Last updated: August 5, 2021

Welcome to our big children's desk chair test 2022.

Here we present all the children's desk chairs that we have tested in detail. We have compiled detailed background information and added a summary of customer reviews on the internet.

We would like to make your purchase decision easier and help you find the best children's desk chair for you.

You will also find answers to frequently asked questions in our guide. If available, we also offer interesting test videos. Furthermore, you will also find some important information on this page that you should be aware of if you want to buy a children's desk chair.


  • The search for a good children's desk chair is often not easy for parents. In addition to the individual needs of the child, ergonomics, the urge to move and adjustability must also be taken into account.
  • The models are often very different. In addition to swivel chairs with castors and the classic office chair variant, there are so-called 3D stools. The latter are particularly good for strengthening muscles and promoting movement, but often not for sitting for hours on end.
  • On the basis of various quality criteria such as colour, material, stability and workmanship, seat height and adjustability, max. load capacity, functionality and price, the 3D stools are assessed. You can compare children's desk chairs on the basis of various quality criteria such as colour, material, stability and finish, seat height and adjustability, maximum load-bearing capacity, functionality and price-performance rati

The Best Children's Desk Chair: Our Picks

Guide: Questions you should ask yourself before buying a children's desk chair

Who is a children's desk chair suitable for and what do you need to consider before buying?

The right desk chair is especially important for your child. After all, a published DKV report shows that children sit too much in everyday life and that as many as 60 % do not compensate by moving.

If your child sits a lot, you should pay special attention to using a suitable chair. (Image source: / 47623463)

But what should you look for before buying and how can you recognise the best desk chair for your child?

First of all, every body has its own individual requirements for a piece of seating furniture and children are constantly growing. Therefore, the children's desk chair should above all be adapted to the development of your child. However, your child should also feel comfortable in it and it should visually fit into the room concept.

An ergonomic children's swivel chair should be easy to adjust - even by the child. The minimum and maximum seat height as well as the seat depth (i.e. forwards and backwards) must be kept in mind.

These should be separately adjustable. Furthermore, the individual adjustability of the backrest is also important so that your child can adopt a healthy, back-friendly posture at all times.

Both the adjustment range of the seat height and the maximum load in kilograms determine from what height your child can use the chair and how long the high chair can be used. Pay attention to the values that fit the planned period of use.

Recommended are especially children's desk chairs that promote preventive and performance-enhancing health aspects and form a working environment that grows with the child.

Children have a very pronounced urge to move, especially during the growth phase. A place of learning only becomes healthy if it also offers the possibility to change posture easily and as often as possible.

Your child should not only be encouraged to sit, but above all to change positions and move around. This builds up muscles.

For example, a swing chair, a 3D children's stool or a swivel chair with castors might be more suitable for children from the age of 4 or 6 than a plain desk chair with back and armrests.

What should be the perfect posture of your child in the desk chair? (Ergonomics)

  • When sitting, the angle between the torso and upper body should be slightly greater than 90°.
  • Your child should be able to touch the floor completely with both feet from the first moment (or after correct adjustment).
  • The front edge of the office chair must not press your child and the thighs must rest extensively on the seat.
  • The distance between the lower legs and the front edge of the seat is correct when four of your fingers fit between them. This distance is important to ensure good blood circulation in the legs.
  • The backrest should support your child's upper body up to about the shoulder blades. This takes the strain off the back and also ensures that when your child leans back, the back is supported and held along its entire length.
  • The backrest should also support your child below the shoulder blade and at the lumbar region.
  • There are exceptions: In the case of the 3-D child seat stool, the seat surface, which moves in three dimensions, allows the chair to adapt to the child and not vice versa. I have linked you to a corresponding blog article in the sources where you can read the corresponding reports. Furthermore, I will go into more detail in the decision section and explain the advantages and disadvantages very simply and briefly.

How much does a child's desk chair cost?

It can be said that the durability & stability of a desk chair for boys and girls improves considerably as the price increases. Some children's desk chairs that rank at the top of the test have patented systems and offer particularly good quality.

