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Welcome to our Christmas baubles guide 2021. Here, everything about Christmas balls is explained in the course of the text and all important background information is listed. Christmas balls are also tested and compared with each other. In this way, we want to make your decision easier when buying Christmas balls and help you to choose the right Christmas balls for you.

We have also answered frequently asked and important questions to make your decision easier and to give you a clear insight into this topic.

The most important Facts

  • Christmas balls are a decoration for your Christmas tree, your garden, your balcony or just for your house. Christmas balls create a very festive and nice mood and give a Christmas aura and bring you more into the festive atmosphere during Christmas.
  • It would be ideal when buying to choose a pack of different Christmas balls. The variety in sizes and finishes will let you choose your favourites and also your whole Christmas decoration will not look monotonous.
  • Christmas balls are reasonably priced and can be found in several online sales platforms. It is very worthwhile to buy a pack of several Christmas balls, which can also be found more analytically in the course of the article.

The Best Christmas Ball: Our Picks

In the following we present our favourites. This should help you to simplify your purchase decision and find the right Christmas balls.

Buying and Evaluation Criteria for Christmas Balls

In the following, we will show you which aspects you should focus on in order to ultimately come to a decision between the multitude of Christmas balls.

The criteria that will help you compare Christmas balls are as follows:

To get a better view we will explain these criteria in detail in the following paragraphs.


The material of Christmas balls plays an important role.

The classic material for Christmas baubles is glass. Christmas balls made of glass create a wintry and nice atmosphere and by reflecting lights they create atmospheric lighting effects. The disadvantage is that if a glass ball falls down, it can break very easily.

If you have small children and need to ensure their safety, there are other alternatives such as plastic Christmas balls.

Plastic Christmas baubles cannot break. In addition, these are usually painted and also create a nice Christmas atmosphere. The downside to this is that they are not shiny and may not create as interesting an atmosphere.


You can find very small Christmas baubles but also balls in XXXL.

What you should buy always depends on what you want the bauble for and also how big your Christmas tree is.

In addition, balls in XXXL are more suitable for the garden.

It would be ideal to have different sizes of baubles so that it doesn't look monotonous. Having a variety of sizes helps with decorating and the final look of the Christmas tree or garden.


As with the size of the Christmas baubles, it is also ideal to have several different surface types. There are glossy surfaces, matt, painted etc.

Again, if you only use one type of surface, it will look monotonous. A variety of surface types creates a nice and more interesting atmosphere than if you only use one surface type for your Christmas baubles.


The colour of Christmas baubles depends only on personal taste.

The most common colour found in Christmas trees is red. But that doesn't mean you should necessarily only buy red Christmas baubles.... (Image by Sittichoke /

You can choose all kinds of colours. A colourful result will look very festive and create a nice Christmas aura.

But as I said, it all depends on personal taste. So you should not hold back when choosing colours for your Christmas baubles. It's up to you.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about Christmas balls answered in Detail

In the following, it will become clear to you what Christmas baubles are all about.

We have selected the most important questions and will answer them briefly. After you have read through the entire guide, you will have a better and clearer overview of the topic of Christmas baubles.

Who are Christmas balls suitable for?

Christmas baubles are actually suitable for everyone.

Anyone who owns a Christmas tree can decorate it with Christmas balls. If you don't feel like decorating a tree every year, you can use Christmas balls to decorate your garden or balcony.

So for anyone who wants to make Christmas a little more festive and emotional, Christmas baubles are the solution.

What types of Christmas balls are there?

There is a wide variety of Christmas balls.

For example, there are the glass Christmas balls. These are the ones that are most bought and used because of their shiny surface, which creates light effects.

There are also Christmas balls made of plastic, or even wood, which are not shiny but unbreakable. These are best for outdoor decorations, or if you have small children and want to ensure their safety.

How much does a Christmas ball cost?

Below you will find a price table to give you a clear overview of the price of Christmas baubles.

Price range Available products
Low-priced (20 - 50 €) Pack of up to 100 pieces, plastic baubles
Medium-priced (50 - 100 €) Pack of up to 40 pieces, glass Christmas baubles
High-priced (100 - 200 €) Very large baubles (up to 25cm diameter), porcelain baubles, Packs of 1000 baubles (up to 6cm diameter), 12-piece pack of shiny high-quality baubles.

What sizes of Christmas balls are there?

There are many different sizes of Christmas balls. There are very small Christmas balls, but also very large Christmas balls with a diameter of up to 50 cm.

Such very large Christmas balls are suitable for gigantic Christmas trees, or for decorating a very large garden, etc.

The smaller balls are more suitable for decorating a normal Christmas tree or balcony.


Christmas balls are one of the best decorations for Christmas. They help to give the house or even the garden a festive atmosphere and it results in a nice and Christmassy climate. It is worth getting a pack with several sizes and different surfaces so that you have a variety of Christmas balls and the decoration does not look monotonous.

You can also use the larger Christmas balls to decorate the garden or even the balcony or hall. So Christmas balls are not only suitable for the Christmas tree, but also for the whole house and garden.

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