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We know that you want to stay close to your dogy 24 hours a day! But we all know, too, that he needs to have his own space to feel sheltered and rest at ease. Therefore, today we will talk about the doghouse and its features. If you found our article while trying to clarify doubts about how to choose the best doghouse, the search ends now! In this guide, we bring details about the most suitable doghouse according to the size of the puppy and the advantages of providing this comfort to your big friend. Shall we go for it?


  • The doghouse is a space designed for your pet to rest. For this reason, it must be in accordance with the characteristics of the breed.
  • The den-type doghouse, made of fabric, can be an excellent alternative especially for small breeds.
  • To keep your friend always comfortable, make sure you choose a doghouse that has a size compatible with the size of your pet.

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Buying guide: everything you need to know about the doghouse

When it is time to choose the best doghouse for your puppy, it is normal to have doubts about the material, the size and the real function of this acquisition. To answer all your questions, we have prepared this section. Follow along with us.

cão de grande porte em sua casinha de cachorro

The doghouse is a space for your pet to rest.(Source: alexeitm /

What is a doghouse?

The doghouse can be considered a piece of furniture designed exclusively to ensure comfort and shelter for your pet, especially at night. Keeping a small house for the puppy is a way to ensure him the sense of belonging and security in the environment. It can be made of various materials, but it is essential that it has good thermal insulation, resistance to weather and size appropriate to the size of the canine.

What are the most common types of doghouse?

There is an infinite number of models and formats of dog houses, for all environments, tastes and pockets. In specialized shops, or on sites like Amazon, you can find from the simplest models to the most unusual designs. However, for clarification purposes, we will differentiate here the main types of houses, according to the manufacturing material. The details of each of them you can see below:
Material Characteristics
Masonry Built as a dependency of the residence, according to the needs of the dog and the owners' preference
Wood The most conventional, promotes much thermal comfort to the animal
Plastic Easy to clean and affordable, it has the disadvantage of eventually getting hot on days of high temperature
Canvas or other fabrics Versatile, it is ideal for small dogs, who stay more in the internal environment of the residence
Ecological Produced with wood from reforestation or recycled material, it promotes thermal comfort and reduces the generation of waste in the environment

Is the doghouse indicated for all dogs?

Generally speaking, yes. Despite this, many cannot adapt to it and sleep next to the owners' bed or in another environment of the house, which they themselves choose as the coziest. However, unlike cats, for example, the doguinhos have more ease of acceptance of these "utensils". What may vary is the type of house, according to the needs of each breed and the size of the animal.

yorkshire dentro de uma casinha de cachorro tipo toca

The doghouse made of fabric can be an excellent alternative for small-sized breeds. (Source: Monika Wisniewska /

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the doghouse?

The main advantage of the doghouse, as we have already highlighted here, is the fact that your companion has a protected place to rest. In addition, by choosing the best doghouse for your dog, you will have other benefits:
  • Protects from cold, wind and sunlight
  • Helps to prevent respiratory and rheumatic problems
  • Prevents hypothermia (drop in temperature)
  • Sense of belonging and security
  • Strengthens ties with the family
  • Ease of maintenance of organization and cleaning of the environment
  • There are models suitable for each race and size
  • It is necessary to pay attention to the size of the dog so that he is comfortable
  • It may be difficult to adapt for some puppies

What if the pet does not adapt to the house?

This can happen and is even natural, even among humans! Modify old habits requires patience and persistence. Therefore, if your doguinho has initial resistance to the kennel, the best thing to do is to find attractives so that he stays in the place. In the first days, he needs to realize that the change is positive. One way of doing this is by placing his objects - such as some canine toy or your pet's drinking and feeding trough - closer and closer to the kennel. Gradually, he will get closer and create intimacy with the new space.
Installing the doghouse near one of the entrances to the house will make the dog assume the posture of protector of the family. This will encourage him to stay in the new home

Purchase criteria: What to take into account when choosing clothing for your pup

Although it has attractive design and is a cutie, that is not enough to keep your pet safe and comfortable. Therefore, when choosing the ideal model of the dog house, there are some points that deserve special attention.


You can not think of comfort and adaptation quiet if the doghouse is tight for your little friend. Even if he is still a filhotinho, you must consider the size he will have as an adult. Doing this, you will not need to buy a new home in a few months. To have no doubts about the ideal size, we have prepared a table with generic measures:

Size Height Width Length
01 45 cm 39 cm 45 cm
02 52 cm 43 cm 50 cm
03 62 cm 50 cm 60 cm
04 67 cm 57 cm 68 cm
05 86 cm 69 cm 79 cm
06 103 cm 78 cm 96 cm
07 104 cm 92 cm 105 cm


The model chosen needs to be in accordance with the physical structure of the puppy and the needs of the breed. Thus, it is important to observe these aspects to be sure to promote adequate protection and comfort. A breed with a short coat and not enough to keep warm during, as the Pinscher, for example, should stay in a house with better isolation, preferably in an environment sheltered from the wind.

cão na porta da casinha de cachorro

Make sure you choose a doghouse compatible with the size of the puppy. (Source: Denis Tabler/


As you saw earlier, there are several models in different materials. When choosing the doghouse, take into account the place where it will be installed and, above all, the durability of the material. The ease of maintenance of the doghouse is another point that depends largely on the material with which it is manufactured. Therefore, do not treat this aspect as secondary. It will make a difference, including in the budget!

Thermal comfort

When we think of a place to shelter the pet, it is common to prioritize those that promote a warm environment on cold days. But thermal comfort is not only that! The ideal doghouse is one that maintains a pleasant internal temperature at any time of day and in any season of the year. After all, as well as the cold, the excess heat can also harm the health of your big friend!


We all know that it is necessary to be aware of the climatic problems and the degradation of the environment. And to do our part, every detail counts. Therefore, when buying, research the means of production of the house. Whenever possible, give preference to models produced with recycled material or with ecological management. This applies to both wooden and plastic houses. The reduction in the generation of waste in the industry makes all the difference in the conservation of the planet.


Choosing the ideal doghouse for your pet is an act of love, which he will realize and reciprocate. Besides, it is a way of taking care of the health and well-being of this great friend who brings so much joy to the family. In this article, we show the main types of houses and how to choose the most appropriate to the size and needs of each race. We highlight criteria worth keeping in mind at the time of purchase and a list of the most charming and well evaluated houses on the Internet. If you like, take the opportunity to share with your friends and leave us a comment below. Thank you very much, see you soon! (Source of the detached image: alexeitm /