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A common fashion and comfort accessory for a living room is the corner couch with extended function. Individually manufactured models offer you, for the most diverse design ideas, a modern and space-saving living object. Thanks to the practical furnishing options and the diverse functions, corner couch have become firmly established in many households.

A variety of models await you in your search for the right corner couch. This makes it extremely difficult to get an objective overview of the individual offers. Therefore, we have analysed and evaluated various products for you in order to be able to explain the most important aspects in the following section.


  • A corner couch is a practical, modern seating and reclining option with various functions and in different styles.
  • Due to the variety of corner couches on offer, important criteria that need to be considered when buying follow in the main section.
  • Corner couch feature a variety of individual products and are available in a low price category with a certain standard.

The Best Corner Couch: Our Choices

Buying and evaluation criteria for corner couches

To help you find the perfect corner couch for your interior, we have filtered out and explained the most important features you should look out for when shopping. With the help of these explanations, you can make a guideline for the individual evaluation of the different models and, at best, choose the right corner couch for your needs.

The criteria you can use to compare different corner couches with each other include:

Additional functions

By now, you not only associate the purchase of a corner couch with a comfortable and pleasant lying surface, but also try to keep an eye on the individual, expandable functions of a corner couch.

The most popular functions of a corner couch are the sleep or bed function, the relax function, the additionally attached bed base and the placement of the ottoman. In modern versions, you will also find the option of electrically adjusting your reclining position.


The variety of corner couch offers also entails a variety of materials and upholstery options for a corner couch. You will have to decide for yourself which function suits you best.

Should the corner couch be easy to clean or warm and comfortable? Depending on your needs, you should include the material in your decision.

Placement of the corner couch

The placement of the ottoman is the area that can be individually adjusted without a backrest on many corner couches. Depending on your preference, you can place the ottoman on the left or right of the corner couch.

The choice of ottoman is determined by the area to be placed. Therefore, it is very important how the ottoman is placed on the couch to make the space practical.


If you place a high value on quality comfort, you should consider how your corner couch is upholstered and how, according to your needs, the reclining and seating areas of the different types are adapted to you.

The upholstery is also an important feature to consider when cleaning your future corner couch. For example, leather is easier to clean than fabric because of its smooth surface, but leather is also not as warm and cosy as fabric on colder days.

Colour, design

Since a couch is basically a piece of furniture for your own four walls, you should consider in advance which design best suits your living space. In addition, different models and styles offer many possibilities for adapting to your taste.


The size of your available space is an important factor in determining the size of the corner couch. In addition, there are other criteria, such as the intended number of people who should be able to sit on the couch at the same time. The seating and reclining area can be attributed to the size and is also a criterion that is reflected in the comfort.


Different sizes and models of corner couches have different weights. Transporting a corner couch is usually not very easy, but it is still a valuable aspect for you if you have to carry the corner couch on your own or place it on a weak surface.

Many manufacturers also offer a delivery and assembly service, which has proven useful for people who live on higher floors or the elderly, in that the delivery company ensures transport and assembly to the placement point of the corner sofa.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about the corner couches answered in detail

The following section answers the most important questions about corner couches. This will give you a deeper insight into the topic and enable you to make a well-founded decision. Afterwards, a table lists the essential differences within the individual price classes.

What is a corner couch?

As the name of the product suggests, a corner couch is a couch with an additional corner, which extends the ordinary couch with an additional area over the corner.


A classic corner couch built on a carpet in the living room area. The additional reclining surface, which can be mounted either on the left or right, offers a practical extension with an additional sleeping function. (Image source: Sven Brandsma / Unsplash)

The corner couch brings with it some distinct advantages, not only because of the extended surface area, but above all because of the number of functions.

What types of corner couches are there?

A corner couch is defined by the inserted corner in the reclining area, whereby a distinction is made here between two forms, the L- and U-shape. In the L-shape, the couch has an extended reclining surface attached across the corner and in the U-shape it has two extended reclining surfaces.

Corner couches are furnishing items and therefore also available in different styles, colours and designs.

What does a corner couch cost?

A corner couch is available in many price ranges. Above all, the factors of additional functions, design and the material used play an important role in the pricing. In the table below you can see which criteria and price range you will have to pay.

Price range Available products
Low-priced (339 - 700 €) Plain couch, maximum 1-2 functions
Medium-priced (700 - 1100 €) Better quality material, common additional functions, customisable design/colour
High-priced (from 1100 €) High-quality material, free delivery to the place of installation, elegant designHigh-quality material, free delivery to the place of installation, elegant design

Even in the medium price segment, you will find individually customisable corner couch versions that will certainly fit in with your existing furnishings. In the upper price segment, the range of functions is extended and controlled via a remote control. This means you can adjust the sitting and reclining position electrically and do not need to make any physical effort to adjust the corner couch.

How easy is the surface of the corner couch to clean?

Depending on the cover material, a corner couch may or may not be easy to care for. The easiest surface for a corner couch to care for is leather. Because leather is a very smooth and resistant material, liquids or food residues do not soak into the material.

Every other upholstery variant to be selected for a corner couch is fabric or similar to fabric. The advantage here is that fabric offers warmth and a sense of well-being on cold days, whereas leather is a very cold and rather uncomfortable upholstery. However, fabric is an absorbent material due to its weave, which makes cleaning much more difficult, especially with liquids or food residues.


For a practical sitting and lying area in your living room, with extended functions, the corner couch is a suitable product to meet your needs. By mounting the additional lying surface on any side, it is suitable for use by several people at the same time and can be used as an additional couch bed in most cases.

When searching for the right corner couch for you, you will come across a product variety of countless options. Therefore, it is important that you consider the purchase criteria: additional functions, material, placement of the ottoman, comfort, colour, design, size and weight.

Corner couch are available in different price ranges. Above all, the additional functions, the size and the processed material are decisive for the price category in which your corner sofa will later find itself. Of course, a corner couch is also a piece of furniture that you usually integrate into your own four walls. Therefore, make sure that the style, design and colour match your existing furnishings.

(Cover photo: Jonathan Cooper / Unsplash)