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During the year, festivities are usually one of the most awaited dates, and among the many that are celebrated annually, Christmas is undoubtedly one of the favourites. For this reason, Christmas decorations should be the most suitable for you and your home, highlighting the beauty of this time of year.

The messages that decorative elements convey can set the right mood, and in the case of annual celebrations it is no different. Christmas decorations can transform areas of your home into a nest of happiness and family, and if that is your intention, you should choose them wisely.

If you don't know much about this product, you may be a little confused about the process of choosing, as you are not clear about what aspects you should consider when buying. If this is your case at the moment, there is not much to worry about, as you will learn everything you need to know.


  • A Christmas ornament is basically a decorative element that is used during the Christmas season (December). They usually have the representative figures of this date, which commonly are Santa Claus, the Christ child, snowmen, and even popular characters with hats.
  • Within the current market there are a variety of Christmas decorations available, however, there are two types of decorations that you should be aware of to help you decide, which are floor decorations, which are larger and freestanding, and table decorations, which are usually complementary.
  • Before you make your final decision regarding ornaments, it is important that you consider certain aspects that will allow you to make comparisons between your different options, making the process easier. Factors such as size, type, use and material are important.

The Best Christmas Decorations: Our Picks

Buying Guide

After you have seen the best models of Christmas ornaments, you may already have a clearer picture, having in mind which one you want and need to buy. However, it is important that, before you make your final choice, you are aware of certain aspects of this product.

Christmas decorations can represent more than just a home setting, but a process of sharing and conviviality with family and friends. (Photo: Alexander Raths /

What are Christmas decorations?

A Christmas ornament is, simply put, a decorative element themed to the well-known holiday, celebrated in December. They have a wide variety of models, which are chosen according to the way you plan to decorate your home. The colours are usually white, green and red.

These decorations have representative figures of this longed-for holiday, which are usually Santa Claus, snowmen, trees or religious figures such as angels, Jesus, Mary and Joseph, as well as animals or well-known and emblematic characters, who use clothing such as hats.

What are the advantages?

Among the most outstanding advantages of these decorations is the complete theming with few elements. As they are decorative products with such outstanding characteristics, you don't need too many to achieve a festive atmosphere, which is excellent for small homes. In addition to that, they are very varied and create warmth.

They probably look like the perfect product to you, and, to tell the truth, they are liked by a large majority of people. However, like any product on the market, they have both advantages and disadvantages, which you should be aware of in order to be more confident about your purchase.

  • They decorate without the need for many elements
  • They are very varied, to suit all tastes
  • They are economical
  • They get dirty easily
  • They are tedious to collect
  • They reduce the space in the home, especially visually.

Christmas floor or table decorations - what should you look out for?

Within the wide variety of Christmas decorations on the market, there are two aspects that you should be aware of, so that you can make a decision not only according to what you need, but also according to what suits you at home, as not all houses have the same conditions. These are: floor and table decorations.

Christmas ornaments for the floor: This type of ornaments, as the name suggests, are placed directly on the floor of your home. They can range from dolls or figurines to the Christmas tree itself. They tend to take up more space, reducing the amount of space available to move around your home.

These models are characterised by a huge presence inside the home, so one is usually enough to highlight the festivity in an entire room. They are not recommended for small houses or flats, as they can make them look suffocating.

Christmas table decorations: With these models you don't have to worry about space in your home, as they are placed on surfaces you already have, saving you space in your home. They are usually very subtle, so if you place too few of them, you may not feel the festive atmosphere at first glance.

You can put them up even if your home is small, and you won't have to sacrifice the space available for walking around the areas. It is important to keep in mind that these types of decorations tend to get lost easily, as they are small in size, but store a little quicker than floor decorations.

Christmas floor decorations Christmas table decorations
Ease of storage A little complex to store because of the size Easy to store.
Space taken Lots of space, so very prominent Little space, practical for small places
Level of decoration High, very noticeable Low, they can go unnoticed.
Price Medium high Affordable.

What are typical Christmas decorations?

When it comes to Christmas, there are certain traditions that, although they may not seem like it, are "obligatory" in a certain way, as they are the emblematic elements that accompany the festivity in every home, family or otherwise. For this reason, it is good for you to know which are the ones you should not forget.

