Last updated: August 11, 2021
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Summer, sun, beach and a cool, refreshing cocktail. That would be nice, wouldn't it? But you can also bring that summer feeling into your home at any time. Do you already know the trendy copper cups? You can now find them in many bars, as they have become a real classic. Especially cocktails like the Moscow Mule are preferably served in them.

Copper mugs are not only a visual highlight, they also have a number of advantages. We would like to show you what positive properties copper mugs really have. In addition, we will show you what to look for when buying a mug and what makes a good model. Finally, we explain the most important questions about copper mugs.


  • Copper mugs have become famous through the Moscow Mule cocktail. In addition to this, however, countless other drinks can also be enjoyed from the copper mugs.
  • When buying copper mugs, the capacity, the handle, the number of mugs in the set, the material and its properties and the bonus accessories play an important role.
  • Copper mugs of high and good quality are recommended and can already be purchased in the medium price segment.

The Best Copper Mug: Our Picks

In the following, we would like to introduce you to our favourites, which you can use to guide your purchase decision. The products are diverse and are sure to meet your taste.

Buying and evaluation criteria for copper mugs

The market for copper mugs is so crowded - how can you decide which one is right for you? To make your purchase decision a little easier, we have listed the criteria below that play a major role for most prospective buyers. We want to give you clarity and orientation so that you can make an informed decision.

In the next paragraph, we would like to explain the purchase criteria in more detail and tell you what you should look out for. At the same time, we point out the differences that the products on the market can bring with them.


The volume is understandably an exclusion criterion of some products for many prospective buyers. Regardless of the drink that is enjoyed from the copper mug, it should in no case be too small. As a rule, the cups have a volume of 500 ml to 550 ml.

However, they should not be smaller than about 470 ml. For cocktails, for example, not only alcohol but also many other ingredients, such as ice cubes or mint, have to find their place in the cup, so that a 400 ml cup would be clearly too small.

Material and properties

Many copper cups are made of 100 % pure copper. Copper has a conductive ability, whether heat or cold. This means that the cold drink stays cold longer and the warm drink stays warm longer than in conventional long drink or water glasses.

Copper cups are thus able to insulate the liquid they contain. In addition, most cups have a double coating, which logically reinforces the properties. A small positive side note, copper is 100% recyclable.


As already mentioned, copper has a kind of insulating property. A cold drink is therefore guaranteed to stay cold longer than in other glasses. The cold is absorbed by the copper in a flash and the drink is thus cooled more intensively.

Especially if you also plan to consume warm drinks from the copper mug, we recommend a model with a handle. It can also be much more pleasant with cold drinks, not always having to hold the cold and wet cup in your hands.

The handles are usually made of a different material, such as brass. Whether you ultimately decide for or against a model with a handle is entirely up to you. The fact is, however, that a handle is more comfortable to carry.

Number of mugs in the set

On the internet, the stylish copper mugs are mainly offered in sets of 2, 4 or 6. In contrast, you can often find individual mugs in local shops.

But if you are honest, sets make much more sense, as the mugs are often used in a social gathering with friends. In most cases, the sets are even cheaper, relatively speaking.

Extra accessories

To guarantee an optimal "drinking experience", the sets do not only contain the copper mugs themselves. Often, so-called gift boxes are offered, which can also contain straws or coasters. To increase the chance of a delicious cocktail, some designs also include a small measuring cup. Of course, it matches the colour of the rest of the set.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about copper mugs answered in detail

There are always many uncertainties and myths surrounding the topic of copper mugs. In the next section, we would like to answer the most important questions and thus provide clarity. This way you will be sufficiently informed and can make your choice in good conscience.

For which drinks are copper mugs suitable?

Copper mugs are now part of the standard equipment in every bar. But they have also found their place in many households. On the one hand, because they look incredibly stylish, and on the other, because they are versatile. They originally became famous through the Moscow Mule cocktail, which is served extremely cold.

The Moscow Mule is the cult drink par excellence, which is how the copper mug gained its fame and popularity. (Image source: Alex Plesovskich / Unsplash)

The material copper lends itself wonderfully to chilling the drink for some time. But non-alcoholic or even warm drinks can also be enjoyed from copper mugs. So in terms of use, you are completely unrestricted.

Is it unhealthy to drink from a copper cup?

If you go for high-quality products, which we advise you to do, it is completely safe to drink from copper mugs. With cheaper versions, the drink may taste slightly bitter from time to time.

This is still not harmful to health, but it is simply not as tasty. Basically, you can be sure that nothing is offered at German markets that could seriously harm your health.

On the contrary, many studies prove that copper has a health-promoting effect. Copper can kill harmful bacteria within a few minutes. Furthermore, copper is said to improve the digestive system and strengthen the immune system.

How do you clean a copper mug properly?

The most important thing - never put it in the dishwasher! Even if it would be the easiest thing to do. All you need for cleaning is your hand, a sponge or a washing-up brush, some washing-up liquid and water.

Drizzle a little washing-up liquid on the sponge and run it over the copper mug in a circular motion. Then rinse the mug with enough water, hot or cold, until you no longer see any foam.

Thorough drying is extremely important afterwards. Only when the mug is completely dry can no oxidation stains occur and the mug remains as beautiful as it was at the beginning.

What can be done if the copper mug starts to tarnish?

Even if you follow the recommended cleaning procedure, it can happen that the mug tarnishes after a while. But this is really no reason to replace it immediately.

You can try cleaning it with lemon and salt.

To do this, mix the pulp of a cut lemon with salt. Then rub the cup thoroughly. Rinse and dry as you would for normal cleaning.

Another tip is to use baking soda and vinegar.

Mix the two ingredients until they have a firm consistency. Then rub this paste onto the cup with a sponge. After five minutes, clean the cup with a clean sponge and enough water. You can repeat this process as often as you like until the cup shines again. There is no need to mention that you should dry the cup thoroughly.


Copper mugs can ultimately be used for many drinks. They are not only visually eye-catching, but studies have also shown that they can have positive effects on health.

As we have shown you, you don't have to spend a fortune to get high-quality products. Nevertheless, we advise you to use good quality copper cups to avoid a bitter taste in your drink.

The market is relatively large and offers everything you could wish for, from individual mugs to sets and extra accessories. Have fun at upcoming cocktail evenings!

(Cover photo: Wine Dharma / Unsplash)