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The convertible is becoming more and more popular. No matter what the purpose, whether for work, leisure or study, a convertible works in every area. The product is more handy than a laptop or notebook, as you can remove the keyboard from most models. This makes it lighter and smaller, so you can take it with you to the couch in the evening to surf the internet.

There are many different types of convertibles. They differ in display size, storage capacity and many other features that we have compared. To help you with your purchase of a suitable convertible, we would like to give you some valuable tips about our product and what you should pay particular attention to with our convertible test 2021.


  • A convertible is a combination of a laptop and a notebook. The product combines the best features of both electronic devices.
  • There are many different types of convertibles. They are divided into different price and performance classes. There are also big differences in storage space.
  • Convertibles are particularly suitable for people who travel a lot for work or generally like to travel but always want to be accessible. It is the perfect product for working on the go and checking your mail or watching a film in a relaxed way.

The best Convertible: Our Picks

In the following, we would like to introduce you to some products that we can recommend to you. They have been tested and evaluated for you according to certain criteria and will help you with your purchase decision.

Convertibles: buying and evaluation criteria

To help you decide which convertible is right for you, we have listed and evaluated the most important buying criteria in the following section.

Below you will find a list of all the important criteria and what you should pay particular attention to in order to find the perfect convertible for you.


The performance of convertibles varies greatly. You should pay particular attention to the year in which the product came onto the market. Performance is optimised from year to year. The working memory capacity depends on different factors, such as the type of processor or hardware (so-called high-performance hardwares are often used).

The battery life depends on the performance of the convertible.

When buying the product, you should therefore decide beforehand what you want to use your convertible for and how much power it should have. The charging time of the electric device also depends on this.

Some products have a battery charge that will last you all day, or only need to charge for a short time to recharge the battery for more hours.

Performance is an important criterion when buying a convertible. If you are using the convertible for work, it should have high performance, as you often need a lot of information very quickly. If you use the convertible more for leisure, performance is not necessarily the most important criterion. So pay special attention to the hardware and whether the performance matches the purpose of your use.

Storage space

The storage space of the convertible is also an important criterion. Here, too, there are many different memory sizes. Before you decide on a product, you should pay attention to how much memory you used on your previous PC.

Is the memory almost full and you should look at a product that offers more capacity? Or did you not use your storage space at all and you can get a device with less capacity. Of course, the price also plays a big role here, as convertibles with more memory often cost more.

The capacity of the memory is usually between 4 and 16 gigabytes. However, there are also products with up to 256 gigabytes of RAM and more. The hard drive space is up to you, depending on which hard drive you choose for your convertible. The average offer is between 128 gigabytes and one terabyte.

As you can see, there are big differences between the available options. Therefore, you should think about your purchase intentions and what you want to use the convertible for.


Convertibles are available in different sizes. The size of a convertible is determined by the size of its display. The range here is from small products with a diameter of 10.1 inches to large products with 15.6 inches.

There are also different sizes that lie between these two units. A larger diameter than 15.6 inches is offered rather rarely, because the convertible is particularly characterised by its handiness, which is lost with a diameter that is too large.

Smaller convertibles are particularly suitable for people who usually only work with one programme. A smaller product is also more comfortable and easier to handle when you are lying on the couch and resting your convertible on your legs.

If you need the convertible especially for work or have several programmes open at the same time, I recommend you get a slightly larger product. This way you have enough space on your display and can view several pages at the same time.

Convertible: Frequently asked questions and answers

The following section will answer the most important questions about convertibles. We have selected and answered the most frequently asked questions for you. In this way, we would like to explain all the important factors about our product.

What is a convertible?

A convertible is a notebook and a tablet combined in one product. They are computers that are very easy to pack in your pocket and take with you because of their practical size and weight. They are also called hybrid PCs, two-in-ones (2-in-1) or detachables.

