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Hello and welcome to Monederosmart! Laughing and watching movies are two of the best ways to spend your free time, and that's why comedy movies are so popular. They fill us with laughter and joy with funny dialogue, awkward situations and crazy scenes, so it never hurts to watch them, especially if you're watching them with company.

But don't think that comedy films are just for laughs. They can lift our spirits when we are feeling down, or improve our health even a little by making us forget our problems. These films can be considered as a home remedy for bad moods and not so nice feelings.

At Monederosmart we will help you to buy the best comedy movies, so that you can have a good time laughing your head off. We look for opinions of those who have already enjoyed them, we analyse what factors to take into account when buying them and we look for where and how much to pay for them, all to give you first class information.


  • A comedy film is one whose dialogue and cinematography is made to make the viewer laugh, as they do not have very complicated scripts or well-developed plots. Awkward scenes, slightly exaggerated characters and accidental pratfalls are common, as they are effective comedy tools.
  • Due to the high acceptance of this film genre, there are many types of comedy films. The main ones are romantic films, which revolve around the development of a relationship, action films, which incorporate explosions, and slapstick films, which revolve around visual comedy.
  • Before you buy comedy films, you should think about what means you have available to watch them. If you usually watch your films on a Blu-ray player, then this may be your best option, if you prefer streaming instead, then look for streaming service providers. The idea is to make it as convenient as possible.

The Best Comedy Movies: Our Picks

Buying guide: what you need to know about comedy movies

As you probably already know what a comedy film is, here we're going to go into a bit more detail about what they are, as well as the different types. Then we'll go on to recommend places to buy your films, as well as the prices you might pay for them. All so that you can have a good time watching them with your friends.

A romantic comedy is an entertaining option for Sundays in love. (Photo: Roman Samborskyi /

What is a comedy film and what are its advantages?

A comedy film is a film genre that places a lot of emphasis on humour. Their main purpose is to make viewers laugh by using funny dialogue or characters with exaggerated attitudes. They tend to have a less serious tone, so their plots are less complex and happy endings are common.

It is one of the oldest types of film art, having been around since silent films where the "slapstick" or "physical comedy" sub-genre was in its heyday. This subgenre put a lot of emphasis on actors' facial expressions and funny contexts to make people laugh, and dialogue was almost non-existent.

  • They make viewers happy
  • No need to follow complex plots
  • Filled with good feelings
  • They take away negative feelings
  • Perfect for companion viewing
  • Characters are rarely developed
  • They won't always be funny
  • Plots are somewhat bland

Comedy, romantic, action, horror, mockumentary and slapstick

films - what should you look out for?
Comedy filmmakers are always looking for new ways to make viewers laugh, so they often mix it up with other genres to find better acceptance. There are many, so we are going to show you the most accepted and distributed ones.

Romantic Comedy: They usually revolve around situations of romance, where generally one suitor tries to conquer the other despite friction and awkward encounters. They are one of the best comedy sub-genres to watch as a couple, and some classics are "50 First Dates" or "Hitch".

Action comedy: This is the type of comedy where the protagonist - or his or her best-trained friend - tries to save the world. Car chases, fights, shoot-outs and, most importantly, explosions are commonplace. Examples are the 21 Jumpstreet movie series or any of the Jackie Chan or Dwayne Johnson movies.

Comedy horror: Don't let the name make your hair stand on end, rather than being scary, this type of film often makes exaggerated use of horror movie clichés. The best examples are the "Scary Movie" series, "Zombieland" or "Army of Darkness", perfect for watching with friends.

Mockumentary: These films are usually presented as serious documentaries on a particular subject, some classic examples are "Borat", "This is Spinal Tap" or "Bad Grandpa". They are great to watch with family or friends, as most of them have a comedy style that is easy to follow.

Slapstick: Perhaps the purest and most classic type of comedy, slapstick comedy is that which makes the most use of visual gags. The plot is usually almost non-existent, as usually none is needed. Notable examples are "Jackass", "Dumb and Dumber" and "The Mask".

- Romantic Action Horror comedy Mockumentary Slapstick
Plot revolves around Romance Action and drama Horror movie clichés Documentary clichés Pure comedy
Recurring gags Weddings, ex-couples, crushes Explosions, bromance, chases Inept villain, exaggerated murders Fake interviews, amateur recordings Accidents, funny expressions
Ideal to watch with Couple Friends, couple, family Friends, couple Friends, couple, family Friends, couple, family

Are there health benefits of laughter?

It may sound a little ironic, but laughing to your heart's content can be serious business. Many studies support laughter as an effective method of making us feel better in general. If you want to lift your spirits, or those of the people you love, there's nothing like watching a comedy film to improve your health.

Relaxes the body and improves heart health: Laughing can relax the body for up to 45 minutes, allowing you to reduce stress levels and muscle tension. It also improves blood flow in the body and improves the functioning of the circulatory system, decreasing the risk of heart problems.

