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Cycling jerseys for women can give you some advantages in the popular sport. These are well thought out perfectly adapted to the needs of every cyclist. The cycling jersey for women can make your sporting experience even better as a hobby and professional athlete. With different designs, colours and fits, there is something for every woman. With the right styling, you can even look stylish on the bike.

In this article, we will tell you the buying criteria you should look for before buying and answer the most frequently asked questions. 

The Best Cycling Jerseys For Women: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What to look for when buying cycling jerseys for women

Before you buy a cycling jersey for women, you should pay particular attention to the following buying criteria. These are the following buying criteria:

  • Reflectors
  • Comfort
  • Zips
  • Storage space
  • Moisture management

To familiarise yourself with the buying criteria, we have listed and explained them for you in the following section


Apart from a bicycle helmet, you should make sure that you reach for a reflective cycling jersey. This will help you reach your destination safely. Especially at night, it is very important to have reflective logos, seams or zips on your cycling jersey, so you draw attention to yourself.

So make sure you find enough reflectors on your cycling jersey to be seen as well as possible on your bike. As it gets dark earlier in winter, it is of course an even more important factor when it comes to cycling jerseys for winter.

Wearing comfort

Cycling jerseys for women are tight fitting and should cover your back. Since you are in a bent position when cycling, you should make sure that the cycling jersey is longer in the back than in the front when you put it on. If this is not the case, the women's cycling jersey may ride up during the ride and the exposed skin could become hypothermic. If you tend to have sensitive skin, the cycling jersey should not feel too rough on your skin.

If your cycling jersey feels too rough, it can cause skin irritation or even injury during exertion. Therefore, you should make sure that your cycling jersey feels comfortable on your skin. As a rule, the women's cycling jersey fits snugly, which is helped by an elasticated waistband on the jersey.


There are usually full-length zips on a women's cycling jersey to make it easier to put on and take off. Additional pockets also have zips so that your valuables can be easily stowed away. However, these also serve to regulate the heat. On very warm summer days, it is a good idea to open the zip a little so that more air gets to your body and the heat can be transported better.

Another quality feature of the zips on a women's cycling jersey is the so-called zipper garage. This is a small pocket located at the end of the zip. This is to prevent the zip from tearing your cycling shorts. It also helps to prevent annoying noises.

Storage space

A women's cycling jersey usually has several sewn-in pockets that offer storage space. You can stow energy bars in these pockets, for example. The pockets are also good for storing other racing clothing. You can also stow away a rain jacket, should the weather not be so good on the bike tour. Other gadgets such as an air pump and repair kit can also be stowed in the pockets of the cycling jersey.

In addition to the typical back pockets, some women's cycling jerseys have a sewn-in pocket with a zip. You can store valuables in this pocket. The zip ensures that your stowed items cannot fall out of the pocket when riding at high speed or on winding passages.

Moisture management

Your women's cycling jersey should keep you warm during your ride. To do this, the cycling jersey should also wick moisture away from your body to the outside so that you stay dry and don't cool down too quickly during short or long breaks. In addition, the wearing comfort is influenced by good moisture management.

A women's cycling jersey that doesn't dry can behave like a wet rag. It stretches and could hinder you when riding. Synthetic fibres are used to transport sweat, they absorb the sweat and carry it to the outside. Synthetic fibres also dry very quickly.

Merino fabric has also risen to the top in recent years and is highly recommended. The natural fibre absorbs sweat and also prevents unpleasant odours. Merino also insulates very well. 

Cycling jersey for women: The most important questions answered

So that you know the most important aspects before buying a cycling jersey for women, we have answered the most important questions for you here.

What types of women's cycling jerseys are there?

Cycling jerseys for women come in different styles, designs and colours. We have listed the most common styles for you below and explained in more detail what they are.

  • Long-sleeved jersey: The long-sleeved version of this cycling jersey for women is particularly suitable for colder days, such as autumn or winter. The long sleeves also protect the arms from UV rays. You should only wear long-sleeved jerseys when it is colder, otherwise excess heat can build up.
  • Short-sleeved jersey: The short-sleeved jersey is particularly suitable for warmer days. However, when wearing this version, make sure to take care of the arms with additional sun protection.
  • Sleeveless jerseys: The sleeveless version of the cycling jersey for women is best suited for hot days. Here, too, additional sun protection should be applied, otherwise the arms could get sunburnt. On cold days, this version is not recommended, as the arms could cool down too quickly.
  • Mountain bike jerseys: This version of the cycling jersey for women is particularly tear-resistant and is additionally cushioned. It sits loosely and protects in the event of a fall. Because the cycling jersey is loose-fitting, it could get in the way when cycling. In addition, the cycling jersey has no pockets and its material puts more weight on the body.

Before buying, you should therefore consider in which season you actively cycle.

How can I tell if my women's cycling jersey fits well?

So that you know how the women's cycling jersey fits perfectly, we have compiled a list below of the factors that influence the fit.

  • Your cycling jersey for women should fit snugly, but not pinch, chafe or rub anywhere.
  • To ensure that your cycling jersey fits well, you should make sure that it still covers your entire back when you are bent over.
  • The women's cycling jersey is usually cut shorter at the front.
  • You should make sure that nothing flutters or baggles when you ride. The elastic waistband should therefore keep the end of your cycling jersey snug.
  • You should pay attention to the necessary freedom of movement.

As you can see, a few criteria should be taken into account. The best thing to do is to go to a specialist store and ask for advice from a specialist to find the perfect women's cycling jersey for you.

How do I care for and clean the women's cycling jersey?

Basically, it is recommended that you take a look at the washing label and follow the instructions. There you will find the most important information for the women's cycling jersey. Some washing machines have a programme for sportswear, so if your washing machine has this programme, you should use it.
However, you can also wash the cycling jersey in the easy-care wash cycle. Apart from the information on the label, we recommend that you always pull the cycling jersey inside out before washing. This protects the colour of the cycling jersey.
In addition, the fabric is designed to dry quickly. To keep the material alive for a long time, the cycling jersey should only be spun briefly. In addition, you should not put the women's cycling jersey in the dryer unless it is explicitly recommended.


The cycling jersey for women is specially designed to meet the needs of cyclists. If you get a cycling jersey, it can help you become better at cycling and have more fun. Depending on the season and climate, you should choose one of the different styles.

For the women's cycling jersey to provide optimal support, it needs to fit properly. If you want to get something out of your women's cycling jersey for a long time, you need to take good care of it and wash it properly.
Image source: Viktor Bystrov / Unsplash

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