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Corner wardrobes are basically like normal wardrobes, but much more practical and compact. With a corner wardrobe, you can turn unused space into storage space. Thanks to the large selection, you can certainly find the right corner wardrobe for you.

With our great corner wardrobe guide, we want to help you find the best corner wardrobe for you. We have compared open and closed corner wardrobes and listed the respective advantages and disadvantages. This should make your purchase decision as easy as possible.


  • If you have a small bedroom, then a corner wardrobe is just right for you. There are also types such as walk-in corner wardrobes that are more suitable for larger bedrooms.
  • Hanging clothes rails, old shelves or good dexterity can help you as an alternative. They can also save you a lot of money.
  • You can find almost anything from single-door corner wardrobes to walk-in corner wardrobes. The layout of the inside in particular can be very individual.

The Best Corner Wardrobes: Our Picks

Corner wardrobes: buying and evaluation criteria

It is important that you pay attention to certain criteria before buying a corner wardrobe so that you can be satisfied with your choice in the end. In the next sections, you will be informed about the aspects that can determine the different corner wardrobes. You will also be informed in more detail about the individual criteria.

You can compare corner wardrobes with the following purchase criteria that are relevant for the purchase:


For the first time, it is important to know how big the desired corner wardrobe has to be in order to fit into your bedroom. There are many different sizes. First of all, you should measure the space where you want your corner wardrobe to end up and then you can base your search on that.

By size, we primarily mean width, as width can be the most problematic. However, the height also plays an important role, as, for example, a ceiling that is too high will not harmonise well with a low corner wardrobe. As a rule, the height of a corner wardrobe is around 200 cm.


The depth is also an enormously important criterion. A shallow depth can crumple your hanging garments. This is because they may brush against your wardrobe wall or wardrobe door.

A corner wardrobe should have a depth of at least 53 cm.

This way you can hang up your clothes without any problems. In addition, the interior of your corner wardrobe will look much larger if it is deep enough and your clothes will not look cramped in the wardrobe.


If you want to buy a robust corner wardrobe, you should take a close look at the material. The material should also match your bedroom. A high-gloss corner wardrobe will suit a modern and chic bedroom, while a wooden corner wardrobe is suitable for old-fashioned and natural bedrooms.

Here is a short list of the most common materials used for a corner wardrobe.

  • made of wood
  • with mirror
  • made of plastic
  • in high gloss

Most of the time, wooden corner wardrobes are sturdier than plastic, but you should know that wood can also be quite different. If you prefer wood as a material, it should be made of spruce or pine.


The choice of colour is a relevant criterion, because colours can have an influence on our feelings and mood. Especially for the bedroom, you should think carefully about which colours you use. After all, you should feel comfortable in your bedroom and be able to relax.

In the following table, we would like to inform you about the properties of the different colours.

Colour shade Properties
Light colours Make your bedroom look fresh and clean. Light colours are also particularly suitable for small bedrooms, as they lack natural light. This makes small bedrooms look a lot bigger.
Dark colours Dark colours make your bedroom look smaller and are good for particularly large bedrooms. Dark colours also lend a cosy and warm flair. Dark colours are also very suitable for hot and romantic nights of love.
Bright colours Bright colours can have a positive influence on our mood and emotions. Moreover, bright colours make your bedroom look lively.

Apart from the psychological effects, your own preferences are most important when choosing colours.


Before buying, you should also take a look at the interior, so you know how the corner wardrobe is structured from the inside. This is where your personal taste comes into play. There are corner wardrobes with many compartments and drawers and some with long clothes rails.

If you prefer to hang your clothes on hangers, you should make sure that your corner wardrobe has a long and sturdy clothes rail. If you prefer to fold them, there should be plenty of compartments and drawers.

Corner wardrobe: frequently asked questions and answers

In the following sections, we answer the most important questions about corner wardrobes. We have selected frequently asked questions for you and answered them briefly and concisely. You will be informed about the most essential background of a corner wardrobe after reading this part.

