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Leaving your dog alone at home is not easy for many dog owners. That's why dog cameras offer you a feeling of security. By installing such a pet camera, you can monitor your dog at all times and gain insight into your home.

Dog cameras allow you to contact your dog in various ways. To give you an overview of the range of dog cameras, we have compared several products with each other. You will find out which factors should play a role for you when buying and how you can ultimately decide on the dog camera that is perfect for you.


  • With a dog camera, you can keep an eye on your dog all day long, even when you are outside your home.
  • With the voice function, you can calm your pet with your voice and make contact with it. Many dog cameras have even more special features that you can use for communication.
  • When you're out and about, all you need is your smartphone to connect to your dog camera. You can see the camera's field of view on the display and control it that way.

The Best Dog Cameras in the United Kingdom: Our Choices

In the following section, we want to help you with your purchase decision by presenting our favorites among the dog cameras. You will see that there is a suitable product for all your needs.

Buying and evaluation criteria for dog cameras

What are your requirements for a dog camera? To help you make the right decision, we have listed the most important criteria here:

In order to understand the functions of the different dog cameras, we will explain the criteria in detail.

Power supply

When buying your dog camera, you can choose between different power sources. There are wired cameras for which you need a power socket to charge the battery. There are also battery-operated dog cameras that you can set up independently of an external power source.

Motion detection

Many dog cameras have a motion sensor so that the camera does not have to be in operation all the time. They send a notification to your mobile phone as soon as your pet becomes active again. Similar to a GPS tracker, you can now determine the exact location of your dog. This way you are quickly informed about emergencies and can see immediately if your dog wakes up and moves out of his dog basket.

Field of view

Dog cameras give you the perfect view of your pet with different sizes of camera angles up to 360°. Some of them can also swivel their lens or zoom in on the dog. To make sure you can see your dog in the dark, you should also look for a camera with night vision.

2-way audio

To be able to talk to your pet on the go, the dog camera must have a microphone and speakers. This allows you to interact directly with your dog via a live app. In critical situations, he can use the voice function to calm down or follow your instructions.

Intelligent functions

Some dog cameras also have additional features. You can train your dog on the go and dispense treats into the camera's dispenser via the app. You can also use the bark alarm to train your dog using the voice function. You receive a message on your mobile phone as soon as your dog starts barking loudly and can act quickly.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about dog cameras answered in detail

To make sure you have enough information when buying your dog camera, we have summarised the most frequently asked questions about dog cameras in the next section.

Who is a dog camera suitable for?

Dog cameras are suitable for every dog owner who wants to keep an eye on their pet when it is left alone at home. After all, you never know whether your dog is playing with his toys, sleeping or trashing the house. With the dog camera, however, he can be monitored at any time - no matter whether you are working, shopping or driving.

Many dog owners are reluctant to leave their dog alone at home. The worry that something could happen to the animal in the meantime is too great. A dog camera offers the solution here. (Image source: Nikola Johnny Mirkovic / Unsplash)

What types of dog cameras are there?

There are different dog cameras, which differ from each other especially in the functions they offer. With most of these cameras, you can already communicate with your dog via voice function. There are also functions that allow you even more interactivity with your pet, such as throwing treats.

Many dog cameras are pet cameras that are not only designed for dogs. You can therefore also use them to monitor your cat.

How much does a dog camera cost?

The different features of your dog camera are of course reflected in its price. That's why we'll now give you an overview of the price ranges of a dog camera from cheap to expensive:

Price range Available products
Low-priced (16 - 30 €) With basic functions such as voice transmission
Mid-priced (30 - 40 €) More functions such as motion detection and night vision
High-priced (from 40€) Selection of interactive elements

You can see that a dog camera with only basic functions is more likely to be found in the low-price category. If you value extra functions, you will have to invest a little more money in your purchase.


When your dog is home alone, dog cameras offer you a sense of security. You can be close to him despite the distance, talk to him and know immediately about an emergency.

Not only do you benefit from this possibility, but also your dog. Through your communication with him, he does not feel lonely and has a connection with you throughout the day. How interactive your relationship becomes during this time depends on your personal preferences regarding the functions and use of the dog camera.

(Cover photo: Agatha / 123rf)