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In the past, the Chinese mobile phone was often regarded as a low-cost, but critically viewed alternative to established smartphone brands. Low-cost models from the Far East were often dismissed as having cheap technology. It is no longer a secret that, technically speaking, Chinese mobile phones are quite capable of keeping up with other major manufacturers. The price is particularly convincing, with often the same technology as the competition.

Our China mobile phone test 2021 offers everything you need to know about smartphones from the Asian region. We help you find the right model, compare different types of China mobile phones and give you recommendations for buying as well as important criteria.


  • Whether outdoor, powerful batteries or high-end models. The Chinese market offers a wide range of smartphones for all special needs.
  • The Chinese mobile phone is now very popular. The built-in technology is not cheap and keeps up with established brands like Apple, Samsung or Sony.
  • Smartphones from the Far East are now also on sale in European electronics shops. Bringing Chinese phones to Europe has been made easier in many online shops.

The Best China Mobile: Our Picks

As mentioned above, there is a wide range of China mobile phones. The best smartphones have been divided into certain categories in the following paragraph. For a better overview, we have picked out the best ones for you.

China mobile phones: Buying and evaluation criteria

There are some criteria that you should definitely consider before buying. We have compiled a list of what to look out for:

In the following paragraph, we take a closer look at the criteria mentioned.


The size of the China mobile phone is primarily a matter of what you want to use the mobile device for. A large display is recommended for video telephony, video recording or using streaming services.

Those who prefer compactness usually consciously do without a large screen.

The size of the display or the mobile phone in general says nothing about the quality of the functions. Therefore, your own expectations of the Chinese mobile phone are decisive for the purchase.

You should pay particular attention to this:

  • Resolution quality
  • Colour depth
  • Readability
  • Viewing angle stability

The type, how and with what a display was built in also provides information about the quality. Nevertheless, before buying a smartphone, you should decide what it will be used for.

Memory capacity

Storage capacity plays an important role in the purchase of a China mobile phone. The memory virtually makes up the bulk of the operation, because with little capacity it is often quickly no longer possible to save pictures, videos or apps.

In the meantime, the internal software also gobbles up quite a bit. Thus, the mobile phone is rather hindered in its function and you have to clean up the memory as often as possible and store data on an external medium.

Basically, there are 16, 32, 64, 128 and 256 gigabyte (GB) memories. The smallest variant is less suitable from today's perspective. Pictures, videos and apps now take up a lot of space, so the Chinese mobile phone quickly runs out of memory.

The 32 GB variant is much better and is often sufficient for everyday use. However, those who use the China phone more than average can also fall back on the 64 GB.

128 GB or 256 GB are best for a large number of photos, high-resolution videos, music and apps.

Battery life

One bane of today's smartphones is the battery. The average battery strength of current smartphones is around 4000 mAh.

The capacity is given in mAh, i.e. milliampere hours.

In addition to use, the display and the performance devour a large part of the battery. The development of the runtime has increased only slowly in recent years. Comparisons with old models show that the mAh have doubled, but the processor power has quadrupled in some cases.

There are now Chinese mobile phones for just such problems. Some of these have up to 12,000 mAh. However, you should know that they save money in other technical areas.

Therefore, the battery life should always be taken into account when buying and the usage time should be used for comparison.

Performance and resolution

For many, the speed and resolution of mobile phones have become indispensable. The drive of a smartphone is and remains the processor. The more powerful it is, the faster you can interact with the device. It is responsible for running applications, controlling the graphic display or for the connection.

A Chinese mobile phone is now equipped with powerful processors.

This is accompanied by the resolution of the camera and the playback of high-resolution image and video material. Here it is important to pay attention to factors such as megapixels and the reproduction of high-end resolutions.

The greater the number of pixels in the camera, the sharper the end result. Here, too, a China mobile phone offers very good quality in a wide variety of designs.

China mobile phones: Frequently asked questions and answers

We have selected and answered the most important questions about China mobile phones below. After this guide, all important aspects and backgrounds for China mobile phones are clarified.

What is meant by China mobile phones?

As the name suggests, China mobile phones come from Chinese manufacturers and are usually a low-cost alternative to established brands in Germany. The mobile devices are becoming increasingly popular, although there are still many misunderstandings about workmanship and quality.