Who is a corner wardrobe suitable for?

Corner wardrobes are very compact and practical. The 90 degree angle makes them perfect for corners, as the name suggests. It is difficult to make good use of corners, but with a corner wardrobe it is no longer a problem.


Corner wardrobes turn unused space into valuable storage. They also require a small footprint.
(Image source: Craig Adderley / pexels )

If you have a small bedroom or your children have a small nursery, then we recommend a corner wardrobe. Furthermore, this type of wardrobe is designed to fit just about any room.

What types of corner wardrobes are there?

There are different types of corner wardrobes, which can differ in terms of the layout of the interior or the function. In the following, we will introduce you to a closed and an open corner wardrobe. These two types differ in appearance and function.

Type advantages disadvantages
open corner wardrobe good overview, cheaper, simple assembly, own construction, can be covered with curtains dusty, clothes get dirty quickly, clothes fade faster, no mirror
closed corner wardrobe protects against light, dirt and dust, wardrobe door can be removed, usually with mirror more expensive, difficult assembly, poor overview

The open corner wardrobe gives you a better overview of your clothes. It is also much easier to assemble because there are no individual parts such as the wardrobe door and the wardrobe wall. You can design and construct an open corner wardrobe individually. And if you have an open wardrobe but decide to have a closed one, you can cover your wardrobe with a curtain as an alternative.

However, clothes get dusty more quickly and can be soiled more easily by insects or pets, as no wardrobe door can serve as protection. In addition, your clothes will fade more quickly because of the light. Another disadvantage is that open corner wardrobes do not have a mirror.

The main advantage of a closed corner wardrobe is that it protects you from light, dirt and dust. If you can't decide whether to close or open the wardrobe doors, you can always take them off and on. Closed wardrobe doors usually also have a mirror. However, closed corner wardrobes are usually more expensive than open ones and are more difficult to assemble because there are more individual parts. In addition, you can't get a good overview as you can with an open wardrobe.

What does a corner wardrobe cost?

The price depends on the material, the size and the functions. The bigger and more functions, the more expensive the corner wardrobe. Since corner wardrobes are also made in very different ways, the price range can also be somewhat wide. In the following table, we have compared the prices of the different types.

Type price range
Walk-in corner wardrobe approx. 400 - 700€
Corner wardrobe with mirror approx. 200 - 350€
Corner wardrobe with drawer approx. 200 - 400€

Corner wardrobes with mirror and with drawer are roughly in the same price range and can also be had for little money. But walk-in corner wardrobes, on the other hand, are more expensive and have a wider price range. However, walk-in wardrobes have more functions and are larger.


You can also find interesting sites on the internet where you can create your own custom corner wardrobe.
(Image source: chuttersnap / unsplash)

What alternatives are there to a corner wardrobe?

There are a number of alternatives that you can use to replace a corner wardrobe more or less without any problems.

Alternatives Description
Hanging clothes rail You will quickly find hanging clothes rails on the Internet. Some of these clothes rails can also be mounted in corners. These have no other functions and no compartments or drawers, but they could be of help in a worst-case scenario.
Bookcase If you have a useless and boring bookcase, you can now put it to good use. You could mount them on the wall to the right and left of the corner. Now you have a corner wardrobe where you can put your folded clothes and shoes.
Build your own If you are a building enthusiast and like to put things together, you can also build your own corner wardrobe. On the internet you can find many videos on how to build just a classic wardrobe, but you can adapt your wardrobe to the corner of your room.

These alternatives can save you a lot of money.


The price of a corner wardrobe depends on the workmanship, size, type and functions. A walk-in corner wardrobe is of course much more expensive than a normal one, as it is larger and offers many more functions. However, you can build your own corner wardrobe with hard work and thus cut costs.

Now you have probably noticed that corner wardrobes can be very advantageous due to their simplicity and practicality. Especially for small bedrooms, such a piece of furniture is a must-have. In addition, you can customise it to fit your room perfectly.

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