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A daylight alarm clock helps you start the day naturally and motivated. It imitates the sunrise and plays nature sounds instead of a shrill alarm tone to wake you up. The daylight alarm clock can also help you fall asleep by simulating dusk with the light.

Our daylight alarm clock test 2022 will help you find the best daylight alarm clock for you. Here we will show you the best daylight alarm clocks and compare them with each other to make your decision as easy as possible.


  • A daylight alarm clock is an alarm clock designed to help you get up or go to sleep. It simulates dawn and dusk.
  • Daylight alarm clocks can wake you up or calm you down with your favourite radio station or nature sounds.
  • Daylight alarm clocks can be used as a therapy against winter depression and prevent bad moods.

The Best Daylight Alarm Clock: Our Picks

Daylight alarm clock: buying and evaluation criteria

Here we show you criteria that you can use as a guide when buying a daylight alarm clock. In order to find a daylight alarm clock that suits your needs and to help you decide, you can use the following features to compare daylight alarm clocks:

We have explained what you need to know about the criteria and what you should look for in a daylight alarm clock in the following paragraphs.

Brightness levels

The brightness levels of a daylight alarm clock are often different. The brightness levels allow you to set the brightness you need. You should make sure that the daylight alarm clock can be set bright enough for reading, for example, or that you have a choice of levels for dimming. The brightness can vary from 6 to 20 levels depending on the alarm clock.

With some daylight alarm clocks, the brightness can also be set without steps by pressing a button for a long time until the desired level is reached.

The brightness level you want to wake up with can be set individually. So if you are a deep sleeper, you can set the brightness to the strongest level.

Light colours

Most daylight alarm clocks now have 7 adjustable LED light colours. These include: Yellow, Red, Purple, Blue, Indigo, Green and Cyan. However, some daylight alarm clocks only have a warm yellowish or reddish light. Again, it depends on the daylight alarm clock and the manufacturer.

With the different light colours, you can choose your desired colour depending on your mood or give your room a nice atmosphere.

Sound functions

Daylight alarm clocks can wake you up soothingly with integrated natural sounds. An alarm clock can play between 3 and 7 nature sounds.

Possible sounds could be birds chirping, the sound of the sea, the sound of the wind, the sound of a brook, piano music, violin music or even pure music.

Many daylight alarm clocks are equipped with a radio and can receive up to 60 stations. So you can be woken up not only by nature sounds, but also by your selected radio station. The volume can also be adjusted to suit your preferences and can be set loud if you are a heavy sleeper.

Duration of sunrise

With each daylight alarm clock, the length of the sunrise can be set between 10 and 120 minutes. The light then increases at different rates until your set alarm, depending on how long you want your sunrise to be.

Some daylight alarm clocks offer a duration of 60 minutes and some even 120 minutes.

Daylight alarm clock: Frequently asked questions and answers

We have selected questions about daylight alarm clocks for you and will now answer them. After this guide, you will know all the important information about daylight alarm clocks.

What is a daylight alarm clock and what can it do?

A daylight alarm clock is an alarm clock that helps you wake up or fall asleep. By imitating a sunrise or sunset and the sounds of nature, you can get up or go to sleep in a calming and good mood.


Wake up relaxed and motivated with a daylight alarm clock at
(Image source: unsplash / Bruce Mars)

The length of the imitation, the brightness and the desired sound you want to be woken up with can be set according to your preferences. If you have an integrated radio, you can also be woken up by a radio station. The sunrise starts at the desired set length and increases from brightness to your alarm.

What types of daylight alarm clocks are there?

