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Today's article goes at the pace of adventure, to talk all about the Coleman tent, the necessary equipment for every camper who seeks a practical, comfortable and quality accommodation.

In the text that follows, you will see our selection of important information and the best models of the brand. We've put together lists, answered useful questions and shared tips, all to help you find the right Coleman tent for you.


  • Coleman tents have models that can accommodate from one to nine people.
  • Most models have assemblies that take between one and eight minutes.
  • There are Coleman tents that have advanced technologies for camping, called "systems" by the brand. One model, for example, even has LED lighting and built-in fan!

The best Coleman Tent: Our Picks

Check now our selected list of Coleman tents. Considering its features, comfort and practicality, we have chosen the best lines of the brand, to, who knows, help you choose the ideal model.

Shopping Guide

Highly technological and durable, Coleman tents have a catalogue that is not only numerous, but also complete. There are several models for different needs, from space to comfort, from resistance to practicality.

Below, you will see, in our Shopping Guide, more details of Coleman's main lines, and how they solve the main problems that campers and adventurers can face. With this information, we hope you find the best tent for you.

Imagem mostra uma mulher sentada dentro de uma barraca aberta, de costas para câmera, olhando para uma paisagem montanhosa.

Coleman's catalogue of tents is numerous and complete. (Source: Steve Halama/

How many people can fit in a Coleman tent?

One of the coolest aspects of camping is that it can be a solitary adventure, a romantic activity or a program for family and friends. With this versatility in mind, Coleman has a catalogue with models of various sizes and capacities.

The smallest model holds one person, and the largest holds up to nine people. Something interesting is that Coleman differentiates the capacity of their tents between the maximum number of people, who must be with sleeping bags, and number of mattresses that fit.

Thus, a model is announced with capacity for up to nine people or three double mattresses, six people, therefore.

How to assemble a Coleman Instant tent?

Seeking to make its tents more practical and easy to use, to bring, in a way, the camping of people, Coleman developed the Instant line, which has one of the easiest assemblies of the market.

You can erect an Instant in 60 seconds

The company advertises that you can erect an Instant tent in sixty seconds, which is indeed possible, even more if you "get the hang of" the model. But the assembly is so simple that even if you spend the allotted minute, you certainly won't need another.

The Instant models come packaged by their own bottom canvas, inside a small case. To assemble them, you must, like all the tent, stretch this tarp on the ground. The great thing is that, along with this tarp, you are also stretching the entire structure of the tent, including the rods.

The second and last step is to fix these rods, positioned in the four corners of the structure, pulling the extension of the pipes completely until the tent is standing. It's as simple as that.

Imagem mostra uma barraca compacta montada na beira de um lago.

The great thing about the Instant tent is that it already comes with the structure assembled. (Source: adrian/

What are the advantages of the Coleman 4 Season tent?

The 4 Season line is one of the most popular of Coleman. Its use, adds good advantages and some disadvantages, which we will explain below.

The first advantage is its versatility. The name "4 Season", which makes a joke with the four seasons, exists because the tents of the line can be used in any season, as long as in milder climates, that is, without extreme cold or extreme heat.

Another advantage is its ventilation, of the top, of canvas, but that it manages to "talk" with the complete overcoat, which is another advantage by itself. The two keep the tent protected and, at the same time, cool.

Did you know? More than leaving the tent cool, the internal ventilation is important so that the hot air does not condense inside the tent, preventing you from waking up with the internal part all wet

The disadvantages are on account of the internal space, which is not the largest, especially if followed the indications of maximum number of people. The people fit, but there's no room left for anything else.

The assembly takes eight minutes, which is good, less when compared to other models from Coleman itself, which can be erected in one, four or six minutes.

  • Versatility
  • Ventilation
  • Complete overhang
  • Limited internal space
  • Longer assembly time

What are the Coleman LX tents like?

The LX line of Coleman is perhaps the most innovative brand. That's because it has quality tents and with many features, but without "appeal" to electricity, nor shoot the price.

With "sub-lines" - LX2, LX3, LX4, LX6 - these tents have a very intelligent internal space. Starting with the two doors, on two different sides, for a better transit in the internal space; the ventilation, in turn, covers practically the entire upper part, and is already connected to the complete overcoat.

There is also a wall with special fabric to better receive the external light and better reflect lanterns and other internal illuminations, besides the pocket for small items.

Imagem mostra o interior de uma barraca com a porta aberta. No lado de fora, é possível ver árvores e um amontoado de lenha

The LX tents use in an intelligent and innovative way its parts and the internal space. (Source: Scott Goodwill/ .com)

How much does a Coleman tent cost?

You'll find that Coleman's catalogue has some pretty affordable models, even the advanced ones. The basic and infant tents start at £ 250, while the big and technological models can be bought for up to £2500.

Purchase Criteria: Comparing Coleman tents

Camping is not something simple. The climate, the terrain, the weather, everything must be considered, as well as the choice of the right tent. But, if it depends on this list, this last item will be easy. In it, we present buying criteria, so you can compare the Coleman models of your choice.


The first feature you should look for in your Coleman tent is the number of seats it has. The company usually differentiates capacity between people accommodated with sleeping bags and the number - and type - of mattresses that fit.

In Coleman's catalogue, you'll find models that fit from one to nine people, and models that fit up to three double mattresses. Remember to think not just about your next camping trip, but future ones too, and who might share the tent with you

Imagem mostra uma barraca montada no meio de uma floresta, com duas cadeiras dobráveis montadas em sua frente.

The first thing to look at is the number of seats in your next Coleman tent. (Source: everett mcintire/

Assembly time

Assembling the models takes between one and eight minutes

One of the strengths of Coleman tents is the assembly, which on most models is quick, between one and eight minutes, and even when outside that range, they have the time required clearly stated on the packaging or description - on the internet in this case.

So be sure to keep an eye on that number before you go ahead with your purchase, so that you align your needs with what the model of your choice provides. If you want the shortest assembly time, look for the Instant line.

Systems (Technologies)

Another outstanding characteristic of Coleman tents are their technologies, called "Systems" by the brand. Practically all models have at least one system. Check, therefore, if it fits for your use.

The main ones are:

  • Illumiline system, which traces reflective lines in the vital points of the tent, to facilitate its visualization at night;
  • Weathertec System, that reinforces the inferior lining and the external seams to always keep the internal part of the tent dry
  • E-Port System, which has special spaces in the seam and structure to facilitate the passage of electronic cables and electric wires and provide light and power more easily in the tent.

Imagem mostra duas barracas iluminadas por dentro, montadas no meio de uma floresta, à noite. Luzes

Don't forget to take advantage of Coleman tent technologies. (Source: Tommy Lisbin/


If you're on the search for a Coleman tent of greater protection, don't allow yourself to choose a model without an overhang. They protect the interior from rain and wind, and help, indirectly, to maintain the temperature inside.

Our tip here is to go for the models whose overlays are complete, that is, they go down to the ground, to "seal" the tent.

(Source of the highlighted image: Free-Photos/