However, nowadays there are enough products in the mid-range price segment that can compete with the higher-priced ones in terms of material and manufacturing quality.

Topstar, for example, offers a cheaper alternative to the Aeris 3-D stool. However, there are also many other variants and classic designs in our children's desk chair comparison.

Type Price
Classic children's desk chair 50-100€
Swivel chair with backrest 50-250€
3-D children's seat stool 99-300€

Extremely cheap, poorly made children's desk chairs may have seams that come loose or the office chair may lose its support because the foot crosses are too small.

There are many alternatives in different price segments. Ultimately, it is a question of your budget and your needs. Children use a desk chair for an average of 6-8 years. It is therefore important that your child feels comfortable and can sit comfortably in it.

Which manufacturers of children's desk chairs are there?

Office chairs from Topstar, Kettler, Aeris and Scout are particularly popular. The latter is especially well known for the production of school satchels.

hjh Office

We have compiled a list of 15 other leading and well-known manufacturers who stand for quality and functionality. They are often very well made and offer good value for money.

The best thing to do is to form your own opinion and match the desk chairs for children to your needs.

Can I buy a children's desk chair second-hand?

Of course you can also buy used desk chairs for boys or girls at, or Facebook Marketplace.

Check the wear and tear on the upholstery and the stability of the legs or the base. In addition, make sure that all the castors are in perfect condition and that the adjustment of the seat height and backrest works well.

Since buying second-hand has several risks and is not suitable for everyone, you should consider buying a new desk chair before you buy. (For example, wear and tear on the joints, breakages, incorrect fit)

Conclusion: Plain new models or swivel chairs are available for between €30-50 and you can usually return them within 14 days.

Decision: What types of children's desk chairs are there and which is the right one for you?

Basically, we distinguish between these types of children's desk chairs:

  • Swivel chair
  • 3-D child seat stool
  • Classic desk chair

In the following, we explain the different types and their respective advantages and disadvantages. In this way, we want to help you find the most suitable children's desk chair for you.

What distinguishes a swivel chair with backrest and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

Children's swivel chairs with backrests are particularly suitable for children who have a high urge to move or young people who want to be flexible. The swivel chair is often equipped with castors. You should know the difference between hard floor and soft floor castors and adapt the office chair to your home.

  • Ergonomic backrest with rocker function
  • Often also with curved armrests
  • Flexible, promotes urge to move
  • Pleasant and easy adjustability (gas pressure spring, manual)
  • Easy change of location
  • Stability, occasionally too small base
  • Height of backrest often not adjustable
  • One needs different types of castors
  • Cheap castors can damage floor and have high wear
  • Castors often of poor quality and high wear

It is also important that the castors are double-bearing safety castors. These can only be moved with the weight of the child on them. This constellation efficiently prevents accidents when playing or sitting down.

If there is too much movement in the children's room: With good children's desk chairs, simply and quickly activate the turnstop function: the chair's rotating function is blocked.

Typically, children's swivel chairs also have a rocking function.

Tip: A swivel chair for children comes with soft-floor castors for carpeted floors. For hard floors such as wood and laminate, you can have hard floor castors supplied or buy them separately - generally all swivel chairs are compatible with hard floor castors.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a 3D children's stool without backrest?

Some may say that the absence of a backrest cannot guarantee ergonomic sitting. However, this does not apply to the 3-D child seat stool or swing chair:

The 3-D mechanism of the children's swivel chairs enables intuitive, multi-directional 3-D movements of the entire seat surface. (Vertical, sideways, forwards)

The lateral flexibility, for example, allows the seat to adapt to the child's movements - not vice versa. For example, the back remains upright even if your child leans forward at the desk.

  • Usually no assembly necessary
  • Use of feet or castors
  • Stepless, intuitive adjustability (suspension, height, lateral flexibility
  • Ergonomic sitting due to avoidance of seat hollows and adaptation to the body (no hunchback)
  • Design not reminiscent of classic desk chair in office look
  • Rather suitable for younger target group (up to 14 years, 15-50kg)
  • Colour choice only between red, orange, green, blue and no motifs
  • Different seating feeling, prior test advisable
  • Very expensive to purchase

Due to the lack of a backrest and the associated need to actively change the sitting position, your child's natural urge to move is encouraged.

