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In the office, while reading or studying. Clip-on lamps can be used in many ways. Especially at night and on the go, small clamp lights can be very helpful. They come in a wide variety of designs and shapes. They are not only useful and can also be a real visual highlight.

We want to help you find the perfect clamp lamp. To make your decision easier, we have compared different models in our large product comparison and present the most important aspects.


  • Clip-on lamps can be used for working, reading and studying. They are particularly helpful at night.
  • Clip-on lamps can be powered by a mains adapter or rechargeable battery. Clip-on lamps with rechargeable batteries are ideal for travelling, while clip-on lamps with mains adapters are suitable for the home and office.
  • There are clamp lights with flexible and fixed goosenecks, but there are also clamp lights with swivel joints. Clamp lights with swivel joints and flexible gooseneck can be adjusted in all directions.

The Best Clamp Light: Our Picks

Buying and evaluation criteria for clamp lights

With the wide range of clamp lights on offer, it is difficult to keep track and find the right product. We have picked out and listed essential aspects to help you make your decision:

In the following paragraphs, we have summarised what you should look for in the individual criteria.


Clip-on luminaires can be made of a wide variety of materials. For example, there are copper or iron clamp luminaires. You can decide according to your preference. However, clamp lights with a swivel joint made of iron can be more susceptible to breakage. If the paint is flaking off, you should also repaint as soon as possible, otherwise rust can occur.

Energy source

Besides the material, clamp lights can also differ in their energy source. The energy sources offered are a rechargeable battery or power supply via a mains adapter. A rechargeable battery is particularly suitable for clamp lights that you want to use on the move, as you do not have to worry about an external power source.

However, you have to make sure that you charge the battery regularly, sometimes a second battery makes sense. For a longer train journey or similar, a rechargeable battery is completely sufficient. If you only want to use your clamp light at home, you can use the power supply via mains adapter, you don't have to think about charging a battery, but can use it immediately. If you want a clamp light for at home and on the road, there are also a few clamp lights that have a battery and mains adapter.

Suitability for indoors / outdoors

Whether a clamp light is also suitable for outdoors usually depends on its material. The manufacturer often indicates whether the luminaire can also be used outdoors.

However, you should never expose a clamp light to heavy rain.

In general, a clamp light with a rechargeable battery is more suitable for outdoor use than one with a mains adapter. So if you are looking for a clamp light for outdoors, make sure that it has a rechargeable battery and cannot be damaged by wind and weather.


Some clamp lights have a dimmer function. This is especially useful at night when you don't need much brightness or don't want to disturb your partner's sleep. Some clamp luminaires can change the colour of their light for this purpose and thus appear softer and disturb the surroundings less. If you want to use the clamp luminaire mainly at night, a dimmer function is particularly suitable for you.


Clamp luminaires come with different holders. The most common are goosenecks or accordion arms. Depending on the clamp luminaire and the material, goosenecks can be flexible and adjusted to suit your needs. Clamp lights with swivel joints can usually be adjusted in all directions. However, there are also clamp lights that are not flexibly adjustable and are therefore fixed in length and direction. Choose your clamp lamp according to your needs.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about clamp luminaires answered in detail

We have selected the most frequently asked questions about clamp luminaires and answered them in detail in the following paragraphs to give you a deeper insight into the topic of clamp luminaires and to clarify open questions.

For whom is a clamp luminaire suitable?

Thanks to their versatility, clamp lights are actually suitable for everyone and their simple mounting method means that clamp lights can also be used in different places in your home.


A clamp lamp is particularly helpful for reading. (Image source: Fabiola Penalba / Unsplash)

Clip-on lamps are suitable for the office, at home and on the road. When reading or working on a tablet or similar, clamp luminaires provide pleasant light. A clamp lamp is particularly helpful at night. Many of the luminaires have modes that do not disturb others while they are sleeping, so you can read undisturbed and those around you can sleep undisturbed.

What types of clamp lights are there?

There are different types of clamp lights, they can differ in their energy source and their functions. In the table below you will find the different types of clamp lights.

Type Description
Clamp lamp with rechargeable battery Clamp lamps with rechargeable battery are particularly suitable for on the move
Clamp lamp with power supply unit Clamp lamps that have a power supply unit as their energy source are suitable for offices and desks
Clamp lamp for children These clamp lights can be adjustable in different ways, but stand out because of their colourful design
Clamp light with gooseneck goosenecks can be flexible or fixed, the thin arm of the light makes for a chic design
Clamp light with swivel joints clamp lights with swivel joints can be adjusted in all directions

As you can see, there are many different types of clamp luminaires. You will find the perfect clamp lamp for you in the wide range.

How do I attach a clamp lamp?

As the name "clamp luminaire" suggests, the luminaire is clamped in place. This makes fastening particularly easy, as you don't need any other tools. Clamp lights often have a silicone coating and can also be attached to books and tablets. Clamp lights without such a silicone coating sometimes have to be attached with a non-slip pad.


Clip-on luminaires are versatile. They can be used for learning, reading and working. Because they are easy to attach, they don't necessarily have to stay in one place, but can be used in different places. Smaller clamp lamps with rechargeable batteries are particularly suitable for travelling. Clamp lights are also particularly helpful for reading a book in bed at night.

Image source: pixabay / Pexels