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Nowadays, there are probably few people who do not have cards or credit cards. You need suitable storage for them. Credit card cases are a useful aid for storing cards neatly and always having the right card to hand.

Thanks to the wide variety of materials, colours and features, you can brighten up your everyday life a little with a suitable case for credit cards. We have therefore compared different models and you will find out what you should look out for when making your purchase. In the end, you can find the right model for you!


  • Credit card cases are not only suitable for storing credit cards, but can also hold your banknotes and coins.
  • You have a lot of choice when it comes to the material. You can decide whether you want a flexible or hard case and whether you want leather, fabric, wood or aluminium. Your individual taste can be satisfied.
  • Thanks to possible RFID protection, your credit card data is optimally protected against possible theft by readers and you can carry all your cards with you with peace of mind.

The Best Credit Card Case: Our Choices

Buying and evaluation criteria for credit card cases

To help you choose the right credit card case, we have summarised the most important buying criteria for you. The criteria are as follows:

In the next section, we explain what you should look for in the purchase criteria so that you can make the best decision.

Size and weight

Credit card cases vary in size and weight. Because a credit card case is an item that is used a lot in everyday life, you should definitely think about the size and weight.

You should think about whether you want a handy and light case that fits in your pocket and only holds the most important cards, or whether you want a larger case that holds more.

Number of card slots

Credit card cases are available in many designs. It is important for you to think about whether you only want to take your most important cards with you or only have a few anyway, because in that case 5 compartments might be enough.

Or maybe you prefer to carry all your cards with you. In that case, you should go for a credit card case that has many compartments.


Credit card cases differ in terms of their material. There is a wide range to choose from. When choosing a material, you should of course also pay attention to the workmanship so that you buy a high-quality product.

You can also consider the sustainability of the material. Many credit card cases are made of leather or aluminium. There are also some made of plastic. You can also think about whether you prefer a stretchy and soft or hard material.

Coins and notes

There are credit card cases that can hold coins or notes in addition to cards. So you should think about whether you want to use your case as a supplement to your normal wallet or as a replacement.

You can also think about whether you prefer to keep only coins for small expenses or only notes, or both.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about credit card cases answered in detail

In the following, we will answer the most frequently asked questions about credit card cases so that you will have enough information to buy a suitable credit card case.

Who is a credit card case suitable for?

A credit card case is an item that will accompany you in your everyday life. Especially nowadays, more and more people pay with credit cards. If you pay a lot with credit cards, then a credit card case is a neat and tidy storage option for you.

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Credit cards or cards in general are used by many people nowadays. Often you have several and can easily lose track of them. So that you always have an overview of your cards, a credit card case is worthwhile. (Image source: Avery Evans/ unsplash)

It is also suitable if you want to have another addition to your wallet or a better overview of your cards.

Even if you have a lot of credit cards in general, a credit card case will help you.

What types of credit card cases are there?

There are many different types of credit card cases. They differ mainly in size, weight, material and additional functions.

There are credit card cases that also have a money clip for notes and some that have a coin compartment so you can also store your coins.

Credit card cases are also available with a pop-up function, zip or push button. Some have a key chain so you can attach them to your key. Some can also be attached to your mobile phone.

Some cases are hard and some are flexible. It depends on whether you prefer a hard cover. Your cards can't be bent, but it's also more difficult to handle. You can also decide whether you want your cards to be stored individually in compartments or all in one.

How much does a credit card case cost?

The price of credit card cases is determined by various factors. These include the material, the size, additional functions and also the brand. This table should give you an overview of the prices of credit card cases:

Price range Available products
Low-priced 5 - 15 €) Simple credit card case with few compartments and no additional functions
Medium-priced 15 - 35 €) Credit card cases with some additional functions, for example pop-up design, money clip or coin pocket
High-priced from 35 €) High-quality materials and design, special functions

As you can see from the table, you can get a good credit card case for little money. If you attach more importance to high-quality materials and possible additional functions, you can of course also go for higher-priced cases.

How important is RFID protection?

RFID protection can play a big role for you. RFID protection keeps your data safer. The protector interferes with the signal from readers and thus prevents your cash cards from being read.

So if you're worried about your data being read, investing in RFID protection certainly makes sense for you and you should make sure that your chosen wallet is equipped with it.


To get a good overview of your credit cards, a credit card case can be a good investment for you. With many different sizes, colours, designs, materials and possible additional features to choose from, you can find a case for your cards that is perfect for you.

You can decide whether you want to store only your cards or also coins and/or notes. Credit card cases can also protect your important data with RFID protection and prevent your cards from being read.

(Cover photo: Stephen Phillips/ Unsplash)

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