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Denim shirts are an absolute must-have for men's wardrobes. They are real combination wonders and are perfect for a casual, masculine everyday look. The trendy men's shirts made of denim have long since achieved cult status, and not only among city cowboys and rockers. Denim shirts are not only comfortable, but also look ultra-casual, especially on men.

They are an essential part of the men's fashion. The classic denim shirt is available in many variations, colours and washes. They can always be combined in new and unexpected ways. In our buying guide, we tell you what is important when choosing the perfect denim shirt for men and how you can style this timeless it-piece.

The Best Denim Shirts For Men: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What to look for when buying men's denim shirts

To help you buy the perfect men's denim shirt, we have collected and listed important buying criteria:

  • Cut
  • Colour
  • Buttons
  • Collar
  • Sleeve length
  • Details

Below we go into more detail about these important criteria and explain what you should look for when buying a denim shirt.


The classic denim shirt has a straight cut. Depending on the manufacturer, this is called casual fit or classic fit. This shirt cut for men offers a good fit, but also enough freedom of movement. Slim fit denim shirts are more closely cut and have a more tailored fit. They look particularly fashionable. If you want to accentuate your figure or wear the shirt under a jumper, a slim-fit denim shirt is ideal.

Some manufacturers also call men's shirts with a rather narrow cut a modern fit. If you value comfort and freedom of movement, go for particularly wide-cut denim shirts. Loose-fit men's shirts are not fitted and are particularly suitable for stronger men. Some manufacturers also call the wide cut Comfort Fit.


The classic is, of course, the dark blue denim shirt. It is available in all imaginable variations and shades of blue. The different shades of blue and individual patterns are created by washing. The black version of this trendy all-rounder is also popular.

Meanwhile, denim shirts for men are also available in unusual variations. Dyed denim in beige or khaki is available from most manufacturers. Men's shirts are also available with patterns. Check patterns and camouflage are popular, for example.


Press studs are generally rather rare in men's outerwear. Denim shirts are an exception here. Denim shirts were originally work shirts and should therefore be particularly robust and practical. With press studs, putting on and taking off is much quicker and less complicated. The press studs also emphasise the casual and informal look. Plastic or mother-of-pearl buttons are less common on denim shirts.


When buying a new denim shirt, you should make sure that when the shirt is closed, a maximum of one finger should still fit between the neck and the collar. Most denim shirts have button-down collars or stand-up collars. Stand-up collars are slightly reinforced. They are timeless and always trendy. In contrast, button-down collars are not reinforced and are less prominent.

You are on the right track with both variations. For fashion-conscious men, the timeless collared denim shirt is indispensable. Some denim shirts are also collarless. This gives the shirt a particularly trendy, unusual look. The lack of a collar makes the shirt look informal and modern.

Sleeve length

Most denim shirts for men have long sleeves. When buying, make sure that the sleeve length fits well. Since the sleeves of a denim shirt are usually worn rolled up, they can be slightly longer. However, they should reach no further than the base of the thumb.

Since many men like to wear the sleeves of denim shirts rolled up, some models have sleeve flaps that hold the rolled-up sleeves up. There are also denim shirts with short sleeves for men. They are especially suitable for hot days.


For a unique, special style, many denim shirts have details like holes and rubs. This destroyed look looks particularly casual. Sleeve flaps make it easier to wear rolled-up sleeves. To do this, roll up the sleeves and hold them together with a tab and a button.

Many denim shirts for men have patch pockets on the chest. These once served a practical purpose, but nowadays they are mainly a fashion detail that serves as an eye-catcher.

Denim shirts for men: The most important questions answered

Before buying a new denim shirt, you should think about a few things. In the following paragraphs we will answer frequently asked questions about denim shirts for men.

In which styles are denim shirts for men available?

Denim shirts come in all kinds of varieties. We have compiled a list of the most common variants for you.

  • Classic denim shirt: The classic denim shirt is made of sturdy denim. The shade can vary from a deep dark blue to an almost white light blue. It has a straight cut and is ideal for a casual, masculine everyday outfit.
  • Slim fit denim shirt: The men's slim fit denim shirt has a tight, fitted cut. It is suitable for the fashion-conscious, but also for the office. It is considered the body-hugging version of the iconic men's shirt.
  • Oversized denim shirt: The oversized denim shirt casually hugs the figure and is combined with slim trousers. It can serve as a substitute for a jacket on warmer days and thus competes with its fashionable relative, the denim jacket.
  • Short-sleeved denim shirt: Short-sleeved denim shirts can be worn well with coloured T-shirts underneath. They are casual leisurewear, especially on hot days.
  • Used-look denim shirt: Men's used-look denim shirts are suitable for an ultra casual outfit. With this trend piece, you embody the pinnacle of nonchalance without constraint.
  • Western style: For big-city cowboys, the denim shirt is of course an absolute must-have in the wardrobe. Denim shirts with small embellishments exude American flair and support an authentic cowboy look.