The back muscles are actively strengthened and the intervertebral discs are relieved. For these reasons, the desk chair is particularly suitable for smaller children, unless you change to the next larger model at the age of 14.

What are the characteristics of a classic children's desk chair with back and/or armrests and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

This model is probably familiar to your children from school and belongs to the non-swivel category. If you prefer sitting in a quiet, concentrated working atmosphere and like the classic, simple look, this is the right chair for you.

  • Cool office look is timeless
  • High stability
  • Grows with you
  • Easy-care surfaces
  • Optional armrests
  • Extra seat cushion recommended for comfortable sitting
  • Not swivelling
  • Often rigid sitting without changing position
  • Little urge to move

Its ability to grow with the child (adjustable backrest, seat height, seat depth) and its stability make this chair a good all-rounder. With separately available seat cushions, this chair in cool office style also becomes even more comfortable.

Armrests often restrict movement and limit the sitting position.

The classic desk chair is often available as a cantilever model with a stable metal frame without armrests, which yields slightly when sitting: In other words, a chair without back legs that springs slightly when moved and sinks slightly under weight to relieve the lumbar spine.

The best-known manufacturer for children's desk chairs of this type is Kettler.

Manufacturers like Kettler offer chair cushions that are tailored to the dimensions of their products. A good alternative to this are balance cushions, which additionally strengthen your child's back muscles.

Buying criteria: Use these factors to compare and evaluate children's desk chairs

In the following, we will show you which criteria you can use to compare and evaluate children's desk chairs. This will make it easier for you to get an overview and decide on a suitable and effective device.

In summary, these are the following criteria:

  • Colour
  • Material
  • Stability and finish
  • Seat height and adjustability
  • Maximum load capacity
  • Functionality
  • Price / performance

In the following, you can read about the respective criteria and find out why it makes sense for you to purchase a device based on the criteria or not.


As already mentioned, the colour of the children's office chair should harmonise well with your furnishings so that it fits perfectly into the children's room.

Children also want "nice" desk chairs: colour, shape and design should appeal to them.

It's entirely up to your child whether they like fancy models with a racing/car look or whether they prefer other motifs. There is a lot of choice:

Ice queens or Minions motifs are just as popular as Star Wars, football and Spiderman. Simple models with fabric covers are available in different colours (blue, green, red, yellow, white).


When considering the material, the durability, ecological harmlessness and care requirements should not be neglected. Seat upholstery and covers as well as the base itself are often made of a wide variety of materials with very different advantages.

Your child's personal preferences in terms of style also play a role in the choice of product, as do the comfort of the upper materials and the stability.

There are two variants for the support or the frame: The frames of the chairs are generally made of steel and covered with plastic. This coating prevents major injuries should someone bump into the chair. The disadvantage: plastic can break more quickly than a pure metal frame.

A rather popular material for the covers is, for example, polyester: it is not very breathable but durable and robust. A better alternative is a mixture of cotton and polyester (micro velour). It is more breathable and yet very robust.

It is important to note that particularly inexpensive products can smell strongly at first. Airing them out thoroughly usually helps. If you have concerns about harmful substances, look for the Ökotex 100 seal or the test winner in the Ökotest.

The advantage of a wood fibre board, for example in the case of swivel chairs, is that it is easy to clean. Note that you will have to buy a seat cushion for the hard furniture in the children's room.

A children's desk chair without castors usually has feet made of light plastic or non-slip rubber. (so-called runners)

With many models, the covers for the seat and backrest can be replaced. This also gives you the opportunity to change the style of the furniture and the motifs.

Stability and workmanship

Sturdy construction is also important because, especially for younger children, the children's desk chair often has to withstand a lot. Regardless of the decision for a certain shape, it makes sense for you to inform yourself about the safety certificates of the respective chairs.

