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Hello, welcome to Sweetest Home! Seasoning is the most important part of dishes and salads and a great way to unite all the ingredients that serve to give more flavour to food is the cruet, the product that is the subject of this article.

It can consist of two, three or even five containers, the cruet is the set of pieces that will house seasonings such as oil, vinegar, salt, pepper and any other item you like to add to your dishes. The cruet can be used both at the dining table and in the kitchen.

And if you want to buy one of these, but do not know how to choose the best for your needs, know that in this text you will find all the information about the cruet. At the end of reading, you will be able to define the ideal model for you. So keep on with us and let's go!


  • There are cruet holders with or without support, and those with support are very good for taking to the table.
  • They are made of several materials, the most common being plastic and glass.
  • There are several different cruet sizes, both in terms of number of pieces and capacity.

The Best Cruet: Our Picks

Can you imagine buying a cruet and then regretting it? Nobody wants to go through that, and to prevent you from making a mistake, we've created this ranking with the cruet options best rated by users. Check it out:

Buying Guide

The cruet is a decorative and functional product, which can be used in the kitchen, but also on the table to season dishes such as salads.

Made in several models, cruet holders are a good option for those who wish to have all the spices at hand. If this is your desire, just read this buying guide to learn all about this product.

Na foto uma mulher com uma criança com legumes em uma mesa e um galheteiro sobre ela.

The cruet is an ideal product to be placed at the table and season salads. (Source: Oksana Kuzmina / 123rf)

What is a cruet?

The word cruet means container, so the cruet is a product composed of two or more cruets that can be used both in the kitchen and on the table to season the most diverse recipes.

Designed with the intention of keeping all the spices together.

Created with the intention of keeping all the spices together, there are several models of cruet and it is possible to find them in versions with or without support. Thanks to that, this is a very functional item, but it adds a lot to the composition of the dining table and makes the environment more beautiful and practical.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the cruet holder?

The cruet is a product that pleases people who love organization and appreciate a beautiful and tidy table. It is designed to leave the most used spices together, thus facilitating the process of finishing and preparing dishes.

Its beauty is another positive point, since there are cruets made in various styles and thanks to that it can add to the table.

It is also worth mentioning that this is a product available in several sizes. This makes it adaptable to all needs and even those who only want to have a container for oil and another for vinegar can find a good option.

Although the cruet is not an indispensable item, those who acquire it end up satisfied, and the only point that can be considered negative is the need to always take products such as salt, pepper and oil from their containers to fill it up.

  • It keeps the spices more organized
  • It is practical
  • It adds to the table decoration
  • It is beautiful
  • It can be found in several sizes
  • It needs to be stocked

What does a cruet stand consist of?

There are several cruet models and no single model is the right one. Therefore, it is possible to find this product in several versions, from the simplest to the most elaborate.

Cruet cruets are made with a varied number of pieces and may be used in different ways. The most basic ones are the vinegar and oil ones, these are a little larger, having a capacity of 100 ml or more.

In addition, there are more complete options which guarantee all the spices in one place. In this sense, there are the five-piece ones, which contain the salt and pepper shakers and the base, as well as the vinegar and oil shakers. Many people like to acquire similar cruet and napkin holders to place them on the table.

Buying Criteria: Factors to compare cruet set options

If you have decided to purchase a cruet, the time has come for us to explain to you which criteria should be taken into consideration when buying. We will explain them all below.

  • Material
  • Place of use
  • Number of pieces
  • Dosing device or spray
  • Container size

Below, we will detail each one of them so that you can make the best choice.


The first point to be analyzed is the material in which the cruet is made. The most common options are plastic, glass and even ceramic.

The plastic ones are the less sophisticated, but are more difficult to break and are found in several colours, prints and models. The negative point of this type of cruet is that it may stain and get greasy very easily.

Glass cruets are more refined and have the great advantage of being transparent, which facilitates the visualization of what is inside the container, besides better preserving the flavors.

Finally, there are the ceramic ones, which are more elegant, a little more classic and less modern. They have a great resistance, but their negative point is that it is not possible to see the ingredient inside.

Na foto um prato de comida com um copo de água ao lado e dois galheteiros na borda em cima de uma mesa de madeira.

Glass cruets are among the most chosen because they are resistant and look good, matching with various environments and decorations. (zael / Pixabay)

Place of use

The place where the cruet will be used is also important to define the model to be chosen.

In this sense, those who seek the use of the product only inside the kitchen can invest in plastic ones, which fulfill this function well and aesthetically speaking are less sophisticated. Moreover, for these environments often even the support can be dispensed with.

Those who want a cruet to take it to the table should invest in a more refined option, since it will be part of the decoration. For this the glass and ceramic options are more suitable, including those with chrome details are very beautiful.

For this type of use, the support is very welcome and even if it is not a mandatory item, it can facilitate the passage of the spices and also give more elegance.

Number of pieces

As we have already explained, there are cruet holders with different numbers of pieces and which one to choose depends on the products you use the most to season your dishes.

Thus, those who do not use much pepper powder or own a pepper grinder can easily opt for a model with three or only two pieces. Besides, there are those who do not like vinegar, so paying extra to have a vinegar maker becomes a bad choice. So, think about it!

Na foto três galheteiros em cima de uma mesa com diversas garrafas de azeite ao fundo.

The cruet is not always the best option and the ideal is to define which products you want to pack in them before making the purchase. (Source: Hans / Pixabay)

Dosing device or spray

Speaking specifically about the vinegar and olive oil dispenser, a question to be analyzed is how they will release the liquids. The most common models have a dosing spout and the product is placed in the dish in a simple way.

The more modern ones have a spray mechanism, which may be very interesting for some people, so it is good to analyse this as well.

Size of the containers

The last issue to be analyzed is the size of the containers present in the cruet and this is important according to how often you will use them. Those who intend to use it only on special occasions may invest in smaller ones, since the spices won't get old or stay in the containers for a long time.

For restaurants or those who receive many people for dinner, the larger ones are a good option, since they have less need to be replaced and thus also give less work and are more practical.

(Source of the highlighted image: manfredxy / 123rf)

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