Daylight alarm clocks can each have an integrated Wi-Fi function or establish a Bluetooth connection. Both daylight alarm clocks offer different advantages and disadvantages, which we have summarised for you here:

Type Advantages Disadvantages
Daylight alarm clock with Wi-Fi function Compatible with your mobile phone, Alexa and other devices, Can be easily set with your mobile phone, Can be controlled with voice control Cannot play music from your mobile phone, Quality of voice recognition often low
Daylight alarm clock with Bluetooth Compatible with your mobile phone, Can play your music Quality of integrated music box often low, Cannot be set with mobile phone

A daylight alarm clock with Wi-Fi can connect to other devices such as your mobile phone, Amazon Alexa or Google Home. This allows you to control the other devices via your alarm clock with voice commands. You can also set the alarm clock itself with the voice control or via an app with your mobile phone.

If you already have devices with voice control and want to easily set your daylight alarm clock, then a daylight alarm clock with this function is just right for you.

The Bluetooth function allows you to use your daylight alarm clock as a music box at the same time. Your mobile phone can connect to your daylight alarm clock with a Bluetooth connection and play your music. You like to listen to music and want to save yourself the purchase of an additional music box? Then a daylight alarm clock is a very good choice.

How much does a daylight alarm clock cost?

You can buy a daylight alarm clock for as little as about 25 euros to start the morning on a calming note. For both versions, it depends on the quality and manufacturer of the daylight alarm clock and can cost up to 230 euros.

If you value a daylight alarm clock with a long service life and quality, it can be more expensive.

Type price range
Daylight alarm clock with Wi-Fi function approx. 35 to 179 euros
Daylight alarm clock with Bluetooth approx. 25 to 230 euros

You can find a good daylight alarm clock with Wi-Fi from around 35 euros. A daylight alarm clock from Philips is of high quality and therefore stands out from other alarm clocks. This also affects the price, so the most expensive alarm clock from Philips costs 179 euros.

It is the same with the daylight alarm clocks with a Bluetooth function. A cheap alarm clock from an unknown brand can cost around 25 euros. If you opt for a brand product with a good integrated music box and high sound quality, a daylight alarm clock from Lumie can cost 230 euros.

What are the alternatives to a daylight alarm clock?

The alternatives include:

Type Description
Light alarm clock on your mobile phone via an app A downloaded app wakes you up in the morning with light and selected sounds or music. The light is supposed to simulate the sunrise. Some apps are also free.
Alarm clock with sound function An alarm clock with integrated nature sounds that is supposed to wake you up in the morning with soothing sounds from nature. Only the sound of the alarm you set is played.

A daylight alarm clock has both functions and convinces with its positive effect in the morning. The combination of nature sounds and the simulation of the sunrise lets you wake up in a calming and relaxing way. Why a daylight alarm clock is healthy for you and why you can even use it as a therapy device is explained in the next question.

Why can a daylight alarm clock be used as a therapy device?

A daylight alarm clock is not only meant to soothe you out of sleep, but can also be used as a therapy device, especially in the winter months. Many people suffer from winter depression or winter blues during the cold months.

In these months, the days are rather dark and we hardly get to see the sun, so the body is often lacking in vitamin D. You feel tired, sluggish or in a bad mood. If the symptoms are mild, this can be called the winter blues.


With a daylight alarm clock, you won't miss the sunrise and sunset and start the day fit.
(Image source: unsplash / Tim Gouw)

However, if the abnormalities are severe, it can even turn out to be winter depression. The winter blues or winter depression will subside as spring approaches and the days become brighter.

If you feel low on energy and listless, the daylight alarm clock can help you with its light simulation. The daylight alarm clock will cheer you up with the gentle sunrise and help you to start the day more motivated.

Not only in the winter months do you feel irritable or exhausted, the daylight alarm clock can also help you then.


A daylight alarm clock can help you start the day relaxed and motivated. A daylight alarm clock is particularly suitable if you have problems getting up or falling asleep. So you want to be woken up by a sunrise even on rainy days? Then the daylight alarm clock can make that possible.

Especially for people who are light sleepers or work in shifts, a daylight alarm clock is the right choice. If you are a light sleeper, you can be sure that you will no longer be woken up by a shrill sound. For shift workers, with the help of the daylight alarm clock, you will be woken up by a sunrise even during the night.

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