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In this opportunity we will review which are the best cork boards that we can buy in the market nowadays. Cork is a material used to make different things, including blackboards.

The corks are used as blackboards on which any kind of information can be pinned in order to keep order and organisation of the most important things that a person must keep in mind both at work and at home. In educational institutions, corks are used as information boards.

Here we want you to have all the information you need to choose the best cork you can buy in the market. For that, we will go beyond the technical details and show you from the basic models to the most sophisticated corks. Along with the characteristics that you should take into account when buying it.

The most important facts

  • The corks are boards of varying thickness and size according to the needs of the buyer, to be used generally as organisers of important information that must be at hand at all times. This is achieved by attaching the information to the cork with a pin.
  • It is very common to see the use of corks in offices and in educational institutes as they function as a bulletin board to provide the information needed to complete team or student assignments. This is because they help to have all the relevant information at hand.
  • Among the factors for choosing a corkboard are knowing what measurements we need, whether what we want is a simple cork sheet or something more sophisticated and how we will attach it to our wall. By answering these 3 questions we will know which is the best cork for us.

The best corks: Our picks

Buying guide: What you need to know about corks

Today's market offers a wide variety of cork sheets. Each one offers different sizes and densities to meet the needs of each consumer. Over time the use of this material has become more common in workspaces as it helps to have information at hand at all times.

The use of corks allows having one's most important information always visible and organised. (Photo: Katarzyna Białasiewicz /

What is cork and what are its advantages?

As we mentioned before, cork is a material that can be used for a variety of things including blackboards. Cork boards are a flat surface that comes in various sizes and thicknesses that is used to hold sheets and documents by means of pins.

This allows the information to be visible and at hand at all times by the user or the work team. The use of corks is not exclusive to offices as we can see them in educational institutions as well as at home.

The use of corks in workspaces allows the whole team to be aware of the assignments that need to be completed to finish the job as they function as an information board and we do not have to resort to memory. This helps everyone manage their time to complete tasks.

  • They come in various sizes
  • They can be multi-purpose
  • They help you see what tasks are missing
  • They help you manage time better
  • They help you remember things
  • They are inexpensive
  • They tend to detract from a decor
  • They can be insect nests

Cork inside a workspace helps to keep it organised so that nothing gets lost. (Photo: Anawat Sudchanham /

Cork whiteboards for home, office and educational institutions - what to look out for?

In the market of cork boards we can find them in various work areas, but there are three areas where they predominate: offices, homes and educational institutions. Each one has a specific size and characteristics that make them useful in each environment.

Household blackboards. This model of cork boards are usually small in size as they will only be used by family members or individuals. They are thin and light which makes them easy to transport from one room to another and they usually do not have frames to avoid accidents with the little ones.

Work Boards. Whiteboards designed for offices are one size larger than those designed for the home as they are used by a larger number of people. They are just as thin and light although they are not usually moved as they are placed in meeting or teamwork rooms. This model can have metal frames.

Blackboards for educational institutions. Cork boards in institutions such as schools or universities are a large size as they function as information boards. For this reason they are much thicker and heavier and usually have wooden frames.

Home Blackboards Work Blackboards Blackboards Educational Institutions
Size Small Medium Very large
Thickness Thin Thin Wide
Weight Light Light Lightweight Heavy
Frames No frames Metal frames Wooden frames

Nowadays, at the design level, many spaces are incorporating cork-covered walls as a decorative and functional element. (Photo: /

Purchasing criteria

When you are looking for a cork for your home or office, at first glance they may all look the same because they have the same function, but in reality there are differences between one model and another; and each one fulfils a function.

Knowing which cork is best for us will depend on certain factors to take into consideration when purchasing one. That is why we want you to know what you should take into account when buying a cork that suits your needs.

Each of these points will be dealt with in depth so that you can find out which is the best cork you can find on the market according to your needs and budget. This way you will be sure to acquire a useful element for your work.

The size

As we mentioned before, there are several models of corks on the market. Each model has different dimensions and thicknesses. This is advantageous because it can be adjusted to the space you have available to place it. We can even buy small sheets and make our own personalised cork wall.

It is important that before we buy our cork we measure the space well in order to buy the right size of material or model with frame that we want and be able to install it comfortably and with the security that it will not fall off the wall because it does not fit well.

It is very common to see cork walls in offices as information boards. (Photo: Katarzyna Białasiewicz /

Single or multi-purpose cork

There are two types of corks available on the market: single or multi-purpose models. The choice of one cork or the other depends exclusively on your needs as well as other factors such as whether you want to hang things on it as well as write messages on it.

Simple corks. These models are just the sheet of material without much else. It may or may not incorporate a wooden or aluminium frame to give it a better finish and only allows the use of pins to attach important objects.

Multi-purpose corks. This cork model incorporates a second board that can be made of chalk, chalkboard or acrylic. Depending on the material used, this second slate can have chalk or markers to write down important things, as well as being able to stick them with a pin on the cork side.

The hooking system

Installing a cork board on a wall can be done in three different ways. One can use nails, double-sided tape or screws. The choice of one system or the other will depend on the thickness of the cork, as well as whether the cork has frames on its edges, as the weight will be a determining factor.

Nails. These are pieces of metal that can come in different sizes and thicknesses. At one end they have a sharp point that is capable of penetrating surfaces such as concrete and at the other end they have a flat head which allows them to be hammered into the rigid surface

It is the quickest and easiest way to install a cork board as we only need a hammer to break through both the cork and the wall where it will be placed. A negative point is that this procedure generates the need to drill both the cork and the wall.

Double-sided tape. This tape, as its name says, has an adhesive component on both sides which allows to join 2 surfaces with it as long as both have porosity for a better adhesion. They are practical as it is not necessary to damage the surface, but they do not support a lot of weight and the cork may fall off.

Screws. They are similar to nails in shape, but their body has notches for better penetration of the surface. They are the most resistant system for installing a cork board because they support more weight, but to use them you need a drill, which can complicate the installation.

Shared or Personal

Another factor to take into account when buying your cork board is whether it will be shared or, on the contrary, for personal use. Depending on the situation will depend on the size you will need to meet your needs or the needs of your work team.

Personal whiteboards can be of a small size as they will only be used by one person. This cork board can be lightweight so that it can be easily moved from one place to another without major problems and it is common to see them in small workspaces or rooms.

Shared whiteboards. This type of whiteboard is much larger as a team of people will be working on it. Therefore, they are much heavier than personal ones and are more difficult to move. That is why it is normal to see them in work or meeting rooms.

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