Christmas tree: This is perhaps the key element of the whole season, as it is the most representative, whether it is big or small. It is usually on the ground, but some people put a small one on a table. The idea of this decorative object is to have a place where the presents arrive and then share them.

Nativity Scene: This tradition is usually present in Christian households, although some do it because it is a symbol that has become popular. It represents the birth of Jesus, which is supposed to be on the 25th of December (Christmas). It consists of the figures of the child, Mary and Joseph.

Boot: This is an element that is more connected to the children in the home. The boot is a tradition that has been adopted around the world, and consists of placing it in a part of the house, and inside it leave the letter to Santa Claus where you ask him for presents. The boots are usually made of cloth, and are of medium size.

Buying criteria: factors that allow you to compare and rate different models of Christmas decorations

It is of utmost importance that, before you make your final decision, you keep in mind certain aspects that will serve as comparative points between one model and another, in order to make the selection process easier and more efficient, because it is not only about what you like, but also about what works best for you.

  • Material
  • Mode of use
  • Type
  • Size


There are certain materials that are more suitable than others depending on the client, so it is important that you take into account where the decorative element will go, so that you can analyse which material is the safest. There are three materials in particular that you should pay attention to.

Plastic: This type is usually the cheapest, and the safest in terms of falls, as they are not fragile. Their finishes are not usually the best or the most realistic. They are recommended for homes where the decoration is extremely simple, and where there are children or pets that can make the decorations fall, as they will not be damaged.

Porcelain: These are the most realistic and cleanest in style, with high quality figures and elements. Christmas decorations of this type are fragile, so they must be well cared for, both when they are outside and when they are stored, to avoid damage. They are recommended on tables, where there is no risk of falling, and in quiet environments.

Wood: The models of this kind are very handmade, which gives a certain extra level of warmth to the area or place they are decorating. Their figures are usually minimalist, but with good finishes, and resist falls. Excellent for homes, offices, or any area, due to their versatility. They should not be near fireplaces.

Mode of use

According to the type of use you give to the decorative elements, you can choose the aspect that suits you best, because you must take into account the space you have available to achieve the Christmas atmosphere, and according to that, buy the decorative objects that best suit your home.

Use for decorating objects: If you plan to decorate by adding Christmas elements to existing objects in the house (chairs, tables, armchairs), then the most recommendable are pieces that are placed on surfaces, or that are designed for certain objects (dining rooms, bathrooms...).

Use for space creation: If you have a large area available to begin the decorative process, this type of use will be excellent for you, as it consists of preparing a free space for elements that are unique to the festivity. Usually the large tree represents this type of use.


Within the market there are many types of Christmas decorations, and according to the intention you have, you will buy the ones you need, so that you can make a complete setting for your home, and make it feel like the holiday is present in it.

Christmas ornaments for indoors: When we talk about this type of ornaments, they are those that can only go inside your home, as they would not withstand the conditions that the outside can offer. They range from dolls and figures to napkin holders and cushions.

In this case, the elements are designed to be in a controlled environment, as exposure to factors such as rain, strong winds or even humidity can easily deteriorate them.

Outdoor Christmas decorations: When referring to outdoor decorations, these are those that have the ability to be exposed at all times to the uncontrolled weather from the door outdoors, including changes in the forecast and temperature.

These types of ornaments are usually very durable, and made of materials such as plastic or synthetic composites, which are not likely to be damaged if exposed to such conditions, especially water, which is often the greatest concern.

The right Christmas decorations in your home will make memories even more beautiful and happy than they already could be. (Photo: lightfieldstudios /


Finally, one of the features you should keep in mind is size, because even if you love one of the decorative objects, if its size is a conflict, you will not be able to show it off as you would like, so it is important that you consider the dimensions of your home before making any purchase.

Large size: This category includes pieces with a height of 20 cm or 30 cm, up to 1 or 1.5 metres. This type of size tends to be very imposing, and to generate a space on its own, not complement an object. They are excellent for decorating parts of your home that are empty, giving them utility.

Small size: This type of models are those that are less than 20 cm high and can be placed on a surface most of the time. Excellent for complementing or theming existing objects in your home, such as armchairs and tables, so that you don't use extra space, but rather those that were already there.

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