellers, have a parking brake, 5-point safety harness, universal hitch and suspension. Other available equipment can be:

  • Rain cover
  • Fly screen
  • padded seat
  • Storage compartments / pockets inside
  • Reflectors
  • full-suspension rear axle
  • rotating and lockable windscreen
  • LED lighting set
  • Swivel hitch

Suspension is an advantage on a child bike trailer, especially if you are often on the road or plan long routes. This provides more comfort for the travellers. Furthermore, reflectors are extremely important, especially as a warning sign and for your own safety.


The right colour is usually chosen according to the child's gender. It should be noted that light colours are best because they are easier to recognise in the dark. Manufacturers therefore often orientate themselves on the signal colours and most frequently offer children's bicycle trailers in the colours yellow, green, red and blue.

Decision: What types of child bike trailers are there and which one is right for me?

If you have decided to buy a child bike trailer, there are three types of products you can choose between

Type advantages disadvantages
Bicycle trailer longer distances, safety width of the trailer, coupling does not fit on every bicycle
Jogger routine remains, paths more accessible additional weight
Buggy storage space, better alternative unsuitable for sleeping

For more information on the three product groups, you can get details in the following paragraphs.

Bicycle trailer

The simplest type of children's bicycle trailer has as its main advantage its suitability for longer journeys. Children sit comfortably and the spacious interior offers them more freedom of movement.

Furthermore, the safety of a child bike trailer is higher than that of a child bike seat, as children are less likely to injure themselves. If the bicycle trailer tips over, children are protected by the belts and a roll bar, which are available in every children's bicycle trailer. In addition, the roof protects against sun, rain and wind. In addition, some trailers have a fly screen that provides additional protection against insects.

  • longer distances possible
  • less risk of injury
  • protection from all weather conditions
  • Width often a problem
  • compatibility with hitch and bicycle

Despite its practical features, riding on cycle paths is often not possible due to the width of the child bike trailer. Especially with two-seaters, it often becomes difficult to ride on narrow paths. Furthermore, not every bicycle trailer fits on every bicycle, so this should always be considered before buying. Particular attention must be paid to this with e-bikes, because not all couplings of the children's bike trailers can be attached to the rear axle. In this case, a suitable axle must be purchased.


Children's bike trailers have all the advantages of the basic trailer. However, a big plus with this type of product is that you don't have to change your routine and simply do your exercise session while your child plays. Especially paths that may not be so easy to reach with the pram can be better navigated with the jogger.

  • Routine remains
  • paths easier to reach
  • extra weight
  • pay attention to posture

Of course, the child's bike trailer brings additional weight with the child and may make training more difficult. Therefore, the weight of the trailer should also be taken into account when buying it. When jogging with the child bike trailer, you should also pay attention to your posture and have at least one hand on the push bar. For particularly tall people, the handlebar should also be highly adjustable.


Children's bicycle trailers with buggy function have further plus points in the areas of space and protection from insects in addition to the trailer advantages. The spacious interior offers enough room for up to two children and also space for shopping, luggage and provisions.

In addition, children's bike trailers are comfortable for the children and are extremely easy to push due to the large wheels. The protection against insects, as already mentioned above, is an advantage especially in comparison to a conventional buggy. As prams or buggies do not always offer the necessary protection from sun, rain or wind.

  • lots of storage space
  • often a better alternative to conventional buggies
  • unsuitable for sleeping

Furthermore, some users find the child bike trailer with buggy function to be a better alternative for small children in contrast to simple child buggies. However, it must be noted here that the backrest cannot be tilted backwards and therefore the child bike trailer is not necessarily suitable for sleeping. 

Guide: Frequently asked questions about children's bike trailers answered in detail

Before you decide to buy a child bike trailer, you will certainly have some questions about this product. In our guide to children's bike trailers, we have listed and answered frequently asked and important questions from potential buyers. The guide should help you find the right child bike trailer for you and your children.

Is a child bike trailer suitable for me?

Children's bike trailers are often a worthwhile investment for parents to get from A to B with their children, as long as they do not yet ride a bike themselves. For people who don't have a car, the child bike trailer can be a practical solution and is also more environmentally friendly. Nevertheless, the product cannot be classified only as a means of transport.


Due to their tyres, children's bicycle trailers are particularly suitable for routes that are not so easy to travel with a conventional pram.
(Image sources: Markus Distelrath / pixabay)

As mentioned above, the bicycle trailer can be used universally in everyday life. The focus here is on sporting activities, but shopping is also often stowed and transported inside the trailer. Since manufacturers offer different models and are constantly expanding them, there is a perfect children's bicycle trailer for everyone. No matter if jogger, buggy or a simple trailer.

