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Do you have a lot of beautiful and elegant crockery and there is simply no room for it in the kitchen? Then a china cabinet for the living room could be the ideal solution for you. It allows you to store your crockery as easily as possible, and china cabinets can also act as an additional aesthetic eye-catcher, as they show off classy crockery to its best advantage.

China cabinets are available in different sizes, colours, materials and prices, which is why the ideal purchase is not always easy. With our crockery cupboard guide, we want to show you which criteria to consider when buying and how to find the right crockery cupboard for your living room.

The most important facts

  • China cabinets function as additional storage space, but also as an aesthetic eye-catcher.
  • When buying a china cabinet, you should pay attention to the colour, the material, the size and the weight so that your china cupboard fits perfectly in your living room.
  • Depending on how much you want to showcase your dishes, you can choose between a closed and an open china cabinet.

The Best China Cabinet: Our Picks

China cabinets: buying and evaluation criteria

Before you buy a crockery cupboard, there are a few things you should consider. In the following section, we have therefore listed some criteria that you should consider when making your decision. We want to help you find the ideal cupboard for you and your dishes. The most important features of crockery cabinets that you should consider before making a purchase are as follows:

If you take all these criteria into consideration before making a purchase, nothing will stand in the way of the ideal storage space for your classy crockery.


When it comes to buying a cupboard for your crockery, the weight is definitely an important purchase criterion. Especially if you live in an apartment building without a lift, you will be very grateful in retrospect to have paid attention to this feature of your crockery cupboard.

Your crockery cupboard should also guarantee ideal safety for heavy crockery.

The weight of the dishes that should be stored in your cupboard should also be taken into account. If you have fine, heavy china, the cupboard should also be correspondingly robust to guarantee that it can bear the weight of the dishes. By choosing the right crockery cupboard, you can give your crockery the necessary security and stability it needs.


The material is also an important purchase criterion to consider. The material is decisive for how robust and stable your china cupboard is. Since it is mainly expensive and fine crockery that is stored separately in cupboards, it is really elementary that the cupboard offers your crockery the protection it needs.

When choosing the material for your crockery cupboard, go for a combination of stability, resistance and aesthetics.

It is therefore advisable to choose solid and robust materials. A popular material would be wood, for example, as it is very stable, environmentally friendly, but also aesthetically pleasing. Metal, on the other hand, also impresses with its resistance, but this material is not exactly an eye-catcher visually.


The third essential attribute of your china cupboard is its size. Therefore, you must pay particular attention to where you want to place the cupboard for your dishes. If the room is rather small, it is not advisable to buy a large, bulky crockery cupboard, as this will look slightly clunky and take up an unnecessary amount of space.

You also need to consider how much crockery you actually want to store in this cupboard. The more dishes you have, the bigger the cupboard should be to make sure everything fits in. Especially if you choose an open crockery cupboard, you should make sure that you leave the necessary space for the crockery and do not stack it awkwardly, otherwise the aesthetic effect of the crockery cupboard will be lost.

China cabinets: Frequently asked questions and answers

We have already mentioned that there are some criteria to consider before you buy a cupboard. Surely you have a few more questions, which we would like to answer in the following section. Therefore, we have collected the most frequently asked questions and will deal with them specifically to make your purchase decision easier.

Who is a china cupboard suitable for?

Basically, there are no rules for which dishes you use your china cabinet for. However, it is more common to place fine, more expensive and somewhat nicer crockery in a crockery cupboard to show it off. So, if you not only have a lot of crockery, but also some fancier plates, cups, jugs or dishes, you are certainly well advised to have a crockery cupboard for your living room.


In addition to its functional use, your tableware can also have an aesthetic, decorative effect. With the right china cabinet, you can present your noble china in an ideal light.
(Image source: unsplash / Erol Ahmed)

All the dishes that no longer have a place in the kitchen or that are too beautiful to be locked away behind closed shelves can be stored in the china cabinet. If you choose an open or glazed cupboard, you can also present your most beautiful crockery permanently.