There are three common variants:

  1. 2-in-1 function: Some products are produced as pure tablets that can be converted into a notebook with the help of an external keyboard.
  2. Mobile operating system: In addition, some convertibles are equipped with a mobile operating system such as Android or iOS and are not compatible with other programs such as Windows due to their fixed microprocessor design.
  3. Hardware: A final variant are products with hardware similar to that of a notebook and can therefore be used with a normal "operating system".


A convertible is suitable for both work and private use. Image source: Christian Salas/ unsplash)

The hinge between the display and keyboard is the most striking feature. This allows the monitor to be rotated 360 degrees and the keyboard can even be partially removed. This makes it possible to work with the product in a handy way.

Who is a convertible suitable for?

A convertible is suitable for many different groups of people. You have to ask yourself what you want to use it for. For example, it is particularly suitable for mobile working. If you travel a lot for work, but still want to check your e-mails or work on the go, this product is perfect for you.


Thanks to its detachable keyboard, the convertible is very handy and versatile. It is perfect for on the go. (Aleksander Vlad/ unsplash)

It's also great for leisure or little things you don't want to boot up your laptop or PC for. If you want to watch a film or do some research while travelling or on the couch, you can quickly switch on your convertible and get started.

It's a combination of leisure and work device, making it versatile to use and deploy. If you travel a lot for work, like to surf the web on the side or are looking for a suitable research product for your studies, a convertible is the ideal device for you.

What types of convertibles are there?

Convertibles come in different shapes and with different performance levels. To help you choose the right convertible for you, we have compiled a list of possible variants in the following table.

Variant Advantages Disadvantages
Classic convertibles Keyboard offers good typing comfort, Stable stand ensured, Wide range in size selection Higher weight class, Wider than a tablet when folded
Detachables Low weight and very handy, High mobility, Well suited for frequent travellers, commuters and students, Multimedia use possible Lower typing comfort due to smaller keyboard, Low stability, Expensive
Small convertibles Handy, High mobility, Very light, Low price Unsuitable for prolonged surfing, Limited productivity

As you can see, there are many different types of convertibles. They are designed and adapted to meet a wide variety of buyers' needs.

What advantages do convertibles have over laptops and PCs?

A convertible has several advantages over a laptop or a PC. The biggest advantages are the handling and the practical size of the product. Since you have a smaller diameter, it is more comfortable to work with them on the couch or surf the internet, for example. The docked keyboard is detachable, which means that the convertible can be used as a tablet independently of it.

Convertibles are smaller and lighter than laptops or PCs.

Due to the smaller size compared to laptops and PCs, the weight is also lower. This is also an advantage for more comfortable use while you are sitting on the sofa, for example, surfing. However, they usually have less power than larger products. So you need to be clear about which criteria are most important to you.

The greatest advantages of a laptop and a tablet are combined in a convertible. They are particularly suitable for working on the go or for browsing the internet in the evening. Their mobility is very convincing among buyers and is also a big advantage over other products.

What are the alternatives to a convertible?

Each alternative has a different range of functions. To help you decide whether a convertible is right for you or whether you should go for another product, we have compiled the different alternatives in the following table.

Alternative Description
Laptop very flat, keyboard integrated in lower part of the case, screen integrated in upper part, location-independent, battery available, more of a work device
Notebook very flat, keyboard integrated in lower part of housing, screen integrated in upper part, somewhat location-independent, battery available, smaller and lighter than laptops
Tablet Mobile computer, no keyboard, consists only of a screen, light and comfortable, battery available, smaller than other alternatives

A convertible is a combination of a laptop and a notebook. However, there are other products that are similar to a convertible in function, but have different features in certain areas. You have to decide for yourself which product suits you best.


As you could see, there are a lot of offers for a convertible. You can use it for work as well as for leisure. Therefore, before buying, ask yourself which features are most important to you and which should be fulfilled in any case.

Do you need a large memory and high performance capacity? Or is it important to you to have a handy product that you can take with you to the couch in the evening and watch films or browse the internet? If you can answer these questions, you're sure to find the right convertible for you.

Photo source: Popov / 123rf