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The desk is the basic addition to any room that is to be used for learning and working. Without a desk, it is impossible to create a comfortable and practical working environment.

Among all the types and models available on the market, L-shaped desks are an excellent choice. Although corner desks have twice the working space of a regular desk because they have two sides available. But if you position them correctly and put them in the right room, you can save a lot of space.


  • The corner desk is characterised by its L-shape. It can be made of different materials, the most common being solid wood, metal and glass.
  • This type of desk is very popular because it allows for a functional organisation of the workspace and a doubled work surface. It also gives the feeling of having all the necessary items at hand and being physically in the centre of the workspace.
  • With a corner desk, you can make the most of the space in which it is placed. It is ideal for both offices and children's rooms. An important detail to consider is the height of the person who will be using it. It is important that the size of the desk is appropriate.

The Best Corner Desk: Our Choices

Buying and review criteria for corner desks

We would like to help you with your purchase by presenting some criteria. This will allow you to compare different products and should enable you to find the ideal corner desk for you.

Below you will find a more detailed description of each criterion and learn why we think it is important when choosing your corner desk.


As with many pieces of furniture and components of home décor, the material of a desk is crucial to creating a certain style, providing maximum comfort and ensuring durability.

The majority of corner desks are made of wood. Oak, maple, acacia, walnut are the most popular woods for making desks. The woods can be left all natural without changing the colour and roughness of the material to create a country, rustic style.

Alternatively, they can be treated with various products, coated in other colours and lacquered to create a more modern style.

Finally, there are desks made of glass or metal that add a very modern touch to the style of the entire room. They are very suitable for homes with a unique, industrial and less classical style.

Suitable for children

There are desks on the market that are specially created for children. Their main feature is the small dimension, suitable for the little ones.

They are also made of sturdy and polished materials so that the child does not get splinters from the wood. Some of them also have rounded corners to minimise the risk of injury.

They are usually made in light colours like white, beige and grey, but often accessories and decorative elements or gaudier colours like pink are added.

Desk accessories

Corner desks are designed for offices and children's rooms. In these rooms, it is often useful to have drawers, shelves and containers to store stationery and papers.

For this reason, some desks are combined with a drawer unit or a mobile pedestal, which are connected and installed together with the desk and guarantee plenty of storage space.


As with all furniture and furnishing elements, corner desks can be made in many different styles.

There are dark desks made of solid wood, elegant and classic, perfect for offices furnished in a traditional style. Desks made of materials such as glass and steel, on the other hand, go well with industrial, modern and sleek furniture.

You can choose the right model for you based on the design and style of your home and opt for pieces that are special and extravagant or classic and elegant.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about corner desks answered in detail

If you're still unsure about choosing the perfect corner desk, here are some of the most frequently asked questions and their corresponding answers.

What is a corner desk and who is it suitable for?

Corner desks are characterised by their L-shape. These desk models are particularly popular in offices because they offer a lot of space and give the feeling of being physically in the centre of the workplace. They may seem more voluminous at first glance, but they are often useful for making optimal use of space.

By placing a corner desk in a corner of the room, you can make good use of the space on two walls. This means you have twice the surface area without needing a very large desk.

The corner desk is suitable for both adults and teenagers. It is a piece of furniture with which you can create a functional and tidy work surface that makes optimal use of the available space in the room.

In some cases, the lack of a tidy and comfortable desk to work at can lead to children not finding the right place to do their homework. However, if you create a comfortable environment, it will be much easier to concentrate, have papers and stationery to hand and keep the room tidy.

What are the ideal dimensions for a corner desk?

The size of a desk should be chosen primarily according to the height of the person who will be using it. For children, it makes a lot of sense to choose furniture that matches their height so that they can easily access it and feel comfortable.

A desk that is the right size makes for a tidy and functional working environment. Choosing the right desk height will prevent you from adopting unhealthy postures. (Image source: Madison Yocum/ unsplash)

For older children, you can opt for standard-sized desks. In the best case, you can choose a height-adjustable desk so that you can adjust the height according to your own needs.

For both children and adults, it is important to choose or adjust the height of the desk to ensure correct posture and not suggest an incorrect position that could become extremely harmful over time.

There are basically three types of desks in terms of size: desks with user-adjustable height, desks with selectable height when assembled and desks with fixed height.

With the first type, the height can be adjusted quickly and easily at any time. Some of the desks can be used while sitting or even standing, a trend that is becoming more and more popular in offices.

With the second type, the height can be adjusted at the time of assembly. This is therefore a desk that is customised but cannot be adjusted quickly and without the use of tools.

The last type does not offer the possibility to adjust it to the person. These desks are therefore suitable for people of average height who are therefore comfortable with standard size desks.

It must be said that besides the desk, the chair also plays an important role in correct posture. It is advisable to select both pieces of furniture based on the size of the person who will be using them and to check that the dimensions of the chair and the desk match.

How much does a corner desk cost?

As with many other pieces of furniture and furnishings, the price of a corner desk can vary based on many factors such as size, material, manufacturer and accessories.

In general, it can be said that desks sold together with drawers and shelves obviously reach a higher price.

In addition, the size can also have an impact on the price of the product. A very large desk suitable for an office will cost more than a very small one.

Finally, the material also plays an important role. The most commonly used materials are metal, wood-based material, solid wood and glass. With regard to wood, it should be noted that there are considerable price differences depending on the type of wood.

Cherry and walnut woods are particularly valuable and therefore expensive, while pine, spruce and birch are among the most popular woods for furniture and are not too expensive.

Below we have listed very approximate prices for solid wood, glass and metal corner desks. This table is intended to give a rough overview.

Material price range
Solid wood approx. 100 to 250 euros
Glass approx. 300 to 1000 euros
Metal approx. 90 to 150 euros

We would like to point out once again that prices are very variable and depend on many factors. This table only serves as a guide to give a general idea of the price range.


Corner desks prove to be extremely useful when it comes to saving space in the room without having to sacrifice a large work surface. Available in a variety of models, materials, colours and dimensions, you'll have no trouble finding the ideal one for your home.

Whether intended for the office, bedroom or children's room, corner desks look practical and comfortable. There are many additional accessories such as drawers and shelves to keep the room tidy, or height adjustments to adapt the furniture to the person who will be using it.

Cover photo: Steven Neumann / unsplash

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