Chinese mobile phones bring with them high quality.
(Image source: Mika Baumeister / Unsplash)

The thought that a China mobile phone is of inferior quality can no longer be confirmed nowadays. On the contrary, they basically use the same components as Apple, Samsung or Sony, for example. Nevertheless, it is always advisable to do extensive research on the subject beforehand in order to avoid possible plagiarism or counterfeiting.

What types of Chinese mobile phones are there?

They still exist. The alternatives to smartphones. These are the folding and sliding mobile phones that were very popular in the 2000s. But new, innovative ideas also make it onto the mobile phone market time and again.

We have summarised the types of China mobile phones in a small table here. We also look at the advantages and disadvantages of each type of mobile phone.

Type Advantages Disadvantages
Touchscreen China mobile phone Always technologically up to date

Many functions, settings and features for everyday use

Vulnerable to drops or forces

Expensive repairs

Foldable Chinese mobile phone Combines mobile phone and tablet in one by enlarging the display

Area that could be damaged is smaller

Scratches cannot be prevented by protective mobile phone film

Extremely expensive compared to real tablets

Flip / slide phones Robust and protection from scratches or other damage

Now somewhat more technologically advanced than back then, in terms of internet, apps etc...

Mechanics can break down if used too often

Technologically still far behind smartphones

Outdoor China mobile phone Very robust and far less susceptible to damage Mostly clunky and unwieldy

Another type is, for example, the "ethical mobile phone", which is based on Fairtrade and belongs to the mid-range sector of smartphones. If you want to go completely oldschool, there are still the button phones.

What are the alternatives to a China mobile phone?

The common alternatives to China phones are established brands and industry leaders. The biggest difference is usually the price. In most cases, the price is higher because the focus is on maximising profits.


Apple products are usually very expensive when new.
(Image source: Martin Sanchez / Unsplash)

Furthermore, much higher costs are incurred in the area of marketing, since a model is advertised with worldwide campaigns.

For a better overview, we have compiled some alternative manufacturers in the following table. The focus here is primarily on brands that play a role in Europe, but also globally.

Alternative Description
Apple market leader from America and pioneer of today's smartphones. The so-called Iphones convince with high technology standards and noble design. Very expensive.
Samsung tech giant from South Korea. The Samsung Galaxy series in particular enjoys great popularity. From a technical point of view, it can keep up with Apple, but is now almost in the same price sector.
Google Google has been on the mobile phone market for a long time. But it was only in 2016, with the Google Pixel, that the American giant managed to convince. The focus here is on the camera. Prices between 450 and 800 euros, depending on the model.
Sony Sony is a Japanese manufacturer that was in business for a long time with its subsidiary Ericsson. After the separation from Ericsson, Sony created the Xperia series. Prices have since risen to up to 800 euros per model.

There are many more companies, especially in the low-price segment. The market for mobile phones in general has grown in recent years, also thanks to Chinese manufacturers. Among the many companies, some have also committed themselves to very special sectors. This consolidates sales and opens up new areas.

What has to be considered at customs for a China mobile phone?

When importing from China, an import turnover tax (EUSt) is due for China mobile phones. This is comparable to value-added tax and amounts to 19 per cent. Many providers offer free shipping. In this case, the online shop pays the import costs and the shipment is sent on by a European department stores'. There are no further costs for the buyer.

Shipping with DHL Express is also possible. This reduces the time it takes for the China mobile phone to arrive by up to 10 days. Customs clearance is done by DHL itself and the customer pays the import costs with cash at the front door.

What do I need to know about the warranty for a China mobile phone?

In China, the warranty is only valid for 1 year and not for 2 years, as is usual here. On dubious provider sites, it can happen that you don't get a claim at all. Therefore, the choice of the platform on which the mobile phone is purchased is very important. To avoid misunderstandings, we recommend visiting the online shops from our guide.


The Chinese mobile phone has gained enormous popularity in recent years. The price, performance and choice play a major role here. You can find a mobile phone for almost every price range that can keep up with similar, more expensive brands from a technological point of view. Chinese manufacturers are relying on lower margins and less marketing to make the price affordable.

Nevertheless, before buying, one should look carefully where one wants to buy the Chinese mobile phone. There are still many counterfeits. With this guide, you are well advised and nothing stands in the way of your purchase.

Image source: unsplash / Leon Seibert