Is a child bike trailer suitable for e-bikes?

Yes! E-bikes and bicycle trailers are the best combination. Uphill routes and pulling a heavy trailer is not a problem for e-bike riders.

The motor gives you the necessary jolt and helps you to reach long distances without getting out of breath.

Nevertheless, the coupling must be fitted to the matching rear axle of the e-bike. Since these do not always match, a suitable axle must be purchased for the bike. It should also be noted that in Germany the law allows a maximum speed of 25 km/h when towing a bicycle trailer. Furthermore, the cyclist must not be younger than 16 years old. Although the e-bike allows you to cover longer distances despite the trailer, you should always carry a battery replacement.

From what age can I transport my children in a child bike trailer?

Basically, children's bike trailers are designed for children from zero to six years of age. Manufacturers often recommend an age of 18 months, as children under one year of age are often not yet able to sit independently.

An important aspect when transporting babies is that a baby seat can be attached to the child bike trailer. In addition, due to the still unstable backs of babies, a high-quality suspension that prevents jolting on uneven tracks is essential.

A flat lying position should also be considered for babies during transport. For children older than 18 months, there are no special precautions during transport as long as they sit comfortably, the harness is secure and the maximum load is not exceeded.

How long can I use a child bike trailer?

An age restriction is set by the road traffic regulations and allows children up to seven years of age to be transported in a children's bicycle trailer. However, this regulation does not apply to children who are physically impaired.

Manufacturers indicate the maximum load of the trailer, so you should orientate yourself on this information and be sure to observe it. In general, it is important that the child has enough space and can move freely in the child bike trailer.

How safe is a child bike trailer?

Children's bicycle trailers are built low to the ground and are therefore often unpredictable for car drivers. They are not always in view and are sometimes still considered unsafe.

Nevertheless, the risk of injury is lower with child bike trailers than with child bike seats.

The child is protected inside and by the harnesses as well as the roll bars in the event of an accident. The colour also plays a role in the topic of safety; signal colours can often be recognised from a distance and help to avoid accidents. Some children's bicycle trailers also have a flag that can draw the attention of motorists to the low trailer.

Is it compulsory for children to wear a helmet in a child bike trailer?

Yes! Children under the age of 12 must also wear helmets in the bicycle trailer, as they serve as additional protection.


In principle, a child should always wear a helmet, regardless of whether he or she is riding alone or being transported in a child bike trailer.
(Image source: Projekt_Kaffeebart / pixabay)

How much does a child bike trailer cost?

As wide as the range of models of children's bike trailers is, so is the price range accordingly. Prices vary depending on the type of child bike trailer and the manufacturer as well as the accessories. We range in price from 90 to 1200 euros for this product. Due to its versatile use, it is a worthwhile investment, especially for sporty families.

Type price range
Bicycle trailer approx. 90-1000 €
Jogger approx. 120-1200 €
Buggy approx. 110 -1100 €

The type of child bike trailer has hardly any influence on the price; it depends more on the additional functions, the equipment and the individual wishes of the buyer. Especially 2in1 children's bike trailer models with jogger or buggy conversion options range in price from 110 to over 1000 euros.

What alternatives are there to the child bike trailer?

The only alternative to the child bike trailer for transporting children is the child bike seat. Bicycle seats are much cheaper to buy and take up less space. On narrow stretches, the bicycle trailer often does not fit through and cannot be parked everywhere, in which case the seat has a clear advantage.

However, a child's bicycle trailer is much more comfortable for long journeys and also safer from serious injuries. Both options have advantages and disadvantages. In the end, the diversity of use and the frequency of use are decisive factors in the decision. To give you an even better overview of the two product groups, we have a comparison video for you here.

What do you have to look out for in children's bike trailers?

The oversized selection of children's bike trailers can make it difficult for you to decide which one to buy. Therefore, the following features can help you choose the right model for you.

  • 5-point safety harness for maximum safety while driving
  • fully lockable trailer, prevents falling and provides protection against insects
  • roll bar to protect against injuries when tipping over
  • a low weight of the trailer for less load
  • a TÜV test mark or similar seal of approval
  • available suspension for a more comfortable ride on uneven roads
  • sufficient space inside for the children as well as luggage, provisions, etc.
  • Lighting on the children's bicycle trailer for visibility in the dark

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