Depending on the style, the denim shirt for men can be worn for different occasions. Combined correctly, it is always an eye-catcher.

Which trousers go with a denim shirt?

A frequently asked question about denim shirts for men is which trousers to wear with them. We tell you here how you can wear denim shirts with different trousers:

  • Jeans: If you want to avoid your outfit looking like a one-piece, go for clear contrasts here. Very dark jeans go well with a light denim shirt. If the denim shirt is made of dark denim, choose a much lighter pair of jeans.
  • Cargo trousers: The men's denim shirt together with a pair of khaki cargo trousers always looks relaxed and right. This combination is the perfect choice for a relaxed everyday look.
  • Chinos: Combine the denim shirt with black or grey chinos for a comfortable outfit that also looks really good. Round off the look with boots or low sneakers.
  • Suit trousers: The unconventional pairing of a denim shirt and suit trousers is suitable for particularly bold, fashion-conscious men. Style it with the right shoes, such as brown suede casual boots.

Denim shirts are very changeable and can be combined with a wide variety of garments.

How do I care for and clean my denim shirt?

As with jeans trousers, the same applies to denim shirts: wash them as little and gently as possible. Make sure the temperature is low, otherwise the denim can shrink or lose its colour. If you don't need to wash it yet, hang the shirt outside to air it out or put it in a plastic bag in the freezer for a few hours.

This way, annoying odours disappear. For stains, there are specialised stain removers that can be applied selectively and worked in. To dry, turn the shirt inside out and hang it on the line. If you want to iron the shirt, it should also be turned inside out.

How can I jazz up my denim shirt?

If you like the style and cut of your denim shirt, but you don't like or don't like the colour, you have two options. You can dye the shirt or bleach it. When dyeing, you can go a few shades darker than the basic shade. You can also change the colour itself, as long as it is darker than the original colour of the denim shirt. When bleaching, lighten the basic colour by several shades, as desired.

You can use commercial bleach for this and follow the instructions on the packaging. Is the denim shirt too plain and boring for you? To get a used-look denim shirt, all you need is a hand rub. To create roughened areas, gently rub over the desired area. Alternatively, you can use sandpaper.

Styling tips for men's denim shirts: How to achieve the perfect look with a denim shirt

A denim shirt for men is not only suitable for a casual everyday outfit. Nowadays, you can also wear the cult piece to the office or to festive occasions. Here we reveal how unexpectedly versatile denim shirts for men can be combined:

  • Casual look: For a casual leisure look, men wear the denim shirt with rolled-up sleeves either closed or open in combination with a grey T-shirt. Go with chinos and white sneakers.
  • Rocking: For a particularly masculine, rugged style, men combine the denim shirt with a leather jacket and worn boots.
  • Denim outfit: If you want to combine a denim jacket or trousers with a denim shirt, make sure you set clear contrasts. The colours and washes should be clearly distinguishable from each other, otherwise the outfit will quickly look like blue jeans.
  • Western style: To create a cowboy style, you don't have to go for cowboy boots right away. A jeans shirt combined with a brown leather belt with a striking buckle can make a very casual, masculine impression.
  • In the office: In the office, men wear their denim shirt best under a pullover in combination with a tie. Choose a close-fitting model for this.
  • For formal occasions: If you don't want to appear too formal, combine a denim shirt with a suit. You can allow yourself this style break if the occasion is festive but not formal.

The denim shirt can be an extremely versatile piece in your wardrobe and is good for more than just a relaxed casual look. If you show creativity and a little courage, your men's denim shirt will become the key element of great outfits.


Denim shirts can be a valuable core element of a man's wardrobe. Every man's wardrobe should include at least one of these fashionable and timeless shirts. With them, the casual everyday look is guaranteed to succeed. They are suitable for the fashion-conscious and all those who like hearty men's fashion. When buying, pay attention to fit and style.

Think beforehand about the occasions on which you want to wear the shirt. Combined correctly, these classics are also suitable for the office. When combining with other garments, make sure to create contrasts to avoid a uniform look.

Photo source: Lesly Juarez / unsplash

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