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Dark circles under the eyes appear in the region below the eyes, leaving the area with a darkened tone. To remove the appearance of tiredness and aging caused by this problem, it is recommended to use cream for dark circles under the eyes.

Including this cosmetic among the skin cleansing products in your skincare routine will bring results that go beyond rejuvenation. In the article you can know all the details about this item and clear your doubts! Check it out:


  • Dark circles under the eyes are characterised by darkening in the upper part of the eyes. They can arise due to genetic and even behavioural factors, such as poorly slept nights.
  • As the skin around the eyes is very sensitive, it is necessary to use creams for dark circles that have specific actives to treat this region. This cosmetic can bring hydration and rejuvenation to the facial skin.
  • Before buying, observe the criteria as the state of the dark circles, skin type or product composition. Thus, you will find the ideal cream for your face that will bring good results.

The Best Cream For Dark Circles: Our Picks

A good cream for dark circles needs to have certain specifications that guarantee the effects offered by the product. To help you find an option that meets your expectations, we have listed the best-selling models on the market:

Buying guide: all you need to know about cream for dark circles under the eyes

If you want a young and healthy skin you need to know the benefits of using the cream for dark circles regularly. So, be sure to read the article below in which we clarify the main doubts about this cosmetic!

Mulher de olhos fechados aplicando creme para olheiras no rosto.

The cream for dark circles under the eyes improves the appearance of the skin near the eyes, leaving it young and healthy. (Photo: wayhomestudio/Freepik)

Are there differences between the cream for dark circles and for the face ?

The skin around the eyes is not the same as other parts of the face. It is thinner, more sensitive, with different pigment deposits and less blood circulation.

Facial creams are dense and greasy, not matching with this delicate tissue. Generally, specific creams to treat the area are more fluid and lighter regardless of the product's texture.

Facial creams that can be applied on the eye area are indicated with the term "eye cream"

What are the causes for the appearance of dark circles under the eyes?

Dark circles under the eyes are characterized by the darkening of the lower eyelid. Many believe that they appear only due to bad nights sleep, however, they are also linked to genetic and even behavioral factors.

Dark circles under the eyes come from genetic and behavioural causes

Genetic dark circles have a more complex treatment. Dark circles caused by vascular alterations leave the skin with a purple hue. Meanwhile, dark circles caused by the increase of melanin in the eye area promote brown darkening.

To start the treatment it is important to talk to a dermatologist so that the causes of the dark circles are evaluated, thus indicating the necessary procedures for the improvement of the problem.

Is there an age to start using the cream for dark circles under the eyes?

The specialists point out that people from 25 years old on start to lose telomeres and collagen cells, being important to use the creams as a form of prevention.

However, you can start taking care of the eye region around 16 years, keeping the area always moisturized with cosmetics and always using sunscreen regularly.

How to apply the cream for dark circles under the eyes?

The skin is a very sensitive part of the body. Therefore, apply the cream for dark circles under the eyes gently. Prefer to do the application with the help of cotton wool, handkerchief or paper.

It is indicated to perform this procedure always at night, because almost all creams have antioxidant assets that cause hyperpigmentation in contact with sunlight.

Place a small quantity of the product and spread it with movements from the inside to the outside. They will help the absorption and favor the lymphatic drainage of the area.

Benefits of using the cream for dark circles under the eyes: what are they?

You may think that using the cream for dark circles is something without so much relevance, but this procedure can help you achieve results in improving the skin of your face. Check out some of these benefits:

  • Hydration: The most important point when treating skin is to keep it moisturized. Cosmetics can help to achieve this result, leaving the face healthy and vigorous.
  • Rejuvenation: Because it is an area that is very fragile and puckers frequently, it can age before other parts of the face. With the cream, you can delay this situation.
  • Vascularization: It is common that the blood vessels in this area are more evident. Creams can also prevent them from showing too much.

Can other cosmetics help in eliminating dark circles under the eyes?

Creams for dark circles under the eyes are essential, however, they will only be effective with the performance of other daily skin care. One of the most important is to use sunscreen frequently to avoid problems due to the action of the Sun.

Another fundamental care is to remove makeup with the help of makeup remover or micellar water, preventing the clogging of facial pores. Finally, including the use of sunglasses in external areas is also indispensable.

Mulher com óculos de sol sentada em uma mesa na área externa com o celular na mão.

Sunscreen, makeup remover, micellar water and sunglasses can enhance the effects of the cream for dark circles under the eyes. (Photo: wayhomestudio/Freepik)

Purchase criteria: What to consider when comparing dark circles cream models

The creams for dark circles bring hydration, lightening and elasticity to the skin around the eyes. But, do you know the ideal characteristics that the product must have to offer such effects? We explain the important points to you:

Skin Type

You need to know the characteristics of your skin before buying any cosmetic. Usually, treatments are only effective when the products used meet the consumers' needs exactly.

People with dry skin need cosmetics with moisturizing potential. Oily skins need products with dry touch action or matte effect. On mixed skins, it is recommended to opt for creams with hyaluronic acid.

State of Dark Circles

Everyone can have dark circles under the eyes, however, they are different in each face. For an effective treatment, you need to find a cream that meets the characteristics of your type of dark circles.

But, do you know which ones exist? We present the characteristics of the main states of dark circles in the table below:

Characteristics Cause
Structural Olheira Structural Brownish and deep Lack of fatty tissue in the lower part of the eyes
Melanic Olheira Darker brownish Hormonal change or overexposure to the sun
Vascular eye Pale/purple Fluid retention
Blood Color Dark puce Genetic Factor
Mixed eye Mixture of two types of dark circles It is the most common


The presence of components in the formula of the cream for dark circles under the eyes is one of the main points, because it will define the features and effectiveness of the product. Below, we highlight the most important ones:

  • Caffeine: active ingredient to stimulate blood circulation
  • Arnica: has immunological and lightening function
  • Retinol: Renews the skin, leaving it smoother, thinner and more uniform
  • Vitamin C: Able to whiten and protect the skin
  • Hyaluronic Acid: Hydrates and strengthens the area around the eyes
  • Peptides: Reduces fluid accumulation in the dark circles area

Functions Available

Some cosmetics for dark circles can still bring extra effects to treat the area around the eyes. One of these features is the possibility of pigmentation in the product, helping to disguise the shade of the dark circles.

Another element that the creams may contain are anti-wrinkle substances. They enhance the performance of cosmetics as skin rejuvenators, leaving the skin with a moisturized appearance.

Mulher com roupa de banho e toalha na cabeça olhando no espelho e passando creme na parte abaixo dos olhos

Your daily skin care routine needs to include cosmetics with moisturizing action. (Photo: senivpetro: freepik)


Even if the creams for dark circles are lighter and fluid, each product will present a different consistency. You can choose a format that matches your treatment stage.

If your dark circles are milder, choose a cream with a moisturizing aspect, so you will avoid skin dryness. Now, if your dark circles are deeper, prefer cosmetics with higher permeability and hydration.


Dark circles under the eyes are spots under the eyes that can appear in anyone. They appear due to genetic and even behavioural factors, such as tiredness or sleepless nights.

To treat this type of problem, you can use a specific cream for dark circles containing ingredients such as vitamin C, hyaluronic acid or arnica. These assets will be responsible for bringing lightening and firmness to the skin.

However, do not forget that the cream for dark circles does not work alone. Add habits such as wearing sunglasses, sunscreen and makeup remover to your skincare routine to get effective treatment.

(Featured image source: freepik/Freepik)