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Collagen is a protein produced by our body, and one of its main functions is to help the skin maintain its beauty, thus avoiding the dreaded wrinkles. From the age of 25 onwards, collagen decreases, which is why we at ReviewBox Mexico want to guide you in your search for a wonderful product: collagen masks. Whether it's to be applied to specific areas, such as dark circles under the eyes, or all over the face, collagen masks have gained a lot of popularity in skincare routines. This is because if you are consistent, you can prevent signs of ageing and make your skin look luminous. We want you to choose the best mask for you!

First of all, the most important things

  • If collagen is a protein produced by our body, you may wonder why it's necessary to apply it in a mask. Well, most of them include other ingredients that will promote the health of your skin and also your hair. It is such a beneficial product that you can buy it in many shops.
  • There are several types of collagen masks, but they are mainly divided into two: those that are applied as a patch and those that are spread on the face, like a cream, to act at night. You will also find exclusive masks for hair care, combined with argan and keratin.
  • There are several factors to consider before choosing your ideal collagen mask: how much time can you invest in its application, why you should read the labels carefully before purchasing the product, how much time you can invest in its application, why you should read the labels carefully before purchasing the product, and finally, how to enhance its effectiveness And finally, how can you boost its effect with a simple skincare routine?

Best Collagen Mask: Our Picks

Buying Guide: What you need to know about Collagen Mask

Before you delve into the world of face masks, it's important to be clear about whether your skin really needs them. In the case of collagen, it is recommended for people over the age of 25, as this is when ageing begins to show. You will probably have doubts about this, so we will clarify everything so that you can make the best decision.

The secret to radiant, firm skin is a good skincare routine and nutrition. (Photo: Irina Ryabushkina / 123rf )

What are the benefits of a collagen mask?

When we pass the age of 25, the natural production of collagen starts to decrease. On top of that, sun exposure, skincare routine and diet will directly influence the health of our face. This is where collagen masks play an important role. But does it only work to remove signs of ageing? No, in fact, collagen masks promote skin elasticity, provide radiance or that special glow. At the same time, it increases hydration and reduces pores; essential to prepare the face before make-up. Of course, they must be used regularly and, if possible, include vitamins.

Collagen patch mask or sleeping pack - what should you look out for?

You probably associate collagen masks, also called gold masks, with pieces of gel that are applied to the face for a certain period of time. And yes, you are not far from the truth. However, there is another type of mask that, according to beauty vloggers, has a more powerful effect. Let's take a look at what each one has to offer! Patch. This category includes those collagen masks that are single-use, i.e. disposable. They can come in presentations for the entire face, or for specific areas such as eyes and even lips. They are usually golden in colour and their benefits include immediacy, both when applied and in their effect. Sleeping pack. On the other hand, the Korean beauty industry, which has positioned itself as one of the best in the world, introduced Sleeping packs. These are collagen masks that you apply at night, as if it were a cream, and whose results at dawn are dreamy. They literally claim to leave your face radiant.
Patch Sleeping pack
Application Quick: 30 to 60 minutes Slow: all night long.
Texture Elastic Creamy but with a dry touch.
Area Full face, lips and eyes Full face.
Effect Quick but not deep Slow but deep.
Components Collagen, natural substances and vitamin C Collagen 50% concentrated, natural extracts for sensitive skin.

Is a collagen mask only for the face?

No, let's remember that collagen is a natural protein in our body that not only focuses on the skin but also on other organs. That being said, collagen masks can be used on the face, yes, but also on any part of the skin. That is, from the scalp to the feet. With regard to hair, there are many collagen masks as an intensive treatment, combined with other components (biotin, argan oil, keratin, etc.). For example, collagen plus biotin are perfect for strengthening and preventing hair loss. If what you need is deep hydration and repair, you could opt for a mask that combines collagen with coconut or argan oils. If your hair is curly, you'll love it. Finally, keratin and collagen are perfect for frizz. Each of these come in a creamy presentation, with a variety of applications.
Did you know that protein-rich foods boost the effect of collagen delivered by masks?

Buying criteria: factors that allow you to compare and rate different Collagen Mask models

Yes, we know you're almost ready to shop for your perfect collagen mask. However, we'd like to offer you a few final tips to keep in mind to make your investment a successful one. We'll explain all about application, how much you could buy and how you could complete a skincare routine.


Although it may seem obvious, the application of our mask is very important. This is because it will depend on how much time you are able or willing to invest in using the product, as well as the level of sensitivity of your skin. Remember that when it comes to facial products, you have to keep testing until you reach the ideal one. Patches. Patches are wonderful if you are buying a collagen mask for the first time. Why is that? Well, firstly, they are much more affordable. Second, they last less time on your skin and can be removed at any time if you notice an allergic reaction. Thirdly, they are perfect for an immediate effect. Cream. Collagen cream masks are night masks. We know that at night, during sleep, our skin recovers. Therefore, it is the perfect time for collagen to work its magic. Remember, though, that it will work for hours on your skin. Ideally, you should buy one with natural extracts. Hair. They are very easy to apply, although they vary a little depending on the brand. With some it will be enough to leave them on for a few minutes after washing your hair. You can apply it as many times as you want, depending on your needs. We highly recommend these, regardless of your hair type.

Frequency of use

While you may be looking for collagen masks for personal use, you could also use them for your spa or salon business. In the latter case, it would be ideal to buy them in bulk, as the cost per piece would not be cost effective. Let's look at this factor in detail.

Personal use Commercial use
1- 10 patch masks per month Use between 3 and 2 per week Not applicable.
20 - 100 patch masks per month Unnecessary If you have an average of 5 clients per week.
100gr- 300gr cream mask per month Use 3 to 4 times per week If you have an average of 2 clients per week.
More than 500gr cream mask per month If you are over 30 years old and use it constantly for more than a month Ideal for an average of 5 to 10 clients per week.


We know that you care a lot about the health of your skin, and that the better the product, the happier you will be with the results. The thing is, there are ways to boost the effect of collagen masks. So certain combinations could be an important factor in your purchase - take note! Vitamins. We recommend being very picky when buying a collagen mask. Ideally, it should contain some natural extracts or, ideally, vitamins. Vitamin C and E are perfect complements that will give firmness and radiance to your face. Natural extracts. If your skin is sensitive to certain perfumes or products overloaded with chemicals, your ideal option would be to check that the mask has essential oils or plant extracts: cucumber, aloe vera, honey, and other organic components. They are usually a little more expensive, but will be more gentle on your face. Hyaluronic acid. If you are over 27 years old, we recommend you opt for a collagen mask that includes hyaluronic acid. Remember that the latter is perfect for filling expression lines and small wrinkles. So imagine the effect it will have when combined with collagen.

The alchemy of combining actives, textures, perfumes (or not) with the sole purpose of achieving beautiful skin is an art


Finally, let's consider the role of a good skincare routine. It's no use investing in thousands of collagen masks if you don't cleanse, exfoliate and moisturise your face properly. No, you don't have to have twenty steps in your routine; just four will do. Morning. When we wake up we may have dark circles or bags under our eyes. In this case, the ideal thing to do is to cleanse your face, apply a collagen patch mask to the affected area (preferably with aloe vera or tea extract), leave it on for a few minutes and then apply your sunscreen. Overnight. At night, you should cleanse again, exfoliate twice a week, moisturise with your favourite night cream and then you would have two options: 1) if you go to bed, apply a collagen sleeping pack mask. 2) if your night continues, apply a full face patch mask. (Featured image photo: puhhha/

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