The GS seal or other test certificates provide information about the optimal manufacturing quality of the children's desk chairs from our children's desk chair test 2022.

The diameter of the base of swivel chairs should be large enough so that the chair cannot tip over too easily.

When setting up the chair, pay attention to the following features:

  • sanded edges
  • fixed screws that do not stick out
  • a straight and large base that does not tilt
  • easy height adjustment
  • stable locking
  • GS test seal or certificates

Seat height and adjustability

As already explained in the advice section, an ergonomic children's swivel chair should be easily adjustable - even by the child itself. In particular, you need to keep an eye on the minimum and maximum seat height as well as the seat depth (i.e. forwards and backwards).

These should ideally be separately adjustable. Furthermore, the individual adjustability of the backrest is important so that your child can adopt a healthy posture at all times and the chair "grows with them"

Both the adjustment range of the seat height and the maximum load in kilograms determine from what height your child can use the chair and how long the high chair can be used. Pay attention to the values given for the planned period of use.

Maximum load capacity

The lower the maximum load capacity, the sooner you will need the next swivel chair for your child. The Swoppster from Aeris, for example, must be replaced by a newer model, the Swopper, at the age of 14 at the latest.


By functionality we mean choosing the perfect version of the children's desk chair for your child.

Weigh up comfort functions such as armrests, backrests and swing and swivel functions.

Did you know that leaning backwards when sitting on a desk chair is considered a gentle sitting position?

Since we spend most of our time leaning forward to look at the computer or read a book, leaning in the opposite direction is a good balance for our body

Pay particular attention to which functions your child needs for his or her well-being. It is important that your child is able to sit in an ergonomic position without restricting his or her mobility. Depending on the urge to move and the age, this can be quite different.

Some desk chairs are equipped with armrests. More important, however, is the ergonomic design. Especially when your child is very active, the armrests can be an obstacle because they limit the seat area.

In the decision section above, you can read about the different advantages and disadvantages and make the best choice.

Price / performance

As you may have gathered from the advice section, the durability and stability increase considerably as the price rises.

With extremely cheap, poorly made children's desk chairs, it can happen that seams come loose or that the office chair loses its support because the foot crosses are too small.

Brand names are particularly expensive. However, there are already enough alternatives in the medium price segment that can keep up in terms of quality and stability.

With regard to stability, look for GS seals of approval or certificates. When it comes to covers and their harmful substances, keep an eye on the Ökotex 100 seal or test.

Facts worth knowing about children's desk chairs

How do I correctly adjust a child's desk chair and the matching desk?

The first step is to set the correct seat height of the swivel chair. With this little guide, you can do this perfectly and quickly:

  1. Adjusting the children's desk chair, seat height and seat depth: The front edge of the seat should be in the area of the lower kneecap point.
  2. Angle between torso and thigh should be slightly greater than 90 °
  3. Feet must be in full contact with the floor
  4. The distance between the lower leg and the front edge of the seat is best four fingers wide
  5. Adjusting the height of the backrest: supporting your child's upper body up to the shoulder blades
  6. Adjust the ideal height of the desk: Upper and lower arms are at right angles, while lower arms rest loosely on desk, adjust desk height accordingly
Did you know that the problem with sitting for long periods of time is the rigid one-sided load?

This means that our joints react with inflammation and pain when we sit for too long. The effect is amplified if we adopt a posture that is too bad.

How do I clean the children's desk chair and the cover fabric?

You can clean chipboard or plastic surfaces with a damp cloth. For cotton and polyester covers, stains can be removed with a little water or a mild detergent.

A chair made of plastic is the easiest to clean. (Picture source: / 39381068)

The product instructions provide the necessary tips for cleaning the various materials.

Can castors be exchanged for floor glides?

You can change the castors on quite a few office chairs yourself (with a little manual skill).

But why do we actually change the castors? There can only be two reasons:

  1. Castors are defective, noisy or relatively cheap (poor running characteristics)
  2. The floor is relatively soft, the castors damage the floor (e.g. laminate)

Image source: / 85688223