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You can combine the chorizo with various foods. Not only as a slice on bread, but it can also be used in stir-fried dishes. The "Ch" in the word is pronounced like a "Tsch". Furthermore, the stress is in the vowels.

Chorizos differ in weight, taste and sales format. Some chorizos are even suitable for certain diets. Therefore, in the following article we will compare different alternatives and you will learn what criteria you can look for when buying chorizo.


  • Based on the long-standing demand, the manufacturers are adapting to the new diets of the customers. For this reason, the chorizo is also available in a vegan version.
  • The chorizo can be used as a cold cut or fried in a pan to make a cream.
  • The taste of the chorizo can be mild or spicy.

The Best Chorizo: Our Picks

We will now present our selected chorizos to give you a better overview of the market. You can then order them in no time at all.

Buying and evaluation criteria for chorizo

To help you decide on your next chorizo, we've analysed the buying and review criteria. These are:

We will now describe them in detail so that you can get a better picture. You can choose which factor you would like to emphasise.


Depending on your personal preferences and concerns, you can find various weights of chorizos. A deciding factor for the weight can be whether you need exact specifications for your dish or if you want to try the chorizo for the first time. If you only want to eat this raw in slices, the 100 g pack will be enough. However, if you want to have different sizes with it, you can go for the 1 kg pack.

Suitable diets

Many consumers want to enjoy chorizo but follow a vegetarian or vegan diet. Additives may also be of interest to those with allergies. In this case, they do not have to give up the product completely. Instead of the animal, vegetable ingredients are used in the production to be able to sell a vegan chorizo. Tofu, pea or soy protein are suitable for this purpose.


Personal preference can also include taste. Some consumers prefer a mild and some a spicy variety. You can go back to your preferences and consider whether you want to enjoy your food with too much spiciness or prefer to use the milder variety. You can also prepare a paste to go with the chorizo to intensify the flavour.

Sales format

You can buy chorizo in slices. You don't have to process the slices any more. If you want to buy a larger quantity, you can buy it in a sausage shape and chop it up as you like. Some chorizos are also available in vacuum-packed form.

There is also important information on the packaging that can be decisive for the purchase. This includes, for example, certifications or the best-before date.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about chorizo answered in detail

You may have asked yourself separate questions about chorizo. That's why we've collected the most frequently asked questions about chorizo.

What is chorizo?

Chorizo is a common and well-known raw sausage, often stuffed with paprika and garlic. Different types of meat can be used. Most often, the manufacturer resorts to pork or veal.

Where does chorizo come from?

Chorizo is an important export of Spain. Due to the fact that it has been strongly anchored in Spanish culture for years, there can be differences in taste depending on the area of origin.

Chorizo can be combined with many foods and can be used for breakfast but also for dinner. (Image source: Nowak/ 123rf)

How much does a chorizo cost?

The price of chorizo varies according to various characteristics, such as the ingredients and the weight. This table should inform you about this and explain what prices you can expect:

Price range Available products
Low-priced (7 - 10 €) Slices, vacuum packed
Medium-priced (10 - 15 €) Sausage form, vegetarian or vegan
High-priced (from 15 €) high-quality spices

This proves that you can try a chorizo on a budget. For special diets and/or personal preferences, there are many products in the medium-priced category. If you want to buy more chorizo, you can go for the varieties in the high-priced category.


For a rich breakfast, a hot dinner or as tapas: you can use chorizos for different occasions. The ingredients, the taste and the packaging can play a big role in the choice.

One of the special features of chorizos is that suppliers always consider different diets, such as vegetarian and vegan. This results in a wide choice for every personal preference. The price varies depending on the speciality and weight.

(Cover photo: Wesual Click / unsplash)