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We are sure that eating is one of the activities we most enjoy doing and how can we not? There are so many options for cooking. However, nothing compares to accompanying your meal with some good warm tortillas, right? To heat them properly, you'll need a comal.

Do you and your family enjoy eating with warm tortillas every day? Or maybe you just need to heat up food so that it doesn't get watery. If you answered yes to one of the above questions then a comal is required in your kitchen. Without further ado, stay with us to discover the best comal for your kitchen.


  • The comal is a kitchen product that works to heat and cook certain ingredients and foods such as corn by-products. It is mainly used to heat tortillas, sopes, gorditas and even sandwiches and cakes easily and quickly. It speeds up the distribution of hot tortillas during the meal.
  • It is important not to confuse the comal with two other kitchen products such as the griddle and the grill. Although they share similar shapes and functions, each has different purposes, while the comal is more for heating, the grill is for grilling food.
  • Before buying your comal you need to consider some criteria and buying factors, these will help you to make the purchase you want. Some of the most important ones that you can't miss are the size of the comal, the material it is made of and the type of handle it has.

The best Comal: Our Picks

Buying guide: What you need to know about a comal

You already know our recommendations but before buying your comal it is important to be well informed about its features and functions. There are many questions and doubts about how to use it or even how to cure it, so in this section we will explain every detail of this product so you can become a comal expert.

To eat delicious tacos it is important to always heat your tortillas on a comal. (Photo: Goce Risteski /

What is the comal for?

First of all, the main function of the comal is to heat and/or cook ground corn to make tortillas, sopes, gorditas, quesadillas or any other corn derivation. Its round shape allows you to work with more than one food and, depending on the size, you can heat from four to 10 tortillas or minced corn.

However, it can also be used for other functions besides heating and cooking corn, for example to make "a la plancha" dishes. These can be sandwiches or cakes. The comal will allow this type of food to be heated efficiently and without "watering it down" as is the case with a microwave oven. A marvel without a doubt.

Did you know that the word comal comes from the Nahuatl word "comalli"?

Comal, griddle or grill - what should you pay attention to?

It is extremely important to know that the comal is often confused with a griddle or even a mini-grill. Each one is very different and has a different function, so so that this doesn't happen to you, we wanted to explain what each one is, especially what characteristics they have and how they differ from each other.

Comal. This is distinguished by its round and flat shape. Of the three, it is the lightest and simplest product. Its handle is small enough to accommodate only the comal. They are usually made of clay, aluminium, metal and wrought iron. Their main function is to cook ground corn and to heat its derivatives such as tortillas, sopes, picadas, etc.

Plancha. The plancha is another food warmer similar to the comal but in a square shape. The main difference with the comal is that it is much thicker and has a handle so that it can be gripped and manipulated at will. The main function of the griddle is to heat food such as sandwiches, cakes or even chicken.

Grill. Finally, the grill is another kitchen item used for heating and grilling food. It is distinguished by two handles and a linear relief along the length of the product, which allows it to cook more easily. It is much thicker than the comal and is used for grilling meat, fish, chicken or even vegetables.

Comal Plancha Grill
Shape Circular Square Rectangular
Grip Small aluminium, metal or steel Steel or metal handle Grill material double handle
Size 25-35 cm 25-40 cm 30-60 cm

The comal is used to cook quesadillas, picadas, memelas and any similar dish in a practical way. (Photo: Mardoz Lule /

How do you cure a comal?

In case you didn't know, a comal, before being used, must be "cured". By "cure" we mean to prepare it so that it has a longer life span and to reduce the food from sticking when heated, in other words, to make it ready to use. For this process you will need some oil, salt and a kitchen towel.

First you have to pour oil (no more than five tablespoons), add a little salt and spread it all over the griddle with the towel until there is no unmixed section. Then you only have to heat the comal until the oil is consumed and then you will have cured your comal and ready to heat whatever you want.

Purchasing criteria

Before we finish we are going to explain the criteria you need to have and the factors that are important for you to consider when you are going to buy a comal. Paying attention to these points can be the difference between being satisfied or not with your purchase. So get out a piece of paper and continue with us...

Material it is made of

First of all, the most important factor you need to consider is the material of your griddle. Why? Because it will determine how hot you can heat it and what kind of ingredients are easier to handle. For example, there are nowadays clay, iron and metal griddles. But what are their differences?

Clay comal. Clay is the simplest material used to make a comal, they are generally handmade comales and have the characteristic of giving a special flavour to the food. However, it is important to consider the fragility of this material, since it only takes one fall for it to break completely.

Metal comal. Metal is a very popular material in the kitchen thanks to the ease with which it absorbs and transmits heat, which makes it perfect for heating everything from tortillas to cakes. However, of all the materials, it is the one that suffers the most from food sticking to it and is the most prone to burn the user.

Wrought iron comal. Lastly, there is the wrought iron comal. This is perhaps the most widely used by users thanks to its versatility between heat transmission and handling. Iron is an extremely thick and resistant material, which makes these comales last for a long time without being damaged.

It is important to cure the comal to avoid food sticking to it. (Photo: Pablo Hidalgo /


Another factor to consider is the size of your comal, basically because it will determine how practical it can be. Every kitchen is different and it's important to keep in mind that larger tools are not very functional in small spaces. When it comes to commas, there are two main sizes: 20-30 cm and 30-50 cm.

20-30 cm. Very useful in compact kitchens and on four-burner cookers as it will no longer cover the one you are using. If you have a small family or live alone, this size is perfect because you can heat up to three tortillas at the same time. Also, the smaller it is, the faster it heats up, in case you are in a hurry one day.

30-50 cm. The largest comales that exist measure from 30 cm to 50 cm. For obvious reasons, they require either a large kitchen, a working kitchen or even a small kitchen workshop to accommodate them. Its size allows you to heat up to 15 tortillas simultaneously and if you need to be efficient, this is the right comal for you.

The comal can withstand high temperatures to cook the tortilla properly. (Photo: riderfoot/

Type of handle

Finally, it is important to consider the type of handle your comal has. This is important because it will help you to know how to handle it in the best way, remember that they tend to heat up very quickly so having a handle is always welcome. There are single and double handles.

Single handle. With this we refer to the griddle that has only one handle to hold it. This is usually made of metal or stainless steel and it helps that besides being able to be moved at will, it can be hung somewhere in the kitchen to save space. This type of handle is the most popular among the comales.

Double handle. Not the most common, but it also exists and if you like to have more control of your comal then two handles will make it easy to manipulate it during the meal. Also, these comales can fit on a grill in case you want to heat tortillas as it is held on both sides. Super handy for a meat roast.

So now you know, the next time you go shopping for a comal, remember what you learned in this review, we will be happy to guide you through your purchase. In the meantime, we bid you farewell, but not before inviting you to keep reading our other posts. Happy shopping and see you next time!

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