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The office or school demands that we carry papers from one place to another, and to prevent everything from becoming a mess it is best to carry a tool where we can organize it. Have you thought about a clipboard? We bring you today a complete review of this product, as well as the best models on the market.

Going to school or university will be a thousand times more pleasant if we have a clipboard where we can put all our documents, pencils and so on. Our hands will be free and it will prevent us from losing important notes. The bad thing? There are a lot of brands and it's difficult to choose just one, but we'll give you a hand.

With us you have more than just a review, you have a platform that seeks to guarantee your satisfaction with every new purchase you make. On our site you will find detailed information, technical aspects, product variants, as well as their advantages and disadvantages. Everything to give you a superior purchasing criteria.


  • Clipboards are a stationery product or tool that can hold and/or store documents, as well as pencils, erasers and other office or school supplies. They have multiple designs, colours and are perfect for holding when you need to write something down.
  • There are two types or variables of clipboards. The simplest and cheapest is the clipboard without storage, which can be made of cardboard, plastic or aluminium. While the second one is the one that has a storage space so that your documents are not exposed and your other instruments are not scattered around.
  • The fastening (hook), the materials of manufacture, the size of the clipboard, as well as extra elements such as a calculator, additional space and its design, are the factors that you should take into account before purchasing the product that you want to buy. Follow our advice and you will have a great purchasing criteria.

The Best Clipboards: Our Picks

Buying guide: What you need to know about clipboards

The buying guide is one of our readers' favourite sections, because in it they can find all the details about the product they need so much. Including the good things and the not so good things, no doubt, if you want to have a proper judgement about clipboards you can't miss it.

Perfect for office or business work. (Photo: Luca Bertolli / 123RF)

What is a clipboard and what are its advantages?

A clipboard is an office and stationery tool used to hold and file the documents you use in your school, academy, university, work or office. They have different designs, some of them allow you to store pencils, as well as other useful items according to the place where you work.

They are products made of strong materials to serve as a base when you need to write. One of the main features of the clipboard is that it has a hook or clip on the outside to hold papers in place. Do you have a tablet? No problem, there are models with holders for such a device.

In addition to office and school, clipboards are a great product for artists. This way they can transport their drawing and creative materials in general. One of the benefits of having a clipboard is that some do not allow water to seep into the storage. No more accidents!

  • Allows you to store documents, usually A4 size
  • Contains a section for storing pencils and other supplies
  • Made of a sturdy material
  • Comes with a hook to keep your sheets in place
  • Can break if dropped
  • Not all have internal storage
  • Some models have clips and clips of poor quality

Clipboards without storage or with storage - what should you look out for?

Like all products, clipboards have variants that bring different qualities to the product. If you want to be an expert buyer and always choose the right model, it is necessary to know the different types or variables. That's why we bring them to you below.

Without storage. Clipboards without storage are the most common on the market, consisting of a hard surface or base and a clip or hook to hold documents, invoices, letters and so on. They can be made of aluminium, plastic or cardboard, and their simplicity makes them the most economical.

With storage. As you can imagine, clipboards with storage, in addition to a firm plastic or aluminium base, have an internal space where you can keep and store different documents, usually A4 size sheets. In some cases they have compartments for other school or office products.

Without storage With storage
Materials of manufacture Cardboard, aluminium and plastic Plastic and aluminium
Dimensions Minimum 14 x 25 cm Minimum 21.6 x 35.5 cm
Price Minimum 40 MXN Minimum 170 MXN

Purchasing Criteria

There is nothing like taking the best products to school or the office in order to perform at our best. Clipboards are products created to facilitate the day-to-day life of their users, so you have to choose one that does the job and not make things worse. To choose the best one, take into account the following factors.

Hook or fastening

One of the most important and necessary features of a clipboard is its hook or clip, i.e. its holding capacity. It is this that allows documents to be held in place so that you can write on the surface without any problems.

Aluminium hook. Aluminium hooks are the cheapest and oldest of the clipboards. The problem with these hooks is that they are easy to damage, however, if you want a bit of hold and to save money on your product we recommend them.

Rubber hook. A clipboard with a rubber hook is a product with a great grip, it is the best choice if you want your documents to stay in place for any reason. Of course, only the most expensive clipboards have it, it's up to you to give a few pesos more or not.

Plastic hook. The cheapest type of hook and the easiest to break, we don't recommend it unless it is very sturdy. Many clipboards have this type of hook, which although it has good holding strength, it is not durable. Are you willing to take the risk?

Hundreds of professions such as medicine use clipboards on a daily basis. (Photo: dolgachov /123RF)

Manufacturing materials

One of the most representative factors of products that everyone should do before buying something is to look at the materials of manufacture. Knowing each material gives you important information such as durability, design and the price of the model you are looking to buy.

Plastic. When it comes to the base of the clipboard the most common is to find it made of plastic, it is one of the cheapest materials and provides a great firmness. In addition, it is resistant and does not allow liquids to damage them. Both clipboards with and without storage are made of plastic, we recommend it in any case.

Aluminium. The strongest manufacturing material of all, but also the most expensive. It is more common to get clipboards without storage made of aluminium, although there are some with storage that have both aluminium and plastic. If you have money to spare and want a durable product, buy aluminium.

Cardboard - tight on budget? You can buy cardboard clipboards, they are strong enough to serve as a base for writing. However, it is a very flimsy material and moisture and liquids can be your worst enemy. If you're not looking for a product that will last and you don't want to spend, buy a cardboard clipboard.


Depending on what you want to store or hold in your clipboard, sheets or other, you need to choose the size of your clipboard. This is the main reason why size is a purchasing factor and therefore, it is ideal that you take it into consideration before buying this product.

Small. Small clipboards have dimensions ranging from 14 x 25 cm to 20 x 25 cm and are used to hold small papers such as letters, notes, folded sheets of paper and other short documents. Only clipboards without storage have these dimensions, buy them and save money.

Medium. If you are looking for a regular or medium-sized clipboard, you can buy some with dimensions of 21.5 x 30 cm or even 22 x 35.5 cm. They are sufficient for placing, storing or holding A4-sized papers or sheets. Both clipboards with and without storage offer this size.

Large. Does your work require the use of larger clipboards? Take one with dimensions between 24 x 36 cm and 43 x 28 cm (horizontal) from the shop. These types of clipboards hold and store Legal, Ledger and Executive size sheets. Plus, you can enjoy them in two different sizes.

"Excellent for storing documents, USB, pens, and even a notebook, it is of great quality and has its calculator already with batteries included! Good quality and resistant materials" - Alejandro Duarte (Saunders user).

Extra elements: design, calculator and extra space

If you want to leave behind the simpler concept of clipboards you can buy and acquire some that contain extra elements that enhance the user experience. These elements are the design, the calculator and the additional spaces that you will see below.

Design. The appearance or design of our clipboard is important for every user, we all fall in love with something when we see it and choosing something with our taste shows others who we are. The good thing about this factor is that it's totally up to you. Choose what you love!

Calculator: Did you know that some clipboards have a calculator to complete their office and academic function? Just insert some batteries or charge it with its solar panels to add, subtract, divide and multiply without relying on your calculations.

Extra space. Storage space for pencils, erasers and other stationery is always welcome. You can choose a clipboard with storage and extra space to put all the little things you love to carry around.

(Featured image photo: Shannon Fagan /123RF)

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