Improves the immune system: Another advantage of laughing a lot is that it improves the body's immune system, increasing its ability to ward off disease. That is why some hospitals instruct their doctors to make their patients laugh.

It helps produce endorphins: Also known as the happy hormones, they can be produced by people when they laugh. So comedy films can be ideal for shaking off emotional lows, or for watching with someone who isn't feeling so well.

Ittakes away feelings of anger: If you've ever interacted with a young child, such as a son, younger sibling or nephew, you probably know that if they make you laugh it can make you forget about that vase they accidentally broke.

It makes you seem friendlier and brings you closer to others: It's no secret that it's much easier to make friends by laughing than by fighting, which is why charismatic people who laugh a lot tend to attract so many people. Laughing brings people together because it distributes joyful feelings that bring people together.

Purchasing criteria

We will always look for the best way to watch our films, as the main reason we buy them is for our enjoyment. That's why in this section we'll tell you what you should pay attention to when you go to buy them, because this way you'll take advantage of every second to watch them and laugh out loud as comfortably as possible.


There is nothing more convenient and simple than using discs to watch our films, as you only need to insert them and "play" them to start enjoying them. All you need is a compatible player, and they make a great gift. The only problem is that they take up space in the home, and every movie you buy can end up in a corner.

4K: This is the highest resolution disc format available on the market. Discs using this format are the most expensive, but this translates into better pictures and clearer sound. You will need a UHD Blu-ray player to play movies in this format, as they are not compatible with regular Blu-ray.

Blu-ray: They have a good balance between quality and price and are widely distributed in physical form as they have been on the market for a long time. They are not as high quality as UHD, but the difference is minimal. There are other formats that can play videos of the same quality as HD DVD, but they are not as widely distributed.

DVD: The DVD format is perhaps the most recognised format, and the first one that comes to many people's minds when they talk about movies on discs. They are the cheapest disc format and have the lowest picture quality, but are still worth it if you don't have a very big TV or if picture quality doesn't matter much to you.

Disc format 4K Blu-ray DVD
Resolution 3,840 x 2,160 - 2160p 1,980 - 1,080 - 1080p 720 x 480 - 480i
Compatible players Blu-ray UHD Blu-ray DVD

Digital format

The two main ways of distributing comedy films digitally are through downloading and streaming. Both require smart devices to play them, and do not require disc players to work. Simply download the file or play it directly from the internet.

Digital archive: These are digital files that are stored in the memory of computers, smart devices and external hard drives. If you have ever played a movie on a USB stick or downloaded a video, then you will already know how to get movies in this format. They can be watched repeatedly once downloaded.

Streaming: Streaming is a way of watching digital media, which does not need to store files permanently in the memory of compatible devices. It only requires a source that will transmit the film over a network or the internet. It is the type of service offered by companies such as Amazon, Youtube, Hulu or Netflix.

- File Streaming
Source Internet download or file transfer Internet from service providers or via network
Internet needed No internet needed once the file is downloaded Internet needed for service providers
Common players Computers, smart devices Computers, smart devices, Smart TVs

Stand-Alone, franchise and spinoffs

Not everyone is a fan of sequels, as they won't always be what they expect, while others enjoy seeing the same actors playing the same characters for another good laugh. As with everything else when it comes to choosing comedy films, it's a matter of preference, but here are some considerations.

Stand-Alone: These are the kind of films that don't have sequels of any kind. They don't require a major commitment to watch, so if you're the type of person who once gets hooked on a series of films you may prefer to watch other films, or watch it with the certainty that you won't invest a lot of time.

Franchise: When a comedy film has a sequel, it stops being Stand-Alone and becomes a franchise. The good thing about them is that you rarely need to see the previous film to enjoy it in its entirety. Examples of these are film series like "The Hangover" or "American Pie".

Spin-off: A spin-off is a kind of sequel that is not directly related to the previous film. Often these films have sequels and become their own franchise. Examples of this are the movie "Minions", or some sequels to "American Pie" which shared few elements with the first movie.

Actors and directors

It's easy to become a fan of people who show a lot of talent doing what they love, so it's understandable that you might want to look for films related to your favourite artists. Buying these types of films will give you a better appreciation of both the comedy and the people in it.

Actors: Many of the actors in successful comedy films started out as stand-up comedians, so they already had time and experience making people laugh. There are some who do stand-up almost exclusively, such as Jim Carrey, Jack Black and Chris Tucker, so you'll have plenty to watch.

Directors: There are many directors who, whether they like it or not, add such a personal touch that it's almost impossible not to notice similarities in their films. If you don't know which film to look for, you could start by looking for films directed by those who have already made films you like. Adam Sandler, Ben Stiller or Todd Phillips are good places to start.


Movie ratings are often used to divide movies based on the accepted age range of their audiences. This is done to avoid problems such as exposing minors to complicated subject matter, sex and violence. If you have children and young people in your household you should take this into account.

Mexico: In Mexico the classification of audiovisual media is handled by the Dirección General de Radio, Televisión y Cinematografía, who distribute the ratings for films. In the following table we will divide the different categories.

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