This makes your expensive porcelain multifunctional, as it is no longer only used for eating, but also has a visual, aesthetic effect. Crockery cabinets therefore have two essential functions: storage, but also the aesthetic presentation of the crockery.

What types of china cabinets are there?

There are many different variations and designs of china cabinets. Moreover, they can be purchased in all kinds of colours, materials, shapes and sizes. Basically, however, there are two types of crockery cupboards between which a distinction must be made. The advantages and disadvantages of these two types of cupboards are now presented in a concise table.

Open cupboards

If you are in possession of expensive and noble china, open cupboards are ideal, as they show it off to its best advantage. However, this variant does not only have advantages, which is why you should take note of the advantages and disadvantages in order to make the right choice when buying your china cupboard.

  • Crockery is visible
  • Aesthetic eye-catcher
  • Crockery cupboard has a decorative effect
  • Dust catcher
  • Not ideally protected
  • Pattern and colour can fade through exposure to light

Closed china cabinets

In addition to open crockery cupboards, many prefer closed systems for storing their crockery. For this variant, too, we have identified the most striking advantages and disadvantages and summarised them for you in a clear table so that you are well advised before making a purchase.

  • Crockery is adequately protected
  • No dust accumulates
  • Crockery is not exposed to intense temperature and light conditions
  • Crockery is not visible
  • Crockery cupboard quickly looks clunky
  • Crockery cupboard does not differ much visually from other cupboards

If you opt for a closed crockery cupboard but do not want to forego the aesthetic appeal of an open crockery cupboard, you can opt for a glazed crockery cupboard.


The ideal solution is a china cabinet that combines both open and closed elements. This allows you to place aesthetically pleasing dishes in the open compartments and use the closed areas to store everyday dishes.
(Image source: unsplash / Ruta Celma)

This way, your expensive crockery is ideally protected and still visually highlighted as it is visible.

How much does a china cabinet cost?

China cabinets are available in all sorts of varieties. Depending on the material, colour, size and quality, the price varies greatly. Therefore, before buying, you should be aware of which purchase criteria are decisive for you and choose your china cupboard accordingly. The following table shows how much open and closed cupboards usually cost.

Type Price
Open china cabinets approx. £60-400
Closed china cabinets approx. £120-650

As this table clearly shows, the prices of crockery cabinets vary greatly. The simpler cupboards are slightly cheaper, while the higher quality, more ornate and visually appealing crockery cupboards are often more expensive.

What are the alternatives to a china cabinet?

Besides the cupboard for your beautiful crockery, there are several other alternatives. We have listed and briefly outlined the most popular options for storage in addition to the china cabinet in the following table.

Type Description
Chests of drawers A popular alternative to the china cabinet is a chest of drawers. This is usually lower than a cupboard and therefore offers less space for crockery. Chests of drawers for crockery storage therefore tend to be suitable for people whose contingent of nice crockery is rather manageable.
Side boards Another option for storing your dishes optimally would be to buy a side board. This alternative is characterised above all by its width, which is why it also functions as a base for televisions. From a decorative point of view, side boards are less suitable if you want to visually display your dishes, as the functional aspect of the necessary storage space predominates.
Shelves Shelves can also be used to store dishes. However, with this alternative, the focus is on utility and not on the additional aesthetic and decorative effect that open or glazed crockery cupboards in particular have. Shelves offer a lot of storage space and are therefore well suited to storing crockery.


When it comes to buying the ideal cupboard for storing your crockery, you should first decide whether it is the functional or the aesthetic benefit that dominates. If it is important to you that your crockery is shown off to its best advantage and placed in an artistic way, an open or glazed crockery cupboard will be the ideal solution for you.

Depending on how much beautiful crockery you have, you can choose a larger or smaller crockery cupboard and select the right colour so that the cupboard fits in perfectly with your living room and becomes a real eye-catcher. If you also choose a high-quality and environmentally friendly material, the perfect storage space for your expensive crockery is guaranteed.

Image source: zhudifeng/ 123rf

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