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The cordless hammer drill is a type of electric hammer drill that works entirely without a cable. The battery-powered hammer drills are usually used when conventional drills or percussion drills are no longer sufficient. This is because cordless hammer drills are very powerful and can tackle almost any material. They are particularly suitable for drilling wood, concrete and even steel. With a high-quality hammer drill, you can not only drill, but also hammer, drill without percussion and even chisel.

With our big cordless hammer drill test 2021 we want to help you find the best cordless hammer drill for you. We have compared various cordless hammer drills, both entry-level and professional models, and listed the respective advantages and disadvantages of the devices. This should make your purchase decision easier.


  • The cordless hammer drill is a cordless type of hammer drill that is versatile. It is particularly suitable for drilling into harder materials, such as concrete or rock.
  • The cordless hammer drill also has many possible additional functions, such as a chisel or dust extraction function. The cordless hammer drill can therefore not only be used for drilling, but also for hammer drilling, drilling without impact and chiseling.
  • Compared to an impact drill, the cordless hammer drill has a high speed. This means that the device puts more power into the "blow", which means that you have to use less power when working with the hammer drill itself.

The Best Cordless Hammer Drill: Our Picks

Guide: Questions you should ask yourself before buying a cordless hammer drill

What is a cordless hammer drill?

The cordless hammer drill is a tool that is particularly suitable for drilling into harder materials, such as concrete or rock. The cordless hammer drill is a type of hammer drill that can be operated cordlessly.

Cordless hammer drills resemble a drill from the outside, but have a much higher impact force. While conventional drills are only used for drilling metal or wood, cordless hammers can be used for almost any material.

Akku Bohrhammer-1

The cordless hammer drill is versatile. You can use it not only for drilling in numerous materials, but also for hammer drilling, drilling without impact and even for chiseling.
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Basically, there are three types of hammer drills: pneumatic, hydraulic and electric. The first two hammer drills are usually used on larger construction sites or in mining. The electric hammer drill is most suitable for private use.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a cordless hammer drill?

The big advantage of a cordless hammer drill is that it works without a cable. This means that there is no cable lying around to get in the way of your work. In addition, you are not dependent on a power source and can work flexibly and without restrictions.

Today, cordless hammer drills are not only used by hobby DIY enthusiasts, but also by professionals. The reason for this is that they are very powerful and can tackle any conceivable material.

Moreover, they not only drill, but also hammer into the material. This has the advantage that you have to use relatively little force when drilling and can therefore work more efficiently.

In addition, due to their low speed and low contact pressure, cordless hammers produce relatively little noise in relation to their high power.

Finally, quality tools are usually very durable. A high-quality cordless hammer drill has a long service life, regardless of its use.

  • Cordless operation
  • Flexible and independent working
  • Low power input
  • Drilling possible in almost any material
  • Low noise
  • Dependence on battery
  • Battery charging necessary
  • Unsuitable for soft plaster and sandstone
  • Relatively high price

The biggest advantage of the cordless hammer drill can also be its downfall. Since the cordless hammer drill is battery-powered, it can happen that the battery runs out. If you do not have a spare battery at hand, you will have to pause your work to recharge the battery.

Although the cordless hammer drill is so versatile, there are areas where it is not suitable for use. For example, it is less suitable for working with soft plaster walls or sandstone.

In addition, the cordless hammer drill is relatively expensive compared to regular cable hammers. This is often due to the additional accessories of the cordless hammer drill. Above all, an additional rechargeable battery brings additional costs with it.

What does a cordless hammer drill cost?

The price of a cordless hammer drill varies greatly and depends on the level of knowledge of the user. The price also depends on what the device is used for.

For hobby craftsmen, there are inexpensive discount models that start at just €39. Cordless hammer drills for the more experienced craftsman are available from around 200 €. Finally, there are the tools for professionals, whereby no clear limit can be set here. These start at around 500 € and can cost up to 900 €.

Experience of the user price from
Hobby craftsman from € 35
Experienced craftsman from € 200
Professional craftsman from € 500

The price also depends on whether a battery and charger are included. Solo cordless hammer drills, i.e. tools without a battery, are usually cheaper. However, in this case, the battery and charger must be purchased separately, which can cost another 30 to 40 €.

Finally, the price also differs depending on the manufacturer and model.

Discount models of cordless hammer drills start at 40 €, while established tool manufacturers can charge about ten times that.

What are the alternatives to a cordless hammer drill?

In principle, there are many alternatives to the cordless hammer drill, but they differ from the cordless hammer drill on the basis of various criteria.

