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Feminine intimate hygiene is an important topic that is not often talked about, but there is information that every woman should know about her body. That's why we present this article about Chinese balls, a product that will help you to keep your intimate area exercised.

They are also known as kegel balls, and have caused quite a stir among the most conservative people. But it is undeniable that the positive effects of the correct use of Chinese balls are numerous, so they are recommended in various circumstances.

If you're thinking of getting your first Chinese balls, you've come to the right place, and if you already know a bit about them, it's time to find out all about them! We'll tell you about the types of Chinese balls you can buy, the most popular models and even the aspects you should look out for to choose the ideal ones. Join us!


  • Chinese balls, known as geisha balls or kegel balls, are instruments for female intimate use, which are inserted into the vagina to exercise muscles that are otherwise unreachable. They are widely used to regain flexibility of the vaginal walls, strengthen the pelvic floor and have better bladder control.
  • They are simple instruments, so there are few ways to classify Chinese balls. However, it is important to distinguish between Chinese balls that are stuffed and those that contain a weight inside; the former can be used to strengthen the vagina, but if you want versatility you may want to opt for the one with a weight inside.
  • Buying Chinese balls is an important decision, because it involves an item that you will use frequently and in intimate areas, so no amount of caution is too small. Read our criteria and learn about the shapes of Chinese balls, as well as the materials and purchase options available to you.

The Best Chinese Balls: Our Picks

Buying guide: What you need to know about Chinese balls

When buying Chinese balls, there are a number of things to consider and not a lot of information out there. But fear not, because in this guide we tell you everything you need to know, from budget to the varieties of balls available to you. At the end of the day, there is no better purchase than a well-informed one.

Chinese balls can provide numerous benefits to female intimate health. (Photo: Виталий Щербонос /

What are Chinese balls and what are their advantages?

Chinese balls consist of spheres of various materials that are inserted into the vagina in order to exercise various muscles in the area. They are generally used in pairs, placed on a support or joined together, and in sessions that last between 15 and 30 minutes. When inserted into the vagina, they produce contractions in the muscles, thus exercising them.

There is a lot of controversy surrounding Chinese balls, as many consider them unethical and invasive. But the truth is that they are treatments with clear positive effects for the body, so their use is recommended in many cases, such as women with incontinence or with little vaginal stimulation.

Among their advantages, in addition to the fact that they provide many benefits to the body and sexual health, it is worth mentioning that they are portable and very easy to use. But it is also important to consider that they must be constantly and strictly cleaned to avoid infections.

  • They are simple to use
  • Due to their small size they are practical
  • They strengthen the pelvic floor
  • They exercise the vaginal muscles
  • They help to control the bladder
  • They increase sexual pleasure
  • They must be kept in strict hygiene
  • The best quality ones are expensive

Filled or weighted Chinese balls - what should you watch out for?

Chinese balls are not a new idea, but are believed to have been first used by geisha girls - hence the name geisha balls. Those original balls were what we know today specifically as weighted balls, while the filled version is a more modern version. Here we tell you about both!

Stuffed Chinese balls. These are the result of the modernisation of the Chinese balls, and are a solid sphere of material - be it silicone, glass or metal. They create a more or less constant even pressure and massage the muscles without much variation.

They are the most common and the prices are affordable, but they don't really provide much stimulation if you don't move them yourself, as after a few minutes of being in the same place the vagina muscle adapts and doesn't exercise intensely.

Weighted Chinese balls. These are the most similar versions to the traditional ones used by geishas III centuries ago, and consist of hollow spheres with a weight inside that is loose, so it swings with the movement.

These stimulate more effectively, as the swinging of the weight puts pressure with varying force on different muscles. You can also opt for different weights and interchange, to vary the experience and the exercises.

Stuffed Chinese balls Weighted Chinese balls
Effects Medium, depends on the movement of the user to stimulate High, each movement is enhanced by the weight inside
Cost Low Medium-High
Duration of sessions 15 - 30 minutes 20 - 40 minutes

Purchasing Criteria

We know you already have a foot in the door and you think you have everything you need, but wait a little longer, there are still some details you need to know. We close the article by telling you about the buying criteria that will define the profile of the product of your choice, by following them you will be able to get the perfect Chinese balls for you.


When it comes to objects that are going to be in contact with your body, it is very important to pay attention to the materials the product is made of. By knowing them you can know if they will have any unwanted effects on you and avoid these, as well as know which one is the most suitable for you.

Medical silicone. This is one of the most common materials in the market of sex toys and products for intimate use, as it is safe, hypoallergenic and non-toxic. It is always a good option, and we recommend it especially if you don't have much experience with this type of product.

Metal. There are many eye-catching trends, and metal intimate products is one of them. It's a safe material if kept clean and in good condition, and if weighted balls are your preference, we recommend you look for stainless steel.

Glass. Funny, but yes, there are Chinese balls made of glass. Sure, it's glass treated to be tough and accident-proof, but there's no denying that it's a possibility. If you will be using your balls in a controlled environment, you can experience the sensation of glass.

Type of holder

Chinese balls are available individually or together, and this is an important factor to consider because it will define the versatility, portability and effects of the product. So we tell you about the different holders you can get, so that you can decide whether you prefer them individually or together.

Interchangeable support. These consist of frames into which you can fit the Chinese balls. The interchangeable holders provide a lot of versatility, since it will allow you to make different combinations and experiment with different sensations and exercises. We recommend it if you are looking for a wide and varied kit.

Fixed support. On the other hand, there are Chinese balls that are paired and can not be separated, but must be used together these are the fixed support. These don't give you much scope for experimentation, but they tend to have affordable prices. Look for this holder if you don't want a big kit, but a light and small one.

Kit quantity

Chinese balls come in different sizes and quantities, so you need to consider how many balls are in the kit you are considering buying. This way you can have control over the size of your purchase.

Individual. Individual Chinese balls are not very common, but there are possibilities to get them in specialized shops, and they are usually offered to complete a previous kit. Do you want to give a little versatility to your Chinese balls without buying a whole kit? We recommend this option.

Pairs. Sets of two Chinese balls can have a fixed or interchangeable holder, and if you are looking to expand your kit without buying too much we recommend looking for one of these pairs. It's a good balance that will give you more options without being too much.

Four. These can also be with a fixed or interchangeable holder, and are ideal if you are looking to start your own set of Chinese balls, as it will give you several experiences from which you can get to know them, and if you want to expand later. We recommend it as a starter purchase.


In the beginning, Chinese or kegel balls were just spherical, and worked quite well. But over time and with the evolution of the product, it has been discovered that giving it a certain shape can also provide other nuances. That's why we'll tell you the details about both trends,

Spherical. These follow the traditional model used by geishas, and represent a considerable stimulation inside the vagina. By nature, Chinese balls can go up or down slightly inside the vaginal canal, and it is the spherical shape that opposes resistance and keeps it inside. If you like the classic, opt for these.

Drop-shaped. These are a new trend, with one of the ends being more pointed, resembling the shape of a drop of water, in order to make them easier to insert into the vagina. If you feel some discomfort when inserting your Chinese balls, look for these models that will make the sensation easier.

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