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Welcome to MONEDEROsmart, your online review site. If you want to give a new look to a piece of furniture that's already worn out, a sofa cover can be an ideal option. Developed to protect or breathe new life into a sofa, sofa covers can now be found in a variety of sizes, materials and styles so you can revamp your décor without spending too much. So, whether you're restoring an old sofa or protecting a new piece of furniture from stains and other types of damage, check out our review to understand a little more about the product and how to choose the perfect model.


  • Before buying a sofa cover, it is important to measure your sofa and check the product specifications to buy the right size.
  • Sofa covers are great options for renovating older furniture without having to spend a lot.
  • If you plan to place a sofa outdoors, a waterproof cover can protect it from possible rain damage.

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The Best Cover For Sofa: Our Picks

Buying Guide

If before there was a prejudice against sofa covers, today they are considered a joker for decoration, because they are cheaper, easy to wash, store and exchange. This way, you can revitalize your living room while protecting your furniture. To understand a little more about the product and its benefits, see our Buying Guide.

Imagem de mulher trabalhando em notebook em um sofá com capa protetora branca.

Using a sofa cover you can protect your furniture and change the decoration of your living room with much more practicality (Source: Fox / Pexels)

What is a sofa cover?

They are nothing more than protective covers that involve the sofas, preventing it from getting dirty or being damaged during use. Today you can find them available on the market in different sizes and materials. Besides its protective function, they can also be used as an easy and cheap way to give a facelift to the decoration of their environments, because they have different colours and prints. Let's face it, cleaning a sofa is much harder than just washing a cover. So, whether to protect your furniture, cover old stains or give a different look to your environment, try using one or more covers for sofas and leave your room according to your style.

What are the types of sofa covers?

There are two main types of sofa covers available for purchase today. One-piece covers completely cover the sofa, ideal for renovations at an affordable price. Slightly cheaper, single piece covers have protectors for the backrest, seat and arms of the sofa. They can be removed more easily for washing. To understand a little better about the models, check out our comparative table below.

One piece sofa cover Sofa cover with individual pieces
Indication of use Indicated for the renovation of sofas Great to protect and redecorate
Benefits Completely protect the sofa Can be removed for washing more easily
Price Can cost a little more expensive For not covering the entire sofa, usually have a more affordable price

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using a sofa cover?

The sofa covers offer some advantages, such as the ease of being removable and washable. They help protect the sofa from stains, damage and can also be used as an option to renew your decoration. However, there are some disadvantages. They require maintenance, depending on the model it may not fit perfectly with the furniture and sometimes it is cheaper to carry out a repair than to buy a new cover. To make sure you're making the right decision or choosing the ideal model, check out the table below.

  • Covers are removable and can be washed
  • They help to protect your sofas from stains and damage
  • They can be used to renew the décor of the room
  • They require maintenance from time to time
  • Some may not fit the sofa perfectly
  • In some cases the cover may cost more than a repair

When do I know it is time to buy a sofa cover?

If you have small children you should know that if you just look away for a minute an accident can happen. And when they gain access to the sofa, it can result in stains. Or consider the case of pets. If your cat decides that the sofa is its favourite place to take a nap, it may leave fur or even scratch the fabric. The same goes for dogs, who love to chew and dig.

Imagem de um gato deitado no sofá olhando para a câmera.

For those who have animals at home, using a sofa cover is an excellent alternative. (Source: ituzaingo / Pixabay)

To take care of these problems in a practical way, sofa covers are an excellent option because they can be removed and taken away, protecting your sofa from these kinds of inconveniences. Now, if your sofa has already suffered from these accidents, a good cover can cover them up in a discreet way, and you can still purchase models with different prints to give a change in the environment.

How to clean my cover for sofa?

To make a quick cleaning, you can use a hoover and a damp cloth. Depending on the model, they can also be taken straight to the washing machine. Here is a caveat: consult the product specifications on the material, so you can set the washing machine accordingly to avoid damage. Then, just let it dry in a cool place, preferably in the shade to prevent the sun from discolouring the fabric. Then, simply reposition it on your sofa.

Sofá com capa com suporte para revista e controle.

Choose a sofa cover that is easy to wash. (Source: Amazon)

Purchase criteria: What to consider before buying a sofa cover

Now you have seen some models and better understand all the benefits that a sofa cover can provide for your furniture. However, it is important to consider some criteria before making the purchase. When it comes to comfort, for example, it is ideal to choose a softer and more pleasant material. And nobody wants a sofa cover that does not fit perfectly. Check out these topics we've separated for you.

  • Material
  • Size
  • Colours and Prints
  • Style and finish

Analyze each of these topics carefully to find a sofa cover that offers the best level of protection with the comfort you deserve. And most importantly, that fits in your pocket.


You will find sofa covers produced in different materials. The most common are fabrics such as cotton, twill, pleated twill, denim or even velvet. It is also quite common to find them made of polyester or mixed fabrics. The ideal thing here is to find a fabric that offers the comfort you want with the protection your furniture needs. For external environments and that do not offer coverage against the weather, the ideal is that the covers are made of canvas, plastic or waterproof fabrics that completely surround the sofa to prevent damage.

Imagem de sofá com capa de tecido.

Ideally, find a cover in a fabric that is comfortable for you. (Source: belchonock / 123RF)


There are different sizes of sofa covers, which usually vary according to the amount of seating. The most common ones are for one, two, three and even four seats. It is worth checking the product specifications. And to measure your sofa and get an idea of the appropriate size of the cover, check our table below. To do the measuring, first measure the seats without counting the arms and then consider how much you need to cover them.

Coversize Seat size
1-seat cover Seat up to 0.55 m
2-seat cover Seat up to 1.15 m
3-seat cover Seat up to 1.65 m
4-seat cover Seat up to 2.05 m

Colours and prints

More than offering protection, sofa covers also offer a convenient and inexpensive way to add special charm to your decor. They can be found in different colours, some offering even prints and textures. So you can buy sofa covers in different colours and prints and change the decor of your living room whenever you want.

Imagem de sofá com capa xadrez.

The sofa cover can be plain or printed. (Source: belchonock / 123RF)

Style and finish

Sofa covers are extremely useful, but to ensure they fit in perfectly and match your living room, you need to choose one whose style and finish you like. There are two main types of sofa covers - one-piece and those with individual pieces. Although one-piece covers will protect your sofa completely, it is essential to choose the right size. To do this, it is important to note whether it has elastic bands or what type of binding. Some fabrics already have special elastic properties that allow for a better fit. In the case of individual covers, there is no mystery. Just place them over the sofa, some even offer side pockets to store magazines, newspapers and the remote controls of your electronic devices. (Featured image source: Katarzyna BiaÅ'asiewicz / 123RF)