Distinguishing criterion Type Description
Type of device Impact drill The impact drill is relatively similar to a hammer drill and is versatile. The biggest difference between the two tools is the speed. The impact drill works at a lower speed and therefore puts less power into the "blow". In this case, you have to use more power yourself.
Type of device drive Pneumatic/hydraulic hammer drill The origin of the cordless hammer drill lies in mining. At that time, pneumatic hammer drills powered by compressed air were used, which weighed about 40 kg. A little later, hydraulic hammer drills were developed, which are powered by hydraulic fluid. Both are less suitable for private use.
How the tool works Corded hammer drill Like many other electric tools, the hammer drill was developed with battery operation. This gives you more flexibility than a corded tool, but the cordless hammer drill offers less power than its corded counterpart.

Buying criteria: You can use these factors to compare and evaluate cordless hammer drills

In the following, we will show you which factors you can use to decide between the vast number of different cordless hammer drills.

With the help of the following criteria, you can compare the numerous cordless hammer drills with each other:

In the next few paragraphs, we describe these criteria in more detail and explain what you need to look out for when choosing the right tool.

Impact strength in joules

One of the most important features of a cordless hammer drill is its power. This is indicated by the impact force in joules. How high this should be depends entirely on what you want to use the cordless hammer drill for.

As a general rule, you should only work with tools that you can control.

For an ordinary do-it-yourselfer who just wants to put up a picture, 1.5 to 3.5 joules are sufficient. This figure should neither be exceeded nor undercut. A higher impact force is much too strong, especially for beginners.

A really powerful hammer drill for private use should ideally have a force of 2.5 joules. However, the more precise the work, the lower the joule value should be.

Of course, the situation is different when larger jobs are being carried out. If, for example, you want to remove a large number of tiles or even knock down walls, devices between 5 and 50 joules (for thick walls) are a good choice. The higher the impact strength of the hammer drill, the faster the work can be done.

Drilling diameter

The maximum drilling diameter of a cordless hammer drill provides information about the drilling strength of the tool. The value is subdivided according to the different materials that can be drilled.

Basically, a distinction is made between three values, namely the maximum drilling diameter for wood, concrete and steel:

  • Wood: Compared to the other materials, wood is the softest material. This allows for very large drill diameters of up to 30 mm.
  • Concrete: A high impact force of a tool results in a higher drilling strength, especially with concrete walls. Here the drill diameter is often 16 mm, but 20 mm would be optimal.
  • Steel: Since steel is considered the hardest material, only relatively small drilling diameters are possible here. In addition, hammer drills do not rotate very strongly. Therefore, a maximum drill thickness of 13 mm is usually possible.

Battery capacity

One of the most important components of a cordless hammer drill is the battery, because without it the tool will not work at all. Therefore, when buying a cordless hammer drill, you should make sure that it is equipped with the common lithium-ion battery type.

The battery capacity indicates the possible service life of the hammer drill. The battery capacity of most cordless hammer drills varies between 2 and about 5 Ah (ampere hours)

A high-quality tool should have a battery capacity of at least 4 Ah. For occasional use of cordless hammer drills, a lower battery capacity is also sufficient.

Battery voltage in volts

The battery voltage of a rotary hammer indicates how much power the tool has. This means that the higher the voltage of the tool, the more power it has.

As with the impact strength, the optimal level of battery voltage depends on the area of application of the hammer drill. A more powerful cordless hammer drill has the advantage that it can even work on resistant materials and drill larger holes.

A good cordless hammer drill should have a battery voltage of at least 18 volts so that the full power of the tool can be used. Some more professional models even have a battery voltage of 36 volts.


The weight of the cordless hammer drill is very important for comfortable working. The weight of the hammer drill should be kept low, especially when working overhead for long periods of time. The weight varies greatly; there are entry-level models with a weight of only 2 kg as well as heavyweights that can even weigh over 6 kg.

A cordless hammer drill is much heavier than a drill. For longer work, you should choose a lighter tool.

Again, the optimal weight of the tool depends on the type and duration of the work. This is because a heavy hammer drill will prevent you from working for a longer period of time. For example, if you want to work on an entire ceiling, you should look for lighter hammer drills.

Although electric hammer drills are lightweight compared to pneumatic and hydraulic tools, they are relatively heavy compared to an ordinary drill. Especially cordless hammers have the disadvantage that the weight of the battery is added to the weight of the tool.

