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The cushions are decorative objects that make all the difference in environments such as living rooms and bedrooms. And a product that can renew the appearance of this item is the cushion cover.

Owner of a great versatility, the cushion cover is available in numerous models and allows you to change the look of the cushions easily and cheaply. So, if you are looking to buy one of these, keep reading, because in this article we will explain everything about this accessory.


  • The cushion cover is available in various sizes and shapes and adapts to all models of cushion.
  • This is a product that can easily change the appearance of the cushions and gives a touch more in the decoration of environments.
  • Many are the fabrics used in the production of the cushion cover and it is found for purchase in numerous colours and prints.

The Best Cushion Cover: Our Picks

The cushion cover is an excellent ally of decoration and can change the look of environments in a very simple way. Therefore, below we have made a selection of the best models of this product, check it out:

Buying guide: everything you need to know about the cushion cover

The cushion cover is a very practical product that is available in several models. However, there are still some doubts about it and in this buying guide we will answer the most common questions about this item.

Na foto uma mulher deitada em um sofá com um livro na mão.

The cushion cover collaborates with the decoration of environments and makes them more beautiful and cozy. (Source: cottonbro / Pexels)

What are the advantages of buying a cushion cover?

The cushion cover is a product full of positive points. With that, the main advantage lies in the fact that it can change the appearance of the cushions in a practical and quick way.

Another differential is that this item is available in many options, which adapt to the most varied styles of decoration and shapes and sizes of cushion.

In addition, the cushion cover does not usually have a high value, which makes it affordable for most people.

It is also worth noting that it is easy to put on and its washing is quite simple.

Which is better: to buy a cushion cover or a complete cushion?

Cushions are very common on sofas and beds, but it is not uncommon to get sick of the look of them.

At this point the question always arises whether it is better to buy new cushions or just change their cover and, in fact, the answer to this question depends on the situation.

If your cushions are in good condition, properly filled and still beautiful and comfortable, it is more interesting to buy just the cover, not least because the price is usually lower.

On the other hand, if the cushions are already deformed or damaged, the best choice is to purchase the complete set.

How to combine the cushion cover with the decoration?

Creating a decor where all the elements match each other is not always easy and this difficulty usually arises when choosing the cushion covers.

Thus, not to make a mistake in the purchase is necessary to take into account mainly the decorative style employed in the environment where this product will be inserted.

For more sophisticated and clean decorations, the ideal is to acquire cushion covers made with noble fabrics and in neutral tones.

Already if the environment follows a more industrial and contemporary decor, the models in darker colours and with modern and geometric prints will match a lot.

Therefore, always analyze whether the colour and print of the cushion cover follow the same line of decoration of the place.

Na foto uma sala de estar com sofá, duas poltronas e quadros na parede.

Ideally, the colour and pattern of the cushion cover should be in accordance with the decoration of the room. (Source: OTAVIO FONSECA / Pexels)

How to wash the cushion cover?

Because it is easily placed and removed, the cushion cover is very easy to wash and this can be done using various products.

However, this is an item made of different materials and you need to pay attention to that before making your washing.

The covers made of cotton and microfiber can be taken to the machine and will not spoil. However, if they are made in satin, for example, you need to take greater care.

So, to wash it correctly, you should always check what can and cannot be used on your material.

Purchase criteria: What to take into account when comparing cushion cover models

Many are the cushion cover options available for purchase and to acquire the best one it is necessary to pay attention to some characteristics. Below we show you what they are.


The cushion cover is produced in a wide variety of fabrics, which interferes in its beauty, comfort and ease of cleaning.

So it is necessary to analyze this material at the time of purchase and the main fabrics used for making this product are:

  • Cotton: Cotton is very soft and breathable. It is often mixed with other materials for the production of cushion covers, but it is always a good choice.
  • Linen: It is a type of natural fibre that has a very sophisticated appearance.
  • Satin: The satin most commonly used in making cushion covers is made of synthetic fibres of silk and cotton and has a very soft touch and a shiny appearance.
  • Jacquard: It has a texture very similar to silk, but has embossed or embroidered details.
  • Microfibre: This is a very resistant fabric, soft and easy to clean. It is produced with a mixture of polyester and polyamide.
  • Oxfordine: With a soft and light texture, Oxfordine has good resistance, but wrinkles easily.
  • Long-haired plush: Very soft, pillow covers made of this fabric are very eye-catching and comfortable. However, they get dirty and accumulate dust easily.
  • Velvet: Velvet is a very sophisticated fabric, so the covers made with it give a touch of refinement to the environments.

Size and shape

The cushions come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, which makes it necessary to evaluate the size and shape of the cover to check if it is compatible.

So, always take the measurements of the cushions that will receive this product and look for a model that is as close as possible to these dimensions before making the purchase.

If you do not find a 100% compatible cover, give preference to one that has a slightly larger size than the cushion, because if it is smaller its zip may not close or burst.

Na foto uma mesa de canto com um vaso de planta ao lado de um sofá com duas almofadas estampadas.

The cushions come in different sizes and shapes and the cover should be compatible with that. (Source: Tony Lee / Unsplash)

Printed or plain

As much as plain cushion covers are the most common, it's not hard to find to buy printed options.

Thus, to make a good choice is necessary to evaluate what will match more with your decor.

If you intend to use this product in rooms that have a more neutral and basic look, it may be interesting to purchase a printed cover, because it will stand out and take the monotonous look of the place.

However, if your decoration is already full of different elements and lots of colour, maybe the plain models are more compatible.


When it comes to colours, the cushion cover also leaves no stone unturned and there are models made in virtually every shade.

Thanks to that, there is no difficulty in acquiring an option that harmonizes with the decor.

However, it is necessary to analyze the environment as a whole to be able to choose the colour cushion cover that best matches.

If your decor is neutral, you can purchase a cover also neutral or give preference to more colorful models, which will bring a touch of colour to the space. In both cases the result is satisfactory.

On the other hand, if the environment is full of colours or has details in a specific colour, it is interesting to invest in a cover that follows this same shade or that is made in a similar subtone.


If you want to change the look of your cushions quickly and easily, the cushion cover is the ideal product.

So, in this article we have gathered all the information about it and even given all the tips to choose the ideal model.

Thanks for your visit and see you next time!

(Source of the highlighted image: Designecologist / Pexels)

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