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Welcome! Today we are going to talk about a beauty product that is successful for promoting changes in the face and moisturizing the skin: the cream for dark circles under the eyes! This cosmetic is the great ally of people who have dark spots under the eyes and are bothered by it.

It is a mistake to believe that dark circles under the eyes appear only because of bad nights of sleep. According to dermatologists, there are a number of factors that cause the appearance and intensification of the spots. Below, we'll point out all the causes of this discomfort, and everything that the cream for dark circles can do to help you!

First, the most important

  • The creams for dark circles have components that act on the eye area and lighten the skin. Most of them also reduce the expression lines.
  • Each dark circles appear for a case, and that is why it is important that you go to a doctor who can help you choose the best treatment.
  • Besides creams, there are also serums that help reduce the accumulation of melanin under the eyes.

The Best Dark Circle Cream: Our Picks

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Skin care is very important and should be part of our daily routine. Although dark circles are not a disease, they are a visually unpleasant condition that leaves a tired look on the face. Eye cream for dark circles can help in the fight against spots and bags in the eye area, and should not be forgotten! Below, we will give you all the details about this product.

Foto de um olho azul, com um pouco de olheira ao redor.

The creams for dark circles under the eyes help in the combat of dark spots that appear below the eyes. (Source: Engin Akyurt / Pexels)

Cream for dark circles under the eyes: What is it and what are its advantages?

As the name implies, it is a cream composed of assets that clarify, moisturize and regenerate the skin, especially the eye area, where the dreaded dark circles appear. These cosmetics usually work as treatment creams, and must be used for several days for their effects to be felt. The most efficient ones already show results in about four days of use.

The main advantage of this product is that, besides lightening dark circles under the eyes and reducing the tiredness aspect, it moisturises and acts as an anti-ageing factor, reducing imperfections in general. Although many of them are sold without prescription in pharmacies and even in beauty shops, we recommend that, in case your situation is very advanced, you should seek a dermatologist who will prescribe you the ideal product.

Imagem de mulher com creme para olheiras.

The creams for dark circles under the eyes, in addition to reducing the dark circles, moisturize the skin of the eye region. (Source: puhhha / 123RF)

Why do dark circles appear and how to treat them?

Dark circles are the excess of vessels or melanin under the eyes, and they appear for several reasons. The bad news is that in many cases, especially in those where the biggest problem is the depth, it is a genetic issue, which will hardly be reversed only with the use of creams. However, many factors contribute to the appearance and intensification of these spots, such as insomnia, stress and excessive weight loss.

In cases of low and medium intensity, creams for dark circles under the eyes help a lot, once they lighten the skin a lot. However, in more complex cases of high darkening, appearance of bags and deep creases, whether due to genetic reasons or not, the use of the product is not enough. Currently, there are surgeries and aesthetic procedures that solve this issue, and it is interesting that you discuss this with your doctor.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the cream for dark circles under the eyes?

A good cream for dark circles under the eyes, which serves exactly the type of problem that affects each person, can have great advantages. Following the medical recommendation and choosing the right cream, you can not only lighten the affected area, but also hydrate the skin and delay skin aging. On the other hand, not every cream works for every case, and the results are not immediate.

  • Lightens the dark circles region
  • Hydrates the skin
  • Anti-aging action
  • Do not work in all cases
  • It takes a few days until the results appear

Cream or serum for dark circles under the eyes?

It is wrong who thinks that only creams act to combat dark circles under the eyes! The serums are also very viable options and are growing more and more in the market. In general lines, both products, if specific for dark circles, produce the same result and are good choices. What differentiates one from the other is the texture and the way of use.

Did you know that some natural products also contribute to the reduction of dark circles? The best known is the cucumber, which gives good results if placed very cold on the eyes, for about 15 minutes! There are other very nice home treatments too, such as cold chamomile tea compresses and coconut oil! Cool, right?

The cream, as the name says, is creamy and easy to apply. Its texture is pleasant to the hands, however, some can leave the face with a slightly oily aspect, which can be a problem for those who already suffer from oily skin. The serum is liquid, and is applied using a dropper. Some people find its application a little annoying, since it slips and does not always remain fixed only in the area of dark circles. However, its advantage is that it dries very quickly, and does not leave a greasy look, being suitable for all skin types and leaving that air of cleanliness.

Cream Serum
Application Simple. Just spread on the desired area You should drip drops on the desired area, but they may drip
Fixation High, but may leave a slightly oily aspect High, it is quickly absorbed

How much does it cost?

Most cosmetics for dark circles under the eyes are not very cheap, especially if it is a brand of great renown. It is interesting that you give a good research before choosing yours. Most creams cost something between GBP$ 19 and GBP$ 32. However, you can find both popular versions for a better price on the market, as well as expensive versions manufactured by big brands.

Imagem de mulher passando creme nas olheiras.

There are several types of creams for dark circles under the eyes and they can cost around Rs 150. (Source: puhhha / 123RF)

Where to buy it?

There are a few places that offer creams for dark circles. The most common ones are the big pharmacy chains. In shops specializing in cosmetics you will also find good variety, and so we recommend you Sephora, The Beauty Box, L'occitane, Natura, O Boticario, Época Cosmeticos and many others. Finally, if you're on the online shopping team, in addition to the brands' own websites, you can buy from Amazon, Beleza na Web and even the Mercado Livre.

Purchase criteria: Factors to compare different creams for dark circles

The cream for dark circles is a product that deals with your skin and your health, so it is important that you observe every detail before choosing yours, see? We selected some criteria that can help you choose, they are:

  • Formula
  • How much it works
  • How to use
  • Texture

Each of these points is very important, and below we will explain what each one means.

Foto de uma mulher com uma faixa vermelha nos cabelos, olhos fechados e creme no rosto.

Taking good care of our facial skin is essential. (Source: Pixabay / Pexels)


We do not always remember to analyze the formula of the product we are using on our face, right? But it is very important that you get used to do this! Be wary of those that have only chemical ingredients, without any natural resources, and give preference to those that have hyaluronic acid, naturally moisturizing substances and vitamins!

How much you can use

Before buying your cream, it is important to pay attention to how much it will yield. Observe the capacity of the tube or pot, and ask yourself if it's worth it. Remember that most of them take a few days to show good results and that the treatment is daily! The financial issue should also be taken into account when making your purchase.

Mulher segurando pote de creme e passando nas olheiras.

It is important to check the amount of cream on the package, because generally the results take a while to appear. (Source: puhhha / 123RF)

How to use

As we are talking about specific creams for lightening dark circles under the eyes, it is natural that they have a correct way of using. For a better result, observe which is the right amount, and how many times a day it should be applied.


And finally, analyse the texture of your cream, if it looks more liquid or thicker. This is a very personal question, but some people prefer to buy a moisturizer with a certain texture.

(Source of the highlighted image: / Pexels)