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Having a dog can be a lot of fun. To create a good atmosphere of coexistence between you and your furry friend, you should consider some details, such as feeding him properly and on time, taking him for a constant walk, providing him with good hygiene and, of course, pampering him with treats, toys or a good costume.

Many times we have been invited to parties, but also to events that revolve around dogs or at least include them, such as Halloween or photo shoots. To make the dogs part of this, we need the ideal outfit, so that they look elegant, fashionable and become the sensation of the place.

The choice of this outfit is not easy, as details such as the fabric, the size of the dog, the design and, above all, that your furry friend is comfortable at all times must be recognised, otherwise, he will most likely not enjoy the event and will be in a bad mood.


  • A dog costume is an outfit that will represent an animal, famous or iconic character. This type of dog costume is common for parties, dog gatherings, photo shoots or any special event that requires them.
  • Today, the most common types of costumes are those made from two different types of materials, cotton and polyester. Although both are effective for this kind of costume, they have characteristics that you should consider.
  • To choose the costume for your furry best friend, you will need to take into account factors such as his size, fur, the materials of the outfit, among others, so that, in this way, you can get the one that best suits his conditions and he will always feel comfortable.

The best Dog Costume: Our Picks

Buying Guide: What you need to know about costumes for dogs

Within the wide variety of dog costumes, you'll find many different brands, styles, outfits, materials and prices, so we've taken the time to develop a few sections with pertinent information about the outfits you're probably looking for your furry friend.

Make your dog the talk of the party - give him or her the best costume! (Photo: Susan Richey-Schmitz/

What are dog costumes and what are their advantages?

A dog costume is an outfit in which your four-legged friend will represent an artist, animal or iconic character. These costumes are usually used for parties, doggy get-togethers, photo shoots or any special event that requires them.

An original design is not enough to be the best costume, but because the nature of dogs does not require them to be constantly dressed, these costumes must be extremely comfortable, light and must allow pets full mobility.

While costumes can be a lot of fun and make our pets stand out, they can also have some disadvantages, especially for the dogs themselves. Here is a table of facts you may be interested to know.

  • They will make your dog look amazing
  • Your dog can adapt to the costume
  • There are very original and fun costumes
  • They will keep your dog fashionable
  • There are many models and brands for all types of dogs.
  • Not all dogs feel good wearing one of these
  • If they are not made with the ideal material or size, they can be very uncomfortable
  • Sometimes they are difficult to get
  • They can be unhygienic
  • They can be very hot.

Cotton or polyester dog costumes - what should you look out for?

When looking for dog costumes, you will commonly find those that are made of either cotton or polyester. Both can be quite attractive and have spectacular designs, however, the material is essential for comfort.

Both types of costumes are good and recommended, however, you should consider their properties to know which type of costume is ideal for your pet's breed, size or coat.

Cotton costume. Cotton is a natural fibre with a matte appearance and is easy to maintain. It is washable, allows moisture absorption, does not generate static electricity and is an insulating type of fabric.

Polyester costume. Polyester is a synthetic fibre of high strength. It is difficult to soil and easy to wash. It has a shiny appearance, does not tend to wrinkle easily and is usually quite light in weight.

Cotton costume Polyester costume
Fibre Natural Synthetic
Allergy-causing No Yes
Durability Long Medium
Appearance Matt Shiny Medium
Weight Heavy Light

Purchasing Criteria

As mentioned above, in order to choose the best costume for your dog, you will need to know the most important features that complement these products, such as the type of material, sizes and design.

To save you the trouble of doing extensive research on your own, we are going to explain each of the criteria you should pay attention to, so that you can identify the ideal costume for your four-legged friend.


You should choose a costume that is made of the right materials and offers your furry friend the greatest comfort and freedom, because if you don't choose this way, there could be serious consequences, such as allergies, itching or discomfort.

Ideally, the clothing should be as hard-wearing as possible, but not too tight or too thick to allow your dog to feel free and fresh. Some of the materials we can recommend are polyester, cotton and velcro.

Polyester is a synthetic fibre that is very durable. It is common in this type of dog clothing because it is very light.

Cotton. is a natural fibre of long resistance. It is used in dog costumes because it allows perspiration and is easy to wash.

Velcro. is useful for tightening and binding the ends of costumes. Although it should be used in small quantities because of its hardness, it is often used a lot.


It is important that before purchasing a costume for your dog, you measure it. The product specifications will make it clear what the sizes are and how many centimetres they are equivalent to. Generally, the measurements are similar to the following, measuring from the end of the neck to the tail:

Extra small. 20 to 29 centimetres

Small. from 30 to 39 centimetres

Medium. from 40 to 49 centimetres

Large. 50 to 69 centimetres

Extra-large. 70 to 90 centimetres

However, you should be aware that between brands these numbers may vary, so you should first make sure which is the ideal size for your dog and where to measure from.


The design of the costume you want for your dog is important, not because of the character, animal or thing it represents, but because of the way it is made. That is, a dinosaur costume is likely to contain more fabric and plush than a superhero costume, so the former will be warmer.

If your four-legged friend has a lot of fur, then we recommend getting a simple, thin fabric costume, but if your dog has little or no fur, then a fluffier costume may be an excellent option.

There are plenty of designs on the market, but the most notable ones are:

Animated characters. snow white, sleeping beauty, the little mermaid, Batman, Spiderman, Superman, minion, R2-D2, Ewok, Yoda, among many others.

Characters with professions. policeman, sailor, cowboy, pirate, clown or dancer.

Animals. dinosaur, shark, spider, lion, bat, unicorn or wolf.

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