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Dogs are considered man's best friends. Therefore, many guardians do not give up offering the best for them. Thinking in comfort and well-being, there are the beds, kennels and the kennel, product that is today's theme here at MONEDEROsmart. Be welcome! There are several models of kennels. There are those built in backyards, portable ones and even those used inside pet shops. In this article we will show you all about them so you can choose the best one for your pet.


  • The best model of kennel is built in masonry, but there are good options in wood and metal.
  • The kennel should have the appropriate dimensions for each size of dog and needs to keep the dog comfortable inside.
  • It is essential to place the kennel in a safe place and ensure that it is not stuffy and has good ventilation.

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The Best Dog Kennel: Our Picks

Buying guide

The kennel is an item that has existed for many years. Present in many homes, it serves as a refuge for dogs and keeps them away from cold, rain or heat. It is found in several versions and thanks to that it adapts to all spaces and needs. Ideal for dogs of all sizes, the kennel is a great alternative to small houses and beds. If you are looking for one of these is just read this buying guide to the end, because in it you will know everything about this product.

Na foto uma menina com um filhote de cachorro.

The kennel can be found in several sizes and serves to restrict the movement of animals. (Source: NICE GUYS/ Pexels)

What is a kennel and where can it be placed?

Soon that the kennel appeared he was basically an area reserved for the dogs to stay in the external part of the house. However, over the years this product has changed a lot and their forms of use as well. Nowadays the kennel is still very used in the backyards, but there are situations in which he is placed in internal areas. Nowadays it is common to see kennels inside pet shops. They serve as a place to wait for the bath or to wait for the arrival of the owners of the animals. There are still tutors that use this product only so that the dogs dry after the bath or not to disturb in the domestic chores.

The word Kennel can also be used for places where there is breeding of animals for reproduction. This way, there are Maltese kennels, Bulldog kennels and much more

What are the advantages and disadvantages of having a kennel?

The kennel is a product that greatly facilitates the day to day of those who have a dog or who works with them. This is because it serves as a way to restrict the movement of animals to areas that are not allowed. Another positive point is that it works as a shelter for the dogs. This way, especially the masonry versions, can keep them away from the sun, rain and even cold. Besides, the kennel can be found in several models and sizes. This facilitates its use by different animals without them getting uncomfortable or cramped. However, some kennel models are not totally comfortable for dogs. Many steel models have their floor hollowed out and very small animals can get their paws stuck in them. Another important point is that the ones that do not have cover should not be used in external areas, because they do not protect the animals from the sun or rain. Not to mention that some dogs may feel trapped in the kennel and try to escape.

  • It can restrict the entrance of animals in places not allowed
  • It serves as a shelter for the dogs
  • It is manufactured in several models and sizes
  • It can be placed in several places
  • Steel models do not protect from the climatic changes
  • Small dogs can screw the foot in the floor of the kennel in case it is leaked
  • Some dogs can feel imprisoned and try to run away

Is the kennel good for the animal's health?

The kennel is a product that can make so much good, as to make badly for the health of the animal. When it comes to outdoor areas, closed kennels, such as masonry ones, are very positive for the pets' wellbeing. This is because they will protect them from climatic variations and also from the presence of other animals. However, this does not happen with steel models, which are open and in case of rain will let the dog get wet. It is also positive for places where there are large numbers of dogs together. This is because by placing each animal in a kennel they will be separated and thus fighting and the transmission of diseases is prevented.

Na foto um cachorro dentro de um canil com uma pessoa fazendo carinho nele.

A kennel in the right size and place is very good for the dogs' health and well-being. (Source: Jozef Polc/ 123RF)

How to set up a kennel?

The process of setting up a kennel depends a lot on the model chosen. Many steel versions are bought ready-made and simply placed in the desired location. On the other hand, masonry or wooden options require a little more work. If the choice is for one of these models it is essential to take into consideration some factors before starting the construction.

