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Today we're going to talk about a piece of furniture that is quite common in Brazilian homes: the dining room chair. Although it doesn't always get the attention it deserves when furnishing a house, the chair that will compose the dining table is super important! It adds not only comfort, but also beauty to the environment. In case you are looking for the seat of your dreams but still don't know where to start, this guide can be of great help. Below, we'll give you all the tips on the best types of chairs for dining rooms and explain why it should be valued.

First of all, the most important things

  • The dining room chair is one of the most important seats in a house. It provides comfort during meals and makes up the main table.
  • There are different styles of dining room chairs, from classic to modern.
  • Keep an eye on the material your chair is made of. It is very important that it is resistant and of good quality.

Best Dining Room Chair: Our Picks

Buying Guide

The dining room chair is an indispensable piece of furniture in a complete home, and unlike what many people think, there are several ways to use it to enhance the environment.

Foto de um bebê sorridente, sentado em uma cadeira branca, com pés de madeira, em uma parede branca.

The dining room chair is a piece of furniture that offers coziness, rest and beauty to the environment. (Source: Henley Design Studio / Pexels)

What are and what are the advantages of chairs for dining room?

The concept of chair is already quite known by all of us, right? This furniture, in its version for dining room, is nothing more than the seat that accompanies the main table and allows you to have a meal in a comfortable way. The chair ensures that you can sit down and, without discomfort, use the table for lunch, dinner, or simply to chat with whoever is on the other side. Some decades ago we overcame the idea that a piece of furniture needs to be only functional. Nowadays, furniture, besides fulfilling its main function, adds beauty and style to a space. With this type of chair it is no different. Currently they can be found in different versions, colours, models and designs. Some are upholstered, others are not. Some have colourful prints, others are manufactured in neutral tones. There are those that have armrests, as well as those that do not. The variety of styles has been increasing, allowing us to create combinations with the environment and with the table itself. The dining room chair promotes comfort, cosiness and allows you to slow down for some minutes while you are seated in it, either making a meal or just chatting.

Which are the most popular chair models?

As we said, variety is not lacking when the subject is dining room chair. Although the models are many, we selected some that have gained prominence in the hour to mount the house of the dreams.

Total Upholstered

This is the most common model in the houses that are between the traditional and the modern. The chairs of this type, as the name already says, have upholstered seat and back, normally in fabrics similar to velvet or suede. They come out winning in the comfort, and they can be a little bit heavy. The advantage is that they are easily adaptable both in classic environments, as well as in cooler rooms.


The Provençal model is inspired in the French decoration line which emerged in the city of Provence, around the 16th century. The furniture of this style has romantic features, mixing the rustic with the sophisticated. In the case of the chairs, they usually have rounded backs, colour cut superbly worked in wood and upholstered in light tones.


The acrylic chairs are super inviting. Normally they are transparent, they possess support for the arms, and, sometimes, a cushion in the seat. Acrylic chairs follow a more modern line and can serve as a break for very serious environments.


The retro style never goes out of fashion, and the chairs that follow this line bring a special cosiness. They are comfortable, cool and they usually have colours and prints. Normally, they are characterized for the upholstered and rounded back, that it involves the backs in curve, in half moon. They are full of life, and can be a good choice for homes with a more stripped style.


The rustic furniture, as the name indicates, refers to the farm. In the case of the chairs, they are made of wood, have good finishing and are not always upholstered. Also they usually are marked by straight lines, besides having strong tendencies to the use of braided fibers in the composition of the backrest.


The modern chairs are what there is of more new in this universe. They are full of identity despite being marked by minimalism. It is common that you find them in colored versions, without upholstery, and with seat made of material similar to acrylic. They usually have wooden feet and armrests.

Total upholstered Provençal Acrylic Vintage Rustic Modern
Where to use Spaces that are between traditional and modern Delicate spaces, with a very classic style Modern spaces Cool spaces Spaces that refer to the outdoors and the farm Modern spaces
Comfort High Medium Low High Medium Low
Main feature Upholstered seat and back Romantic features Transparency Half-moon backrest Use of wood and fibers Minimalism

Buying criteria: how to compare dining room chairs

Buying furniture is not cheap and so you must make the right choice. With this in mind, we have selected some points that you should observe when buying your dining room chair:

Below, we will further detail each of these factors.


The material a product is made of says a lot about its quality. In the case of dining room chairs, there is a wide range of possibilities. They can be made of wood, MDP, MDF, acrylic and many other materials. The important thing is that they are very resistant and present good durability.


Chair and comfort have everything to do, right? Before buying yours, it is important that you notice if it is cozy and if it will allow you to spend more than a few minutes sitting without feeling that little pain in the base of the column. It is interesting that you also know that the chair should be comfortable together with the table. On average, dining tables are 75 cm high, and therefore, the ideal is that the seat of the chairs is about 50 cm.


Not every chair possesses upholstered, but we should say that the ones that possess are more comfortable and receptive. In this case, choose the upholstered with care, and be sure that it combines with the decoration of the environment.


It is very common that the need to move the chair from place to place arises, especially on occasions with a full house. Therefore, a chair that is too heavy is not functional at all. Opt for models that allow you to carry them with ease and that do not present any danger when simply being transported.


And we cannot forget the design, right? Know that this is one of the most important factors! The dining room chair is a piece of furniture that stands out in a room and will certainly stand out. Choose a model that matches the space, and that, above all, pleases you! Nothing tastes better than a house that fills our eyes. (Featured image source: Jonathan Meyer / Pexels)

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