Last updated: August 11, 2021

Thanks to its great versatility and timeless design, the men's denim jacket belongs in every well-stocked wardrobe. They are available in different colours and washes and can therefore be combined excellently. The denim jacket has been a fashionable part of our clothing for decades. Since there are light and lined denim jackets for men, the choice is wide for every season.

If you are also looking for a casual outfit but are simply overwhelmed by the large selection, we have summarised the most important things to know about denim jackets for men.

The Best Denim Jackets For Men: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What to look for when buying denim jackets for men

Due to the variety of options, the search is not that easy. To help you find something suitable, we will go into the most important buying criteria to give you some orientation. These are the following buying criteria:

  • The occasion
  • The shape
  • The wash

In the following section, we go into more detail about the individual criteria and explain what is important when buying the jeans jacket that is right for you.

The occasion

Men's denim jackets are a fashionable option for casual wear. However, they can also be worn in an elegant setting. In this case, dark washes are captivating and perfect for evening wear or an upscale ambience. Light washes, on the other hand, look very fancy and are suitable for a modern look in the summer months.

If blue is too boring for you, you can also go for denim jackets that combine different materials. A denim jacket for men can also be the right choice on colder days. In this case, opt for a lined version or wear several layers such as a T-shirt and a jumper over it. In the colder months, dark colours look particularly elegant. In some professions, such as banks or insurance offices, denim jackets for men are unsuitable due to the dress code.

However, for occasions such as "Casual Friday", the denim jacket for men is a good choice. Simply combine the jacket with a smart shirt and you can even pair it with a tie.

The shape

These days, denim jackets for men are available in many different shapes and cuts. In their classic form, they are usually hip-length and figure-hugging, but oversize versions are also available. The regular denim jacket cut for men is more of an edgy variant that looks particularly masculine. This type of jacket sits loosely and casually.

If that's not comfortable enough for you, you can opt for the comfort-fit version, where wearing comfort comes first. Make sure that the denim jacket for men is neither too short nor too long. Otherwise, you might get the impression that the jacket was not bought in the right size. The denim jacket should sit loosely and not protrude too far at the back.

If you are looking for a body-hugging denim jacket for men, it is best to go for slim-fit versions, which are slightly fitted and look elegant. This cut is narrower at the arms, hips and chest, but therefore also fits your silhouette better.

The wash

As with denim trousers, there are different washes for men's denim jackets, which change and determine the look of the jacket in the long term. Which look you ultimately choose depends entirely on your taste.

  • Stone Wash: represents the most common wash. To achieve a worn and scuffed effect, the denim is washed with pumice stones during production. This results in the denim jacket having a worn look and feeling softer against the skin right from the first day.
  • Acid wash: In this process, acid-soaked pumice stones are washed with the denim. This creates particularly strong contrasts with light and dark areas forming speckled patterns, creating a fancy look.
  • Bleached wash: This wash of the denim jacket is achieved by treating the denim with bleach so that the dark blue hue loses colour. The result is a casual light shade with a retro look.
  • Raw denim: Men's denim jackets can also be bought without any washing at all. This is called the raw denim look, which has a strong blue tone. The disadvantage of an untreated denim jacket is that the material is somewhat firmer and the denim jacket can rub off more easily.

When wearing denim jackets with denim trousers, make sure that you either use different washes or add special accents to the rest of the outfit so that it doesn't look too monotonous.

Men's denim jackets: The most important questions answered

Due to the large selection, choosing the right denim jacket is not made easy. That's why we have answered the most important questions about denim jackets for men so that you are perfectly prepared for your purchase.

In which styles are denim jackets for men available?

So that you have an overview of different shapes and styles and can find something to suit your taste and preference, we have presented some features in the following table.