  • Positioning: Always build the kennel in a place where the sun hits only in the morning.
  • Flooring: For the internal area of the kennel, floors that are easy to clean should be used, such as ceramic tiles. For the outside area, a rougher floor is better.
  • Roof: Clay tiles are the best option of roof for the kennel, because they promote a better thermal comfort to the place.
  • Doors: The kennel door should be made with a resistant material so that the dogs do not ruin it. Metal and wood are good options.
  • Size: Be sure that so much in the internal area, as in the external area of the kennel the dog gets to move freely.

What are the main kennel models?

There are basically three kennel models that can be chosen for dogs. The most traditional are the ones of wood or masonry. That option possesses a more closed structure and usually it has grids in the sides. Besides, this model is divided in covered internal area and uncovered external area. Another model is the metal cage kennel. Often found in pet shops, this option usually has a few floors and has the front and side with bars. This version is ideal only for animals to spend short periods and does not protect them much from the weather. Finally, there is the fenced or folding kennel. This is widely used in houses and is indicated only to restrict the area where the animals will circulate.

Masonry or wood kennel Kennel cage type Kennel fenced type
How is It has an internal area that serves for the animal to sleep and an external area for him to circulate It has floors and the dogs are separated in stalls It only counts on grids to delimit the area of circulation of the animals
Positive points It is the most comfortable and the one that more protects the animals from the climatic changes It serves to maintain the animals separated in pet shops and other spaces with several dogs It is portable and it can be assembled anywhere
Disadvantages It requires more manpower to be built and it occupies a larger space It little protects the animals from the climatic changes and it has more limited space It does not have ceiling and it is more fragile

Buying Criteria: Factors to compare kennel models

Choosing a kennel, whether for domestic or professional use, is not easy. This is because this product needs to bring together a number of features such as strength, durability and comfort. But there are some ways to get this purchase right and you will find them all below.

Next we will explain in detail all these topics.

Size of the dog

The first step when choosing a kennel is determining the size of the animals that will be inside it. The usable area of the kennel should be enough for the dogs to move around without difficulty and to rest comfortably. That is why this factor is so important. In this way, take into consideration the size of the animal and the space needed for it according to the specifications below.

  • Small dogs: The kennel can have an area of 1 m² and about 60 centimeters high.
  • Medium sized dogs: These need an area of 2.5 m² and 1 meter high.
  • Large-sized dogs: the kennel should have an internal area of 4 m² and be 1.5 metres high.

Na foto um cachorro dentro de um canil em cima de uma caminha.

The size of the kennel should be appropriate for the size of the dog that will be inside. (Source: fotojagodka/ 123RF)

Available space

Another point to be analyzed at the moment of defining which is the ideal kennel is the available space that one has for this product.

The masonry versions are the ones that take up more space, but they are ideal for the animals to live in.

The models of enclosure or cage are only for short periods and exist in a wide variety of sizes. The cages are sold based on the number of stalls, there are options with 3, 6, 7 and even more stalls. The fenced ones are sold in meters.


When it comes to the material for the kennel, there are several options. For the versions that will be built, the best raw material is concrete block, but wood is also indicated. The models bought ready-made are made of metal and galvanized steel. Both are very resistant and have great durability. However, it is essential to pay attention to the type of paint they receive. In this respect, epoxy paint is an excellent choice. Besides leaving a good appearance in the kennel, it can still protect it from rusting.

Na foto um cachorro dentro de um canil recebendo carinho.

The kennel of the enclosure type is usually made of metal or steel. (Source: Helena Lopes/ Pexels)

Portable or fixed

In case the kennel is going to be used at home, it is also worth taking into consideration if it is going to be fixed or portable. The fixed ones are the masonry and cage models, which can be moved but are less portable. The portable ones are the enclosed type and these are very easy to dismantle, light and practical. So, if there is the possibility of using the kennel in different places it is worth investing in this option. (Source of the highlighted image: Parilovv/ 123RF)