Additional functions

The cordless hammer drill is a very versatile tool with various functions. However, to use the full potential of the device, you should think about additional attachments for the hammer drill. This will make the tool cost a little more, but it will provide you with a wide range of useful functions.

Battery-powered hammer drills with a chisel function or a dust extraction system are conceivable:

  • Chisel function: With the help of an additional chisel function, the tool can be used for both drilling and chiseling. The tool then has both a rotation and an impact function. The chisel function is particularly useful for demolition work. Here, the rotary movement is deactivated and only the percussion function of the hammer drill is used.
  • Dust extraction: During drilling or chiselling work, a lot of dust is usually produced and smaller stones fly around. The additional dust extraction offers the advantage that you do not have to dispose of this dirt yourself. Similar to a hoover, excess particles are collected in a bag. This means you can work in peace and no dust can get into your eyes or lungs.

Facts worth knowing about the topic of cordless hammer drills

What is an SDS tool holder?

The tool holder of the cordless hammer drill also plays an important role, especially when changing tools (drill bits or chisels). Nowadays, most hammer drills have an SDS tool holder, which has the advantage that attachments can be changed quickly and easily.

The SDS is a quick-release system that makes it easier to change attachments. This means you can insert your drill directly and do not need an additional tool, such as a drill chuck spanner, to change the drill.

Akku Bohrhammer-2

Most manufacturers now use a standardised SDS system, which means that the attachments from almost all manufacturers can be used without any problems.
(Image source: / blickpixel)

Today, a distinction is made primarily between SDS-plus and SDS-max systems. SDS-plus is more suitable for lighter hammer drills between 2 and 5 kg, while SDS-max is used for tools weighing 5 kg or more.

Which cordless hammer drill is suitable for beginners?

Basically, working with a cordless hammer drill is not particularly difficult. Due to the numerous functions of the tool, only very little pressure and little force is required for the work. The only problem for beginners is often the relatively high weight of the hammer drill. Therefore, beginners should work with special beginner models that are also significantly lighter.

It is also worthwhile for beginners to purchase tools with numerous additional functions. This means that the tool can be used for different jobs and also makes the work easier. As mentioned above, an additional chisel or dust extraction function is a good idea.

Beginners should rather opt for lighter tools with a high level of user-friendliness.

The user-friendliness of the tool also plays a particularly important role for beginners. For example, some machines have a function that dampens the vibration as much as possible. This means that the body does not tire as quickly, which makes it possible to work longer.

Many entry-level models also have a side handle. This allows you to hold the hammer drill more stably and, if necessary, apply more pressure.

Many models are also equipped with a rubber buffer that protects the hammer drill from accidents or minor falls. An LED light serves to ensure that you can still orientate yourself in dark places and see what you are working on.

How can I rent a cordless hammer drill?

If you use a cordless hammer drill only rarely or perhaps only once, buying a high-quality hammer drill is less worthwhile. However, buying cheap discount models is not always the best choice either, especially for complex work. In this case, you are best advised to rent a cordless hammer drill.

Numerous DIY shops and online shops offer a rental service. These include:


The prices for renting a cordless hammer drill vary depending on the model of the device as well as the duration of the rental. The DIY stores Bauhaus and OBI offer different rates. They offer a short-term rate (4 hours), a daily rate (24 hours), a weekend rate and a savings rate for 7 days or more.

How can I repair a cordless hammer drill?

A high quality cordless hammer drill is usually very durable. However, if for some reason your device does not work properly, almost every manufacturer offers a comprehensive repair service.

The amount of the repair costs depends on the time of your complaint. If your device is still within the warranty period, the repair is of course free of charge. Otherwise, you will have to pay for the repair yourself.

Akku Bohrhammer-3

Almost every manufacturer offers a comprehensive repair service regardless of the warranty period. The costs can vary depending on the manufacturer and the time of the repair.
(Image source: / falconp4)

There are a variety of providers that offer different repair services. But your best bet is to go to the manufacturer of your device. They offer a wide range of repair services. As a rule, a repair is carried out as follows:

  1. Shipment/collection of the defective appliance: Depending on the manufacturer, your defective appliance will be collected or you can drop it off at a specialist dealer near you.
  2. Inspection of the appliance: Your device will then be examined by qualified personnel who will determine the defect of the device.
  3. Repairestimate: If the device is no longer under warranty, arepair estimate will be sent to you.
  4. Repair of the device: After your confirmation, the device will be repaired. Depending on the type of defect, this may take a few days. Finally, the repaired device will be returned to you.

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