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Are you an absolute coffee or tea lover? Then you probably know the problem that your coffee or tea gets cold too quickly and loses its flavour. With a cup warmer, hot drinks can be kept warm for much longer. This means that you can drink warm drinks for a longer period of time, even if you let them stand for a while.

This useful function has made cup warmers a practical companion for use at home or in the office. For our product comparison, we have compared different models and worked out the most important aspects for you.


  • Cup warmers are used in the catering industry, but also increasingly in private households and offices. They are used to warm up cups before filling them and to keep the contents warm for longer.
  • There are many different models of electric cup warmers, which differ particularly in their design, functions and heat retention.
  • Stainless steel and glass cups are particularly suitable for cup warmers, but ceramic cups are also possible. However, it is important to choose cups with a flat and relatively thin base.

The Best Cup Warmer: Our Picks

In this section, we have compiled our favourites for you to help you with your purchase decision. There is a cup warmer for every taste and every need.

Buying and evaluation criteria for cup warmers

To help you find the ideal cup warmer for you, we have summarised the most important criteria for your purchase. These criteria are as follows:

Now we'll explain these six criteria in more detail and show you why you should definitely consider them when choosing.


Cup warmers come in a wide variety of sizes. For private use, a diameter of the actual heating surface of 7 cm to 10 cm is perfectly adequate.

When choosing a cup warmer, it is important to consider the size of the cup for which you want to use the warming plate. The bottom of the cup and the warming plate should be approximately the same size to avoid unnecessary heat loss.


When it comes to the material of the cup warmer, you should pay special attention to the quality and workmanship. They can be made of brushed stainless steel, aluminium or plastic. Stainless steel and aluminium cup warmers in particular are very stable and durable and are therefore often more suitable than those made of plastic.

Furthermore, you should pay attention to whether the surface of the warming plate is waterproof. This makes cleaning easier and protects against damage caused by spilling or overflowing.

Temperature settings

Of course, the most important criteria for buying a cup warmer are the heat retention and the possible temperature settings. So you should pay attention to whether you can set the temperature individually or which and how many fixed temperature settings there are.

To keep drinks warm, the cup warmer should reach a temperature of at least 55 °C to preserve the warmth and taste.


Cup warmers are usually electrically operated. They are either battery-operated or have a conventional power cable. Cup warmers with a USB cable are particularly practical, as this makes it possible to use the device in the immediate vicinity of the computer or laptop.

When using a device with a power connection, you should always pay attention to the length of the cable. We recommend a cup warmer with a cable length of at least 1.3 m so that you can use it flexibly.


When choosing a cup warmer, you should also look at how easy it is to operate. There are cup warmers without a switch, with a switch or even with a touch control.

Newer models have a gravity sensor and switch on and off automatically as soon as you place a cup on them or take it down. Another practical feature is an automatic switch-off after prolonged use to minimise safety risks.


There are many different designs, which is why it can sometimes be difficult to decide. Cup warmers can be plain and monochrome, have a wooden look or even be biscuit-shaped, for example. Again, it is important to pay attention to the workmanship and quality to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about cup warmers answered in detail

In this section we explain the most frequently asked questions about cup warmers so that you are well informed when you want to buy a cup warmer.

What is a cup warmer?

A cup warmer is an electrical device that is used to keep cups and their contents warm for longer or to warm up a cup before pouring a hot drink into it. It is a warming plate that prevents a sudden loss of heat and thus preserves the taste in the long term.

Cup warmers are a practical aid for anyone who prefers to drink their coffee or tea warm all the time. (Image source: Lisa870 / Pixabay)

Cup warmers are therefore a good product for all tea or coffee drinkers who often find that their coffee gets cold and no longer tastes good. It is suitable for all drinks, whether coffee, cocoa, tea or milk and even soups and baby food can be heated to any temperature with it.

What types of cup warmers are there?

There are many different types of cup warmers. You will need a different model depending on whether you want to use it for everyday use at home or in the office. Again, there are special devices for the catering industry and some are already built into some fully automatic coffee or tea machines. Which cup warmer is ultimately suitable for you depends on your individual use.

As an alternative to electric cup warmers, you can make your own cup warmer and knit it out of wool. You can find various instructions on the internet.

For which cups is a cup warmer suitable?

To ensure that the cup warmer can transfer the heat to the cup and really keep the contents warm, the bottom of the cup should be as flat as possible and without any hollow space. This means that the cup should lie flat on the warming plate in order to use the cup warmer effectively. Putting a lid on the cup additionally helps to store the heat.

There are many different coffee cups. Stainless steel and glass cups have proved particularly suitable for a cup warmer, but ceramic cups with a flat and relatively thin base can also be used.


Cup warmers are a good product for all coffee and tea lovers, because they are a cost-effective way to keep hot drinks warm without wasting a lot of energy.

The use of USB cup warmers has proven to be particularly practical in everyday office life. They come in a wide variety of designs and versions, so there should be a cup warmer to suit everyone. It is important to use the right cups.

When deciding on a purchase, however, the functionality in the form of size, possible temperature settings and ease of use play a primary role.

(Cover photo: Nataliya Piatrovich / 123rf)