  • Regular fit: The regular fit is the normal fit, which has an angular cut and sits a little looser.
  • Comfort fit: If a comfortable fit is particularly important to you, you should opt for a comfort fit, which is cut wider than the normal fit.
  • Slim-fit: If you are looking for a fitted and body-hugging denim jacket, you should go for the slim-fit version, which is cut narrower. This fit is not unlike the jacket.
  • Western look: The Western look has many practical sides, with patch pockets. The look is captivating with rivets, fringes and leather inserts that reflect the cowboy look.
  • Oversized Look: This trend is about oversized jackets, which are often even rolled up at the sleeves.
  • Destroyed Look: This rocking jacket doesn't hide from holes and frayed hems. These denim jackets, which are usually brightly washed out, are suitable as eye-catchers for the summer.

To find something that suits you, it is best to try on a few types. Depending on the occasion and season, some types are better or worse suited to the circumstances.

What features should you look for when choosing a jeans jacket for men?

If you are looking for an extravagant denim jacket for men, you can choose jackets with patches or a mix of materials. This is guaranteed to make you stand out and be the highlight of any party. Other colours can also be eye-catching.

For the rainy autumn, denim jackets with hoods are suitable so that you can protect yourself perfectly from wind and weather. Even a light drizzle won't do you any harm then. For the cold winter months, a denim jacket with lining is particularly suitable so that you don't have to freeze when you're out and about. Linings are available in different materials, but also in a fur look.

How do you care for and clean your men's denim jacket?

To maintain the look and colour of the denim jacket, some manufacturers recommend not washing the men's denim jacket too often in the washing machine. Otherwise, the colour can fade over time. To make sure you don't make any mistakes when washing, we give you a few tips on how to clean them properly.

  • Turn the jacket inside out to protect the fabric and close zips and buttons to avoid damage. Do not wash your denim jacket too warm. A maximum of 40 degrees and 1000 revolutions are sufficient to avoid overly stressing the men's denim jacket.
  • Do not use fabric softener, as this can attack the fibres and cause the denim to wear out more quickly. It's best to combine the wash of your denim trousers and denim jacket, but be careful not to overload the machine.
  • Do not use the tumble dryer so that the jeans do not shrink or lose their shape. Instead, let the denim jacket air dry.

If you want to prevent the denim jacket from staining other clothes, you should soak the denim jacket in cold water with four tablespoons of vinegar before wearing it for the first time and then wash it cold in the washing machine.

What do men's denim jackets go particularly well with?

Denim jackets are usually worn quite classically in your free time, often with a light-coloured T-shirt. You can wear corduroy trousers or jeans with it. But make sure that the washes of the trousers and the jacket are different, then nothing will get in the way of your timeless outfit. If you don't have to wear a suit to the office on special occasions like "Casual Friday", then you can wear a dark denim jacket in combination with a shirt, chinos and leather shoes.

This combination allows you to have an elegant and modern alternative to the jacket up your sleeve. Men's denim jackets also combine well in winter. Here, work with a layered look of a T-shirt, jumper and your denim jacket.

A lined denim jacket provides extra warmth here. A hooded jumper looks casual in combination with the denim jacket. If you do get too warm, you can easily remove one of your layers and keep the stylish look.

Styling tips for men's denim jackets: How to achieve the perfect casual look

Men's denim jackets are true all-rounders and can be combined perfectly. To make your outfit stand out, we'll give you a few styling tips along the way.

  1. A casual combination of a classic T-shirt with jeans trousers and a denim jacket creates a timeless look in your free time. When combining a men's denim jacket and denim trousers, make sure that the washes are different to prevent a monotonous overall look to your look.
  2. Unusual items of clothing or accessories can break up your style and make it an eye-catcher.
  3. Whether casual sneakers, sailing shoes or classy leather shoes, many things go well with your denim jacket.

The denim jacket is versatile and thus offers several options for a cool look. Which combination you ultimately choose is up to you and your taste.


The denim jacket for men is and remains a classic. This timeless men's jacket can be excellently combined and worn in many situations. The different washes cater to many tastes and everyone can find a model that suits them.

The robust and easy-care fabric ensures that your men's denim jacket will last you a very long time. Since it never goes out of fashion, a denim jacket can be a companion for years that will always make you look stylish. We hope you enjoy your denim jacket for years to come.

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