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Did you know that during the course of a love relationship a woman can receive more than 5 rings and a man two? It is curious how love can materialize and if you are interested in sharing rings with your partner we show you the details you should know.

The couple rings symbolize commitment and affection so they are an excellent detail or gift that you can give. If you want to be part of this custom and buy a ring with your partner we tell you what are the aspects you should consider. We hope it is useful for you!


  • Couple's rings are a symbolism with which love, fidelity and commitment of a couple are represented. They are a perfect gift if you want to materialize the love that is in your relationship, plus you have many options to choose what you like.
  • This type of rings can be given as a gift on two occasions, either as a promise ring or as wedding rings. Each couple gives a personal meaning to the former, and if you want to formalize before the law or before God the latter are the perfect choice.
  • Before buying a set of wedding rings you should consider choosing correctly some factors such as the material, the design and the size. So we help you to understand each aspect by breaking it down in detail.

The Best Couple Rings: Our Picks

Buying Guide

Without a doubt, wedding rings are a beautiful symbol. We know that to choose one involves great excitement and enthusiasm, so we want to guide you to make this task easier, more productive and successful. Don't miss out!

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What are wedding rings and what are their advantages?

Wedding rings, also known as promise rings or even wedding rings, are a symbolism of love, fidelity, commitment and devotion. Commonly after a long lost and stable relationship, a ring can be given as a gift to represent the current commitment and intentions to formalise in the future.

In reality each couple gives a personal meaning to their rings, although the intention is always to agree on a certain type of commitment. These rings can also be personalised, and you usually have the option of engraving them with names or dates.

  • They are very durable accessories
  • They can be personalised
  • They can be engraved
  • They are a symbol of commitment
  • Not all designs are unisex
  • You must know the size of your finger
  • They can be very expensive if they are gold

Engagement or wedding rings - what should you pay attention to?

Throughout a love relationship it is very common to give or receive details that materialise love. Couple's rings are one of them and specifically there are two types of rings that can be used as a couple. We explain what they are:

Promise rings. Although the meaning of this type of rings is very subjective, couples use them as a symbol of promise to be faithful. Even one of the strongest meanings is that of a future commitment.

There is no rule as to when it should be given as a gift, or in what form, or how long into the relationship, nor should you be as meticulous or specific in its characteristics as with other types of rings, such as engagement rings for example.

Wedding rings. These rings are given only and exclusively when an engagement is agreed before the law and/or before the church, that is, when a couple gets married. They represent a true commitment and a lifetime together.

Because of the importance of the use of these rings, the most expensive and durable precious metals are also often used. It is even common to include diamonds in the design. Their characteristics in terms of design and homogeneity are very specific.

Promise rings Wedding rings
Material Stainless steel, silver and gold Silver and gold 1
Design Any design Simple and sober designs
When given as a gift During a love relationship When getting married

Giving the gift of a symbol of commitment is truly priceless. (Author: StockSnap /

Buying criteria: factors that allow you to compare and rate the different models of couple's rings

When choosing a set of couple rings you should take into account some factors that will help you to make a successful purchase. In this type of products it is very common that you are offered pieces that do not have the features they claim to have. Here we tell you what aspects you should consider.

  • Material
  • Design
  • Size


The material of the wedding rings is the first thing you should think about. On the one hand it determines the complexity of the design and on the other hand it also influences the price. To make sure you get what you are looking for, we will tell you what you can do.

Stainless steel. This material is very accessible, durable and above all resistant, although the designs are usually very simple. If you want stainless steel rings you should make sure that they are really made of stainless steel and not steel or aluminium for example. To do this there are a number of tests you can do.

First of all the rings should be heavy. This material does not rust so you should check that it does not have any kind of brown colour. It should also have a completely reflective sheen so when you wipe it with a cloth you should be able to see your face in it.

Silver. If you want a material that is considered precious but much more affordable than gold, silver is the ideal choice. To find out if your rings are really made of silver you can try the following. First of all it must have a certification stamp. This should be the number .925 on the inside.

That inscription guarantees that the purity of the metal is 92.5%. Then you can test it with a jewellery cloth. When you clean the silver the cloth stays black. And finally you can also do the ice test. When you place an ice cube on the ring, it should melt quickly, if it doesn't, it's probably not silver.

Gold. Gold is one of the most widely used materials for making jewellery. With it you can make almost any design regardless of its complexity. This metal is also one of the most expensive but has the longest life span. You can also maintain it as often as you like to make it look as good as new.

To know if your pieces are made of gold, to start with, they should have an inscription on the inside that marks the karat of the gold (14K, 18K, 24K). Another way to check is with a very strong magnet, as gold is not magnetic, so it should not stick.

You should also check that it doesn't look worn or discoloured because if it does, it is most likely a gold-plated piece only, which can wear out faster in the long run. Finally, try an uncoloured ceramic piece and rub the ring. If there are golden lines it is gold and if they are black it is not.


Unlike conventional engagement rings or wedding rings, this type of jewellery has no rules when it comes to design. It basically depends on the tastes of the couple. Here are the most common designs.

Heart. It is very common for promise rings to have a heart in their design, which is the most explicit way of expressing the love between the couple. They are usually only for the woman, so we recommend you to choose a simple design to combine with the man's design.

Rope. If you want a ring that matches your partner's we recommend this option. It is a simple design that symbolizes the intertwining of the ropes as the union and strength of the relationship. It is perfect for both of you to wear the same model.

Churumbela. For centuries they have been one of the most beautiful and delicate pieces for rings. With this type of design you can buy two of the same rings, as they are also suitable for men. If this is the design you choose, make sure the stones are made of zirconia to prevent them from yellowing.

With a stone. Pearl, zirconia or even a semi-precious stone can be part of the ring design. It is more common that only the woman's ring has this type of stones as they are presented as solitaires. If you like this idea for your rings, consider choosing a design that matches the one the man will wear.


You should look for the right jewellery and suppliers

Often jewellers or suppliers of these types of rings do not allow exchanges or refunds. Therefore you should be sure of the size you need to avoid problems. If you don't know or want to check your size we tell you how to do it.

The main thing is to find the right size for you

The easiest way is if you have a tape measure. You should measure the circumference of your ring finger (or the finger you want to wear the ring on), once you know it, write it down so you don't forget it. If you don't have a tape, use a strip of paper or string to measure and then check the length with a ruler.

Another not so practical way is to ask a jewellery shop to measure your finger with a ring gauge. When you know how many centimetres of circumference you have, compare your measurements. Here is a table with the standard ring sizes. If you are in a medium size, ask if they handle half sizes.

Size Circumference in cm
5 5.40
6 5.71
7 6.00
8 6.28
9 6.60
10 7.00

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